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$100 HP instant rebate + $100 Staples coupon = $300 TouchPad! 205

by Derek Kessler Fri, 05 Aug 2011 4:30 pm EDT

It’s been a month since the HP TouchPad was released, and you’ve been holding off on the purchase. Well, this weekend might be the time you want to pounce, because we’re seeing a perfect storm of discounts at Staples. As we mentioned earlier, Staples has a coupon for the TouchPad good for $100 off the TouchPad. HP is also offering a $100 instant rebate on the TouchPad. These discounts are available for both the 16GB and 32GB TouchPads, and Staples, the awesome new entrants to the tablet market that they are – will let you combine them to the tune of $200 off - a deal that several of our readers have reported taking advantage of.

That’s a 32GB TouchPad for $399.99, or a 16GB TouchPad for – wait for it - $299.99. Three. Hundred. Dollars.

There’s been a lot of crying and moaning about how this is a sign that the TouchPad has failed. No, it’s not – this is standard HP practice for almost all of their products. You can go to HP.com right now and see discounts up to $90 on monitors, $150 on printers, $250 on laptops, and $300 on desktops. HP uses the list price as their base point and constantly offers discounts across their product line. Even premium laptops like their Envy series are occasionally discounted. HP, unlike Apple, also allows third party retailers to offer their own discounts on products.

In short, a $200 weekend-long discount on the TouchPad does not spell doom.

Update: We've heard back from a few some Staples locations aren't honoring the deal. If you're looking to buy, we recommend calling ahead.

Source: webOSroundup, HP.com, FatWallet; Thanks for all the tips!



Good for them.

Well, I got the 32GB touchpad for $400 from Staples about 6 hours ago. I thought it was pretty cool that it downloaded all my apps from my palm profile, but every app is small scaled and you can't even go full screen with it like you can on the ipad. The small scaled apps don't go into landscape mode either.

My Sprint pre won't pair with it via bluetooth, that's a disappointment.

I'll play more with it for the next few days, but my verdict for now is that I'll probably end up returning it and waiting for the TP2.

UPDATE: I really want to like this tablet, but it's just not complying with what I need to do for work. So i'm thinking of returning mine within the 14 day policy. If someone on here wants to buy it let me know.

There is no evernote app for the touchpad and scrolling on the evernote site with the touchpad does not work :( This is a big business minus and reason to return for me.

I also noticed copy/paste does not work well. I copied a url from an email, I couldn't paste it into the web browser URL. The option in the menu was also not there.

There is no SSH application. This is also important for me for work.

I went to digitalblasphamy.com because i was looking for a new background. tapped and held on the photo, no option to save the image.

GRRRRR ... How do you force shut down this piece of cr@p?
I was just listening to pandora, sent off an email, launched the browser and now its completely frozen. holding down the power button does nothing. When this happens on my pre I can at least take out the battery.

hey man. the $100 dollars off is only valid in store (the staples one). Go and order at your local staples.

Thanks! I just found the article and the coupon on http://www.webosroundup.com/2011/08/16gb-hp-touchpad-could-be-at-cheapes...

I wonder how many staples employees are going to be in trouble for honoring both discounts. Seems like this was not Staples official policy.

You have to go into the store and have them order the 16 GB version. That's the only way to get if for $299. I was bummed when I went there to find out they only carry the 32 GB version. Lame. If you can wait the 1-2 business days it takes to come in, it's a great deal IMO.


Right. What's up with that?! That makes no sense.

Staples wants these units out of their warehouse. NOW.

Surprised to hear of your pairing difficulties as I paired my Sprint Pixi with two separate TouchPad's w/o a problem.

Well, I got the 32GB touchpad for $400 from BESTBUY last night using the staples coupon. Not sure if I will keep it. No SD_slot.

Gotta love how HP treats us early Pre early adopters by trying to upsell us on a 32gb TP with only $50 off; which as soon as that offer expired
HP begins to offer $100 off all models for everyone.

Thank you HP for the "special" offer and for making it... right?

Wow, sounds just like Apple!

