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2012 WebOS Internals web-a-thon raises $12,202.20 for homebrew 13

by Derek Kessler Tue, 04 Sep 2012 9:56 pm EDT

2012 WebOS Internals web-a-thon raises 2,202.20 for homebrew

Hot damn this community rocks. For everything the webOS community has been through, you can always count on the webOS Nation Forums to pull together to get things done. And get things done they have, in the course of three weeks the 2012 WebOS Internals web-a-thon raised a whopping $12,202.20 to support the ongoing operations of the homebrew organization. That's a good amount of dough that will help to sustain the operation of WebOS Internals and WebOS Ports for a good while, not that that's going to stop us from making more donations later on.

Last year's web-a-thon may have raised a few thousand more dollars, but considering everything this community's been through in the past year (recap time!), it's staggering how much love this community can still show. And unlike last year, there were prizes beyond getting a badge of the webOS Nation Forums that screams "I'm awesome"; this year, WebOS Internals chief Rod Whitby tossed in am ultra-rare TouchPad Go for the highest donation, as well as four HP Pre3 smartphones for the next four donators.

So what does will that twelve thousand dollars go to? It goes to paying for the servers and bandwidth that are needed for Preware, and it goes towards purchasing development devices so that the developers of WebOS Internals can work their homebrew magic. That latter point is going to be important going forward, as the future of official webOS hardware is questionable, those wanting to still run webOS are going to need modern hardware to do it, which means Internals is going to need to purchase modern hardware to build and test on.

In a way, the donations made in this year's web-a-thon aren't going to just sustain WebOS Internals - they're going to help to sustain webOS as an operating system, and consequently sustain the webOS community. So for that, we at webOS Nation thank everybody for their donations - we don't really benefit directly from it, but anything to help further the webOS community is fine by us.

Missed the web-a-thon? Don't feel bad, WebOS Internals accepts support donations all-year 'round.


To the future!

this community still thrives :)

hp should donate its servers and services to webos internals. Its a small amount for hp and can generate good will and publicity for the webos fans. But that would make too much sense.

You know, they actually did that. They really did. I mean, just sayin.

yeah, it was something like a $15,000 value server or something like that. Seriously incredibly awesome hardware for the time. Probably still amazing.

* i'm going off memory from reading an article a long time ago, i may be exaggerating.

I too believe HP could do something here...provide hardware maybe?

Could I ask how many separate donations were given that make up this $12k+ total? I'm wondering how many donating members there are in our community. I donated a little, some donated a lot...but I'm wondering if we might be an encouragement to all the members here that even donating a few bucks is a good thing to do and actually would reap notable funds for webOS Internals. If only 25% of the community here donated, then a few bucks from another 50% would be significant.

And I like the statement that you can donate all year long...don't think twice because you missed the event. Make your own event! Call it 'my personal webOS Internals Hombrew marathon'....MPWIHM if you like acronyms.

I guess a $10K server last year doesn't really count as "hardware" then.

I'm sorry, I should have been a little more specific...in my brain I was specific enough for me to understand what I meant. ;)

It would have been nice for HP to offer hardware during this year's homebrew marathon. That is the beauty of multiple marathons...there are multiple opportunities to donate/participate.

I remember that server donation. If I didn't say it then, good on ya HP! I would be even more impressed if they did something similar this year.

There were 220 individual donations made this year.

If I recall correctly, HP already have donated servers. No doubt Rod will stop by with the full story.

Do you mean a year ago? I was thinking it would be nice for them to donate this year too. Have they and I missed that?

Did anyone else here donate last year? I think I did....somewhere along the way I did...but it's ok to donate this year too.

Would be nice if some deal could be made with hardware manufacturers (see Sony/Samsung) - It could happen several ways, either Free hardware, for the right to use the end product, or maybe access to tech teams relating to getting WebOS on stock hardware, help with drivers etc. Just thinking that some of us are waiting for 'almost' any new hardware phone/tablets with WebOS on - the WebOS bit is on it's way, but surely hardware is going to have to enter the dev frame soon! Maybe some word about how the OpenWebos etc is headed with regards to hardware? Maybe the Open WebOS team could start a campaign to fund tablet/phone hardware - with donators fronting the cost of hardware? What does anyone else think?

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