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Refurbished 32GB TouchPad on sale this week for $194.99 14

by Sharon L Copeland Wed, 30 May 2012 5:13 pm EDT


32 gb touchpad on sale


We get asked it a lot, surprisingly: "Where can I get a TouchPad?" It's a rare beast these days, that HP TouchPad, but today you can had over to subsite Moofi and get a refurbished 32GB TouchPad for $194.99. Unlike Woot proper, which is a deal a day, Moofi's deals last for much longer - you have six whole days left to take advantage of this offer.

Now, $194.99 is nearly fifty bucks higher than the firesale pricing of the 32GB TouchPad back in the day, and that was for a new tablet, not a refurbished version like we have here. But it's also a good $400 less than the launch price less than a year ago. It might be slightly used, but HP's gone over them with a fine-toothed comb and is throwing in a 90-day warranty.

Should you grab one? Opportunities to pick up a TouchPad have been growing fewer and farther between with each passing month since the great Leopocalypse, and we expect that trend to continue. Less than $200 isn't a bad deal, but then again, there are new (but smaller) tablets available for that price, or you can put your money towards a newer big-screened tablet, though that'll cost you dearly too. If you want webOS, well, this is your only option.



Who asks "where can I get a TouchPad?" at this point?

Here's the link for those who can't find it:

For some reason, simply going to doesn't show the touchpad, at least not for me. Shrug.

So do I get this or a playbook. Hard choice :(

Ur kidding right? GET A TOUCHPAD.

Web OS is so intuitive its like a twin brain living outside my head. You dont feel like that as well? I love the "we want u to tweak it n help mold it to fit the ideals of the entire homebrew community' attitude that Palm had n,thankfully, HP was wise enough to continue when they took over. Its refreshing, i think, to have a voice in something that i have to spend $ on. Im pretty worn out from all the tech world capitalistic raping of me as a consumer. I.E. the $$$$$$ worth of periphs, i REALLY need to be using, don't work w/ my new intel mac (which i upgraded to even tho i couldn't afford it b/c the programs i need to do everything were no longer compat w/ my $$$$ powerbook g4s processor). Had i known beforehand i woulda lived w/o app update fanciness.

The point i blew outta proportion is that im really diggin the fact that the homebrew peeps are on it like a mo-fo making patches to cure all the upgrade incompatability issues and i am free to choose which ones work for me using preware in an effortless couple minutes. I
bricked my orig pre when mojo mixed bad with first os update n sprint gave me another one knowing id been tweaking it a lot because we arent prohibited from doing so.

Dont give in to the naysayers peer pressure....

ng so

first , i´m from Germany, bavaria

well have one 32 GB ( Wife)

and one 64 GB for me

stil satisfied with the System,

with a little help from my forums and homebrew,
it does what i need from a tab

fast for looking the internet, forums etc.

and what i need for work, i can do what´s needed for mobile work !

well maybe call me a freak :-)

-> 2 x pre- , 1 x Pre 2, 2 x Veer, 2 Pre 3 ( 8GB) , 1 x Pre 3 16 GB (ATT) flashed for germany,
with switched Keypad to QWERTZ

The boyfriend inherited my original 32 GB when I got the 64 GB. But this seemed like a good opportunity to get a spare. Plus I can play around with dual boot ICS without worrying about backing up or messing up my beloved 64 GB panda Touchpad.

Will u adopt me? Please? :)

Crap, they don't ship to Canada...

If u werent too far from border u could rent a cheapo mailbox for a month in a 'mailbox etcetera'(sp?) Type store on our side n have it shipped there. But of course it'd only be worth ur time n $ if u could actually SEE our side from ur doorstep right? Lol. I feel for ya. Hope u can work it out.

I had 2 original Pre. I have a 16 GB TouchPad. I also have an iPhone 4S and a 3rd Gen iPad. I love WebOS, but lets face it, WebOS is DEAD. Any good features either have been or will be absorbed by iOS or Android. Takes a combination of software and hardware. WebOS incorporated a lot of good features (cards, synergy), but it was buggy (for crying out loud, why can't my touchpad keep time correctly? My $2 casio watch from the 1980's could do this). The hardware was lacking and now is non-existant. I thnk the user interface of WebOS was the best, most elegant out there in my opinion, but the user experience is nowhere close to my iOS devices because they just work.

THANK the Gods! I bought mine n cant WAIT to off the 2 lame android pads i wasted $/time on. They'll live on as regifts to the untechy family who wud just love to try the "ebook thing" but never tried to grasp any of my tech teachings over the years so im sure they will put these by the Email machines(complete desktop systems w all-in-one printscanfaxers n webcam setups that they turn on twice a week so they can forward me 20 jokes or hoax hearsay warnings from 'goodmorning america' n political propaganda that i just HAVE to see) n forget how to turn it on. Yes u prolly all know this dance as well. IT superhero is our role. Its ok tho b/c its an excuse to visit our loved ones more often.

Anyway.......... im so excited to finally get a TP at a moderate, un-ebay-scalped, price!

Thanks! I was waiting for a friend and pulled up webosnation on my Sprint Pre 2. I followed the link (thanks @harrisonpalm!), joined Woot, and ordered it.

I was out of work and out of town when the firesale happened, and now I finally have one on the way!

This sucks, I am still trying to get my hands on one. Just been having whole lots of bad luck.

Background - I'm an original Pre user fortunate enough to be at the NYC launch event and was given one before it was available to the general public. As user of Palm products back to the Treo 270 and HandSpring Visor days, I thought it sacrilegious to even mention Android on a Touch Pad.
Today, we have two 32gb firesale TouchPad's in the family. Both are daily work horses running Android ICS. Although battery life is better running WebOS, almost everything is faster using ICS and the app selection broader. Even though the units have dual-booting in place, the family uses them with Android exclusively. What will happen when the "Phoenix" rises, that remains to be seen.
Conclusion. It may not be the slimmest thing, but with all the processing power it packs, the increasing choice of OS builds available for it and the cheap accessory options, it's still a good deal. Go for it.