But Apple doesn't have to "make things right" because they, unlike HP, support and update their products for years. The iPhone 3G received an iOS 4 update and the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are getting iOS 5.

In both cases Apple couldn't/can't deliver all new features on an older device but HPalm only responded with FUD excuses that the Pre couldn't be updated with ANY new features. Apple has also on several occasions have provided cash rebates after price drops for instance to this who bought a iPad a month before the iPad2 came out.

As much as Apple is over controlling their app catalog or denying reception issues; Apple a has fantastic record of supporting their products and appeasing their customers. If HP wants to be cool as Appke they might want to start here.

I have to say I'd be pretty pissed if I bought a 32GB touchpad at full price, with only my super-special pre-owner $50 off, and then find anybody off the street getting the same thing for $150 to $250 less a few weeks later.

(I know the last one is a little stretch - I'd have bought the 16GB if not for the original $50 off that only applied to the 32Gb model - so $599-$50=$549, vs. $499-$100-$100=$299, a difference of $250).

I said before and I'll say again, the original $50 pre-owner rebate was WEAK...WEAK! The new $50 in free apps for early adopters is nice, but doesn't make the original rebate any less WEAK.

$300. **** i'd buy it at that price. I use my gf's ipad mostly for web browsing and $300 for a good tablet ain't too shabby.

News finally on precentral after webOS, thisismynext and engadget

PreCentral had said:
Editorial: Why HP must match the iPad on price, not undercut
...but at $200 off every Staples is selling out.

My gf tried to buy one at Staples in Mt Vernon, Il, they didn't know anything about this, won'T sell it at this price point :(

This definitely sounds like a YMMV type of deal.

Print the coupon and take it to them:


If Staples is sold out, ask them to deliver to the store for you. That worked with the $100 Android tablet coupon last week.

Also, some local Office Depots and Best Buys were matching the Staples $100 Android tablet coupon last week.

On Sunday Staples finally accepted both the coupon and the instant savings, so she got the 32GB model!:)

ugh... my touchpad just shipped... too late to cancel. :( could have saved another 100 if i waited 12 more hours. grrrr

... but that's always the deal with elecronic items. Take it from me, don't look back or you'll never be happy with what you've purchased.

That sad part is, there was never a justified value at $600. Lacked Ipod's app selection and tuetonic qualities. Lacked the hardware versatility of the droid unit's hardware. Touchpad is a $300 + $350 for utilization value. Almost there.

Please explain what tuetonic (or teutonic) qualities are? I thought teutonic related to germanic tribes? Did they have iPods or iPads? ;)

Sorry, its a contextual phrase used by affluent men in the US. I'll be more Buick next time.

OK, but I'm more of a Tucker man...perhaps that might explain why I admire webOS more than others. Always pulling for the Cinderella team...unless they're playing the Colts.

Repurchase it if you can spare the money then return your ordered one.

Just a few hours too late. I pounced on the Woot deal this morning. At the time, it was the best deal. Oh well, we don't have a local Staples, so Woot it is.

this story has been on webOS for hours, P/C is just slow w news

There were a lot of reports saying that this was not working for many users - we wanted to confirm that it does, though that sometimes takes a little bit of time.


Good luck finding a 16gig TP at Staples. There is not one within 100 miles that has one in stock. Of course they all have the 32gig version but then you're looking at $399 which is still a great deal.

16 gb out of stock in all staples in Boston area =\

I would buy it for that price!

Staples doesn't stock the 16GB in stores unfortunately. But your right, at $200 off, I bought another one to give to a fellow webOS friend.

can I be your friend too?

I'm thinking hard about this but I still want a Pre3 1st on Sprint. If Pre3 was out and on Sprint it would be a done deal.

out of stock in NYC, seems like 16GB is much more popular than 32GB. I always wonder why 16GB would cost 100 bucks more. 50 seems fair. Is it because apple did this first?

in every staples in nyc? what about queens? what about 32gb?

Yup. They know they can get away with it.

I understand why 16gb versions of phones sell better, but on a media consumption device like this (or my iPod touch) I want as much space on there as possible. For photos, music, movies, etc...I don't like streaming because it makes you reliant on the cloud for your content.

