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O2 Germany to get the HP Veer in June for 379€ 18

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 20 May 2011 12:00 pm EDT

It's confirmed: The HP Veer may have gotten an exclusive deal with AT&T in the US, but in Germany, O2 will be taking the lead and shipping the device first.

Available for preorder now on the O2 Germany website for 379€ (euros), the HP Veer is probably the tiniest smartphone to arrive on the German service provider ever, but its bringing all that power and webOS 2.0 goodness that we've come to love elsewhere. Check out the Press Release through the link below (in German) or just go straight to the checkout with your preorder. We don't expect to see the device released until the end of June, but we'll give you those specific dates as soon as we have them.

UPDATE: As was pointed out in the comments (and in the Press Release) O2 will also be shipping a free Touchstone charging dock to accompany those new device owners. That's a good deal if you ask us. Everyone should have a TouchStone, especially when you can't remove the batter so easily.

Source: Telefonica, O2 Germany Thanks Tiemo!



Hmm... Seems a little pricy, now that we know you can preorder the far superior Pre3 (8GB) for about 50€ more?!

Well, not if you also count in the Touchstone charger. Then it's maybe around 90 € cheaper.

the veer comes with a touchstone which is normaly sold for 50€ each. so it seems to be quite fair to me

Its a little pricey but the veer aint no stepping stone. its highly underrated. I have been using mine since sunday and i love it. every phone now feels too big for me. I don't know if i can go back now. even my pre2 feels big.

I feel the exact same way. I got it just to try for 30 days but now I'm thinking about keeping it. The problem is that I know I'll be sorry if I leave Sprint for ATT because is so much more expensive for my wife and I to have webOS on it. Plus I'll probably be shooting myself if Sprint gets the Pre3.

My wife and I bought the Pre on launch day, she's since moved on to the pixi, but I'm still rocking that orginal device.

What ever happened to HPalm "making things right" ????

What about the uk or other european countries?

why did H/P signed a exclusive deal with ATT?

Unfortunately, they won't sell the Pre3, as I already posted in the forums... :(

Are they kidding? In Europe you can buy a HTC Wildfire S which has a 3.2" 480*320 touchscreen, 1230 mAh battery, MicroSD slot (so memory storage can be as much as 32 GB), removable battery, compass, audio and usb connectors integrated and the huge Android market for 299 €! And for 399 € you can buy a HTC Desire S!
OK, the Veer is small and nice and has the beautiful webOS but you can't sell it at a medium-high price. It should cost 250 € to be competitive.
HP needs to sell a lot to gain traction and attract developers!

Palm/HP is killing webOS! Please someone stop them before it's too late!

pricing and targeting decisions are made with several factors in mind. some of these reasons don't become apparent until much later in the cycle. the veer is an ideal phone for some people and completely irrelevant to others. no amount of pricing discount to the latter will make it relevant to them. Put succinctly, I wouldn't buy a Hummer if it was selling for the price of a Corolla.

I know, but you can't sell at that price when there are Android smartphones with the size of the Veer and very similar 2.6-2.8" screen that cost 2-3 times less and have the huge Android Market.

Palm/HP is making the same mistakes of 2 years ago.

You can't beat Android-Devices by price. There will always be a cheaper Android-Device. Does this mean that in 5 years there will be only Android left? I don't think so.

Some cars are cheaper than others, but still there are people preferring one over the other.

Hey batter batter, hey batter batter. SWING, BATTER!

(Note, usually the easiest way to remove the batter is to hit him, sending him to first base.)

You are right that we can't beat Android smartphones by price but when the difference is too big then we have a problem, especially considering that Android has also a huge market.

Well, Apple devices are a lot more expensive both hardware and monthly fee wise here in Germany, but people still buy a lot more iPhones than Androids I'd say.

Good Hardware, smooth webOS, HP's big money on marketing and there is a good chance it works out. If not, they can still drop the price.

The bigger issue with the Veer is the headphone jack attachment. HP should make them replaceable for free from any AT&T store as long as you show your Veer. It will earn them enormous goodwill from people who worry that they may get lost.

I have not seen the Veer in person yet, but its interesting that the reviews in ATT are so positive, and it seems there are a few new to webOS people raving about the OS


So it seems it does have a market, and not necessarily teens.

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