I don't have any regrets buying on launch day but I'll definitely hold out next time for a month or so. :/

That being said I welcome all new TouchPad owners, esp those new to webOS. Have a glass of Kool-Aid on me! ;)

It has finally reached what i would like to call a reasonable price...

Now i will buy

Haha, finally? It took a month.

1 month for a $200 price drop is not bad at all... Or it is bad considering.

And where will we be in another two weeks? 200 off and a free touchstone?

Is there any doubt that these TPs are getting dumped on the market retailer or wholesalers due to poor sales? 20% to 40% is an absolutely crazy amount of discounting for something that was launched only a few weeks ago, soft launch or not.

It's obvious that things are not going well with this tablet from a sales standpoint. Imagine how bad things would have to be for HP to agree to make their flagship mobile device a Woot special so soon.

I smell a major change in strategy - perhaps a production halt. Leo says that HP has absolutely no room for profitless revenue. A downturn in the stock market is the perfect scapegoat for taking all sorts of write-offs during a bad quarter in hopes of a glorious return to profitability with your profitable product lines. Like Microsoft did with the Kin, a multi-faceted conglomerate can cut their losses and quickly move on without the taint of failure.

Let the webOS deathwatch begin.

Anyone with the ability to objectively evaluate WebOS realizes this thing is absolutely dead.

In contrast, some of the PreCentral members are writing dissertations on how these price slashing fire sales are somehow "The HP Way" and explaining that they are using their scale to...help retailers dump unsold stock.

I think this is the deepest the denial has run on PreCentral.

Well it ain't just a river in Egypt. :)

...Dead? Really? I use mine every day... **** now I have to throw it away so I can be out of denile?

no. you are not understanding what they are saying. you are obviously satified with your tp with all of its flaws and lack of apps. thats fine. all they are trying to point out is that you are in the minority. the general public isnt willing to spend the money on this product when they can buy a superior product that has apps and is alot more reliable.

Chill...you guys are pontificating again. HP is offering $100 off...didn't Apple offering $100 off one of their devices about a month or 2 after launch? Anyone remember that? I'm forgetting if it was an iPhone or the first iPad. So, I don't see that as a sign of impending doom.

Also, the SECOND $100 off is likely a little marketing snafu that Staples didn't think through completely. I think some communication got crossed and they ended up with the $200 off. The stores are a bit befuddled when they see what is happening when people come in with the coupon. In fact, if you got that Staples email, and you printed the coupon...check the email again. I think you will find it has changed so that there is no coupon to print out. I think they are trying to alter the initial situation so that the HP discount is the only one valid. Try to print that coupon again, you may find out you cannot. And some folks have recounted here that a particular store won't honor both the hp discount and the coupon.

So, yes I believe there is 'any doubt', I've got doubt...for both your's and ninjasinc's analyses. Try not to throw around the 'absolutes' so casually...certainly you've learned in life, while there may be some absolutes, they are few and precious.

So, may I suggest you go out for some sushi and be sure to try some wasabi to clear your sinuses so you can 'smell' a little more clearly! ;) While you are at it, go pick up a great deal on a TouchPad, sell it on ebay, make a few bucks! It should pay for the sushi at least! Hope this didn't come across too mean...didn't mean for it to.

Of course there's doubt - you want WebOS to succeed and are predisposed to interpreting all this overwhelming evidence of the TouchPad dying at retail in a positive way.

I believe this phenomena is called "confirmation bias."

Predisposition goes both ways.

We all lean a little this way or that way or the other way...and some of us lean more...sometimes its the people who lean a lot who effect a change. Sometimes people who put forth more effort invoke more change.

To you, what you see is "overwhelming evidence of the TouchPad dying at retail" and I do not. Haven't you noticed that there is "moderate" evidence that this was probably a bit of a mistake that Staples offered this coupon at the same time as HP's discount? Some people are not being allowed to use both. Some Staple stores are refusing to honor the coupon. And in fact, Staples changed their email (or changed the content of the link in their email) so that it no longer took you to the coupon, but instead to a 'circular' that said the TouchPad was $100 off...that way, they could just apply the HP discount and the public is none the wiser. Perhaps there is more balanced evidence that you were predisposed to think?

People are still using the Pre-...and that's dead.

People are still using the Pre-...and that's dead.

People are still using the Pre-...and that's dead.

Maybe you should go to ebay, and see for yourself? You should be able to make about $50 to $100 dollars...particularly if you leave it unopened. Should be enough for that sushi!

If I only lived in USA :(

Or another jerk like Bush ...

Or that William Henry Harrison guy! His presidency seemed like an eternity!

Is sean penn posting on precentral now?

I agree! You are lucky you do not have to watch your leader destroy your country right in front of your eyes!

Thanks Obama for our AA+ Credit rating, lets just try and knock the plus off and just do AA.

You're blaming Obama for the AA+ rating after the Republicans not only ran up the debit and crippled the economy in their mad dash to redistribute wealth away from the middle class, but then also dug in and wouldn't raise revenue by eliminating the tax breaks for those who do not produce jobs? Seriously? It is all simple math for anyone out of elementary school. Bumper sticker slogans aren't solutions.

You just cheered on the death of your nation. Well done.

Well, at least he's as ignorant as the real Glenn Beck. Bush should have his income garnished until he pays back the unbudgeted search for the weapons of mass distortion.

S&P said the credit rating went down in a large part because the GOP refused to look at increases in revenue.

This mess lies at the feet of the GOP and the Tea Party.

HA HA HA! You must watch NBC news to get your "Information"! How about doing research on your own. The Tea Party has a plan to balance the budget and would have cut enough to keep the AAA rating.

It's Obama, who has raised our debt more then any other president in history.

Yes, raise taxes, great idea! American business already pay one of the highest tax rates in the world, but just keep making them pay for Obama's insane spending agenda.

I love America, LurkerX, PreDogs and Dave.M must want to bring it down, so sad.

Blame the tea party, hahahaha, How about blame progressives for killing this country. It's so hard being so informed in all areas on this site, while other just believe wat the "popular" people tell them....

"I love America, LurkerX, PreDogs and Dave.M must want to bring it down, so sad."

Because anyone who disagrees with you must hate America eh? That moronic attitude by the far right is one of the major things killing this country.

Do you actually believe any of your rhetoric, or are you just trolling? My guess is trolling.

BTW, it doesn't matter that the business tax rate on the books is high. There are so many loopholes, most major corps pay 0 taxes most years. That's the best rate in the world (if you are interested in **** the little guy).

That was the original iPhone, back when it was priced at $600. It was like a month and a half after launch and Apple gave the early adopters a $200 giftcard back.

Thanks! And I agree that it would be smart of HP to do something similar to this regarding the TouchPad. That would be classy. Not required, but that would be the higher ground choice...IMHO. Of course, since it isn't Apple, people might interpret that as a sign of weakness which adds to the overwhelming evidence that the TouchPad is doomed to exile on Fantasy Island.

De plane Boss! Rest well Herve.

can't you ask someone to buy one for you?

If you lived in USA, you would save 100 bucks on the TouchPad and loose thousands on social security and get screwed by the politicians every day of the week

Ok, forget what I said before. I'm getting it now...hehe...or should I wait til it hits $199? = )

Gotta love the dumb*ssholes who can't resist throwing in some political statement.

Yea I am in for this price point. Would rather see it at 199 but what the hey. You know this is going to do a lot for sales being so much cheaper than the competition in its class. They should have done this from day one just for market penetration. "HP TouchPad Beta V Only $299.00. While supplies last". You have to admit the product was and probably still is beta.

Wish we had something like that in the uk, not much discount here at all.

It appears that this is false information... Cant find a store that will honor it...

I cannot find a store that has any in stock.

At that price point, I have it under consideration, but I don't know how having a tablet would be any sort of advantage for me.

UPDATE! Went to store with coupon from the site. IT WORKS! dont call, the store people dont know, just buy the touchpad then have them scan coupon.

OK,It is confirmed... ITS BS... they will not honor the extra $100 Called a Store, and Chat online with live support.

May be BS for you. Worked for me like clockwork. Touchpad rings up at $499. $100 coupon scanned and honored. I have a 32gb touchpad now for $399 + 0 tax cuz it's tax free weekend here.

Which coupon do i print?

Thanks directing. Im definitely grabbing this unit! That $100 rebate (https://bluepromocode.com) is a steal!

Got my 16 gb at Staples today using this coupon. Could not be happier! What a tablet it is. Blows my iPad away in intuition and multitasking. Email app kills!

HP has MAJOR plans for WebOS! I have family working there and I am told that very soon Slates may get WebOS! That means having a tablet with Windows and dual monitor capabilities for all my work needs that can include WebOS when I want to just chill and consume media. I will get one of those paid for by work when the time comes... As it stands, the Slate sells like mad to businesses. I can't imagine all that HP will be able to do with WebOS in the future! They are not dumping these because one retailer had a SNAFU during a cool weekend corporate sale!

By the way, my next purchase is a pair of Beats Audio headphones. I am really loving the audio on this!

For headphones I would recommend the Audio-Technica M50:


Use "1-ATH-M50-SAVE60" for price of $109 + tax. One of the best/underrated headphones out there. Seriously, check out the reviews all over the web. I own a pair too

Attention: Staples dont not carry the 16gb in most stores. Not any in any stores from atlanta to Nashville

You could get them to ship directly to your home. Pay there and lock in the deal and then wait for arrival. Easy as pie! Trouble is once you get it, you will regret the days you went without. :)

I was half hearted joking earlier about HP having a Firesale on these. I didn't expect to be right ouch.

I scored at staples $299! They are out but they can order you one to ship home! Hope this helps someone.

got a 16gb shipped to me from staples. should have it monday.

1. Print the coupon.
2. *Go to the Staples* and show them the coupon (I had to do some convincing that it was legit.)
3. Instant HP savings taken off automatically register.
4. Then coupon code takes off additional $100.

either get the 32gb or order the 16gb (no stores have them)

Which Coupon Do i need to Print? Do you have a link? They would not honor.


I did the same thing. It took a while to convince the store manager that he could apply the coupon to the instant savings that is available on the Staples website. I will have my Touchpad on Monday.

I attempted to purchase at two Staples stores in Columbus, OH. Neither store had the 16GB unit. One store still had the 32GB listed at $599. The other store refused to take the coupon on the $499 32GB unit. The local OfficeMax had the 16GB in stock but would not honor the Staples coupon. So the $200 discount is hit and miss by location and store manager. I ended up taking the Woot deal at $385. I am sure others can finagle a deal but don't count on your local Staples. I am happy at $385.

where did you go to print the coupon?

Let's get the good out of the way:

HP's discounts have resulted in a ton of publicity today (not all of it good, but we'll get to that), and certainly a huge rush of sales. The metric I always use - Amazon's bestseller list - clearly shows huge momentum, and since I always cite it to show the slowness of sales, it's only fair that I acknowledge when they rock it.

Clearly, this should have been the launch day pricing.

That's all good. The bad is that by launching ahead of the proper price and launching before the OTA and apps were available, they did irreversible damage to the launch and first impressions they created.

Today's sales will be great for however long they last, but the 6/7 out of 10 reviews will live on the Web forever. Something to think about.

Well, launching at the higher price gives them the flexibility to set that price again. This time they're just advertising it as a weekend discount, taking advantage of back-to-school shopping. They can bring it back up to the original price and see if it meets their sales goals. If not, just bring it back down.

By launching at the higher price, they gave themselves room to move on the price.

That's great for commodities, but in the mobile tech sector - where products usually have a shelf life of no more than 10 months these days - there's little time to waste playing pricing games. iPad 3 and the second wave of Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich tablets will be in retail in a few months.

Find out what price the market will move at NOW, then launch and stay on track with it.

except it worked, theres a different feeling in finding a deal to original price for most customers... if original price was 300 people would not have felt as 'excited' as when they feel they got a $500 tablet for $300..its just the nature of deal seekers. Its worked to such extent that both the 16 and the 32 gb are in the top 10 in Amazon, which doesnt have the staples additional 100 off coupon. So again Mikah we disagree but as always, my argument is **** and yours is the first step for the cure for cancer, wont reply your rebuttal...as always :)

Damn my staples played stupid as **** when I called. Disappointed, maybe just may 300 bones is the sweet spot for a tab. Companys could sell way more. These mark ups are crazy. Sell just above cost and supplement income with apps and sub fees or something

I too was able to get on the Staples deal, I first found out about the deal on engadget and tried to order online, but like everyone else was finding that I was only getting $100 off. There was some debate as to whether or not this was legit. Someone pointed readers to fatwallet.com for the coupon. I got the coupon, called staples as was told they did have the 16GB version so I went to go get it only to find they had 32GB versions and no 16GBs. The salesman said he had only assumed they had the 16GB since they have not sold any yet. The sign on the display clearly said $499 HP Touchpad 16GB, so I asked why they would put that sign up if they did not carry the 16GB version. He pointed me the customer service number who referred me to the office of the president, who called the store manager to arrange for me to buy it there at that time with my coupon like others have done and like others I should have it monday, it's a small price to pay. I would think that there is still a small amount of time for others to get in on this too. $300 was too good a deal to pass up. For those that are missing where to get the coupon, get it at fatwallet.com and then go to staples and have them order you one, you can't get it off the web site.

You know that 300 bucks for a little toy for web browsing and video viewing near a wifi spot is still **** load of cash.

My local Staples was out of stock, so they ordered it for me and gave me the $100 instant rebate + $100 coupon = $299.99 16GB version (plus tax; free shipping -- to arrive at my door on Monday, 8/8).


Didn't I read somewhere that the estimated cost to manufacture the TP was >$300?

thanks rsanchez1...$318! What a deal!

Okay - can I return my purchase and get one of these deals? Really - what an insult to those of who were silly enough to pay full price. Ridiculous!

Going to see if this works in store, i have the coupon printed- also see if my wifes teacher discount card will work lol

we will see!

Where is the coupon?

Totally SOLD OUT already in the entire San Francisco Bay Area ... *AND* every store says they will not be honoring the price or the coupon when they get back in stock "sometime next week" .... so, yeah ... they pulled the plug on that one real fast.

I just got one from the San Rafael Staples. At first I had to explain that I had a separate coupon, but then it worked without a problem.

Took my Palm Pre Plus to Staples with image of Fatwallet coupon. Ordered 16GB Touchpad shipped to my house for $299 + tax. At that price, I took the plunge.

Ok...my experience here in Nashville...I was able to get Brent at hhgregg (Rivergate location)to honor the Staples coupon and let me walk out with a 16GB for $299.99 (tax free weekend here). They had 9 before I got mine which means there are 8 left at that location. Brent is a manager and it required his approval for honoring the coupon. The Best Buy down the street called Staples to confirm the deal but were told that they would not honor both $100 off however the Staples in Hermitage would honor both deals but they would have to order it. I called all of these places to see who would and who wouldn't do it and I would recommend that everyone else do the same. Be sure to print the coupon and get a name of the person who tells you they will honor it. As for me and abandoning my Pre Plus for a 4G LTE android...I'm thrilled to be back on WebOS!

Hey steve! I live in Nashville also and I was wondering if you could tell me where to go to get the coupon first and then where to have the guys at staples order me the touchpad....I so want one! Thanks.

32gb touchpad 430$ after tax

in store @ staples the 100$ is instant then the 100 coupon, so it stacks.

online hp's 100 off is a coupon code, thus will not stack.

now lets hope it gets netflix fast before my wife kills me!

Funny...when you try to purchase direct from HP, they already cut the $100 discount down to $50 so that the net price is $449.

Pretty sad advertising and now to hear the Staples tease that most locations aren't honoring.

You need some math skills.

Same for me. Trying to buy it online from hp.com only gives me a $50 discount, not $100 as it should be. So the 16GB is $499, not $399.

I want a good WebOS phone - not a TouchPad...is that OK?

Got mine at a Staples in Santa Monica, CA. They of course didn't have the 16gb in stock, so the Easy dude just put in an order, saw my coupon and applied it, and sent me with a slip of paper to the register. The lady at the register rang me up at $399, so I explained the $100 HP instant rebate to her and pointed her to the price on the Staples website. Then she rang me up at $299. It ships Monday.

Just used the coupon combination in Fuquay-Varina, NC with no problem for the 16GB version, plus "no-tax" weekend. Out the door (well, delivery) for $299.

Just snagged the last 32G at my local Staples for 434.49 including tax. A big thank you to everyone who posts and comments here. I've been a Palm loyalist for more than 10 years and am hopeful things will work out. Still happy (ish) with my Pre- and hoping that it will last until HP and Sprint find a way to work out their issues and get us the Pre3 (or Pre4) soon...

Rather than believe "webOS is dead!", I believe HP is doing the following:

1) Overcoming the "no customers because no apps" vs. "no apps because no customers" conundrum by getting tablets in the hands of customers.

2) Bumping up sales "numbers".

3) Really ticking off the people that supported the TouchPad (i.e. bought) at launch (pick your launch date).

For their sake, I sure hope HP provides some sort of rebate for the people that paid full price before now.

Yup. So, if you're an early adopter, this is actually a *good* thing. You bought a product that will now have more end users b/c of these deep discounts. That means WebOS will (hopefully) be targeted by more developers. Which means more apps for you.

There's pretty much no chance that HP will offer a rebate for early adopters. But at least they can be happy knowing that they may have access to more apps, and just maybe price drops like this will kick WebOS into the mainstream...

"For their sake, I sure hope HP provides some sort of rebate for the people that paid full price before now. "

Make it righter!

They'll give these people a $25 mail-in rebate when they buy a $1200 WebOS laptop.

I never understand the ire of those who buy at launch or shortly after and then feel slighted with the price falls.

Just don't get it. I have some ideas, but I will hold them to myself.

I purchased on July 4th, expecting the price to be lower later....if anyone is hurt because they paid more for being an early adopter.....welcome to the real world.

Did someone hold a gun to your head when you purchased yours, or did you make the decision on that day that it was worth that price???

@Southbaypalm: +1!!!

I just got back from Staples with a new 32GB touchpad - $200 off :)

They don't carry the 16GB in the store so they wouldn't sell it to me with the coupon but the coupon worked fine with the 32GB.

UPDATE: it worked, we just bought a 32GB unit.

It would be nice to know where in the U.S. folks are claiming to have bought with the $200 discount, so I could call some friends.

The stores in Northern Virginia (Washington D.C. area) were never stocked with the 16GB model, and are treating the online instant savings as online only, and the coupon as in-store time of purchase. The Springfield VA store manager called his district/regional contact, and was told the online price was only for online; stores were not to reduce their price by the $100 instant discount. To get the lower online price in the store, you have to have the coupon. Deal this week is $100 only, not $200. Same $100 tablet promotion Staples ran last week for everything except HP.

Persistence paid off. Made one more stop at the Chantilly, VA store this morning. Used the kiosk computer and selected pay in store. Clerk walked through the process with me just to make sure I was up with technology. Selected delivery to home. Printed out the purchase order with the online instant $100, moved to the register and scanned the in store coupon for the second $100. $314.99 with delivery to the house on Tuesday. Moral must be don't talk to store managers :)

Just picked up a 32 gb version in Louisville, Kentucky for $399. The manager was talking about the instant $100 off already because he saw it online. Coupon worked with no problems.

So do I need a new profile or can I log in with my existing profile?

Waa! I won't have any money until Monday!!

Worked for me - As pointed out - No 16 touchpads, which was what I had in mind, and the sales staff/manager were uncertain on the validity of this offer, So I bit the bullet and went for the 32 g model. added a touchstone charged - total $520 with tax (no tax holiday here).

They offered me 1 day shipping, but I'm not sure the coupon would have been honored then.

Wasn't going to do the Touchpad - What I really want is the Pre3 on Sprint - but they met my price point.

Which may enplane why HP did this ( Not unheard of (Remember the First iPhone, or more recently the 3DS ?). Get people like me, who were on the fence to jump. And the fact is to get software (App's) you need customers.

Now - Pre3 on Sprint Please - and I'll be a happy WebOs camper.

Used the kiosk metod wi the 16gb in e ponce de leon store in atlanta. Worked great. 323! Yay. Coming back to webos, selling my lg g slate now!

Just got home for our local Staples. They didn't have either the 16 nor the 32GB in stock... However they honored both the $100 instant savings and the $100 Staples (In-Store) Coupon for us to order 2x 16GB Touchpads and have them shipped directly to our house! So if they don't have them in stock ask for this deal! We have to wait a couple days, but it was worth the savings!!!

If it's not working for you at Staples, I recommend checking at Office Depot. There's not a local Staples where I live anyway, so I checked at the Office Depot, and not only did they accept the Staples coupon, they also had the Touchpad for a $100 discount, so I got it from Office Depot at the same price. They only had one card for the Touchpad anyway, and I'm not sure how many they had in stock in the back, so I mighth have gotten the last one. :D

Only downside of my trip is that the cashier apparently never heard of the Touchpad. :S

I just ordered mine from Newegg, I get interest free for 12 months. $399 16 GIG. Plus they give a $30 promotional card for it. I'm nervous about the future of the TP and webos, but I must commit, Im too addicted to webos. God help me.

I just got back from buying at OfficeMax 32GB-$399. OfficeDepot wouldn't honor when I called but OfficeMax said they would. They only had the demo version in the store. No stock but they ordered and I am picking up this week when it comes in. I am in Houston.

Do you mind sharing what OM store you went to? I am having a hard time finding a Staples, Office Depot or Office Max that would sell the 16GB for $299.

Highway 6 and Westheimer

also, you need to bring in proof. I printed out the coupon and the 1st page of Engadget article referencing Staples prices.

After confirming with a manager over the phone at a Staples 50 miles away I drove there (since neither Office Max or Office Depot would match the coupon) only to find out they didn't have the 16GB in stock. But after some waiting the Asst Mgr placed an order online for me applying both discounts and still worked under tax free weekend too. Will be delivered free of charge on Tuesday. All things considered I'm happy. Wasn't going to make the TouchPad plunge but the price point got me. Anyone want to buy my 7" Galaxy Tab?

Went to Staples today, none in stock. Had the guy check, none for 200 miles. Called up Office Depot and asked if they had any in stock and if they would honor the Staples coupon, YUP! Tax free weekend in TN also so it was 299.99 OTD!

I still have my 2 year old original Sprint Pre and am holding out for the Pre3. I was starting to have issues with the phone last week, and it finally went "offline" for 2 days. After a 3 store Sprint runaround, I backed up my stuff, went online to my HP/Palm account and ran the OS Doctor. OMG! It worked. In 15 minutes it was fast and spanky again! I'm confident I can hold out for my new Pre3 if it would ever be released. I want the TouchPad, but am waiting for the "Coming Soon" 4G AT&T version. My guess is that is where the Pre3 will be released and I will probably get both. Will be sad to leave Sprint, because I like my pricing plan, but I'm still loving my WebOS. Tried researching other phones/tablets and just don't like them as well. I wish I did, but I don't.

Took my Staples coupon to Office Depot and they honored it!! Got the 16GB Touchpad for $299, PLUS here in Missouri it's a tax-free weekend on School supplies (computers and clothing) -- Walked out the door paying $299.99 -- WOW!

A question: What if someone bought a TouchPad at Costco for $579.00. Could that person return it to Costco, and buy one at Staples instead???

Did you really ask that?

Hopefully this will help you ! Go to Office Depot and if there is a hassle show them this! http://www.officedepot.com/specialLinks.do?file=/customerservice/lowPric...

"Staples.com® is not available right now.", you killed them!