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500,000 CEOs contest: make the webOS case to HP, win a TouchPad! 57

by Derek Kessler Fri, 23 Sep 2011 9:42 pm EDT

Yesterday was a big day for the webOS community: first HP pushed Leo Apotheker out the door and anointed former eBay chief Meg Whitman as the new CEO, and then the PreCentral Forums jumped up over 500,000 registered members. And you know what? We want to celebrate!

We want to give away a 32GB HP TouchPad, and will even throw in a case and Bluetooth keyboard for good measure, and we’re sure you’d like to win that very same prize! What to do? Record, craft, photoshop, or otherwise create an audio and/or visual message to the HP Board of Directors and new CEO Meg Whitman telling them what you think they should do with webOS.

You can make a video, put together a dramatic reading, or even sketch out your plan on a napkin (just be sure you don’t use it to wipe the sauce off your face until after you’ve scanned it) and send your entry to contest@precentral.net (please upload videos to YouTube or another embeddable video service).

We’ll pick the best and most creative entries and put them up to a community vote to decide who gets a shiny new TouchPad! Also, we’re perfectly cool with you sharing your entries with the world – in fact we encourage it. Go ahead a show it off on Twitter, just me sure to mention @PreCentral, @HP, and @MegWhitman (just so HP and the new CEO get the message) and include the #webOSOS hashtag!

We'll take entries up through Saturday, October 1st, ending at midnight Eastern Standard Time. So get cracking - you've got a week to get your entry together for your chance to win a 32GB HP TouchPad!


To start, I think the webOS community can manage WebOS much better than HP. so why not just give it to us. where it belong!!!!

Thats true, we care because we love it

Well, I would love that, but the idiots at HP will not! Lets hope the new CEO decides the right thing to do and brings back webOS better hardware and software.

please keep supporting webos/touchpad

Heh, webOS.O.S. Wonder what CLC has to say about this...

This is cool.

No clue what I'm going to do for a video though. lol

In other words make a fool of yourself to win a touchpad. I'll pass.

B-B-But.. webOS.O.S.!!!111!!1!

Hey rsanchez1.... f**k off. Nobody likes you, and nobody wants to read your stupid posts.

That is all.

Real classy, buddy.

I LOVE this idea.

Brilliant Derek. Congrats PreCentral and the community on 500k!!!!

I would love to win this!!!! but I would never win. Maybe you could just pick a name out of a hat. Then we would all have the same chance.

This is a great idea, you are really great, keep forcing HP to use the brain, they keep lossing money instead Of producing WebOS devices, there are a lot of People WHO are eager to have a TP, Pre3, and their accesories.

I read this amazing site every single day, its part of my life actually.

I still have a TX, my pre- and TP,I carry all the devices everyday and I love them, unfortunately Im the only one in my company but all are very impressed about WebOS, nobody knew it until I arrived.

All the members Of this community can do something To rescue WebOS and win a TP, its the best deal in the history of Precentral so far.

I agree. This is a great site, and I am on it 4 - 5 times a day and more then any other site, not including gmail.

I wont enter the contest but for what ever it is worth I am a consultant that deals with companies in transition, including some very large companies. I would be happy to be CEO on an interim basis until things get worked out.

Between my profession experience and my love for WebOS, Im your guy.

does it have to be audio or video, or can it be just text-based? I'd like to submit something, just for trying to convince just how good of a strategic position they're actually in

Nope. Audio and/or video.

who the hack is down ranking all the comments like crazy? don't have any better things to do?

Bury brigade is BACK (not me)

or the one star bandits

Probably fritzk3. Somebody seems to have stuffed his panties with sand and he's mad as ****

rsanchez, your life must be pretty pathetic if the highlight of your day is coming to this site and griefing.

where's the PALM guy? He basically already won this thing. He has my vote. I will still try n give it a shot
i have an "immature" IDEA UP MY SLEEVE

What's the most epic video I could put together in a week? I'll let it come to me in a dream..

Derek, this video is absolutely EPIC.

Do the video but let's send a massive email to hp about resurrecting webOS to some degree. It can't sit on a shelf, losing value day to day. I'm not a programmer, anyone want to whip up a quick automated email? If they get several hundred thousand emails that could sway the board and Meg Whitman. Let's do the email now!

Do these videos have to make a business case for why WebOS is good for HP?

Why does this feel like petitioning Sprint all over again?

Don't you realize that the absolute worst thing for WebOS is for HP to keep it and try to run with it? Stop the madness if you care about WebOS. The sooner HP unloads it for the patents, the better chance it will have to live on in yet another incarnation.

Reading. Good for the soul.

"Record, craft, photoshop, or otherwise create an audio and/or visual message to the HP Board of Directors and new CEO Meg Whitman telling them what you think they should do with webOS."

WebOS is not the best,however it is not bad.
If I bought Touchpad $499, I would have given up, because it does not worth.
But I bought it at $99- , and I know it worth more than that, so everybody try to make it better and develop.
Webos ,at least, is the most popular OS already!!!

Don't tell Meg what to do, as I am sure she is getting that feedback internally, but what webOS can do if (big IF), HP IMPLEMENTS CORRECTLY AS THEY DO OTHER PRODUCTS that consumers love!
there my 2c worth

thought you had really huge smile lines, but then realized it was the shadow from the rim of your glasses, it made me laugh....

...,to bad i procrastinate, it will take me a week to decide if i want to do this or not...lol

I have a good feeling that WebOS (+devices) are going to be up and running again!

what would be really cool to see is a WebOS device like an ipod touch. Like that rumored WebOS device with a bigger screen and no physical keyboard. It would be #1, why? Because it would have everything that people want on an ipod touch.
-not a scratch magnet, HP WebOS devices (like the veer and pre3)already are made with that nice rubberish back(no need for a case)
-better camera(no problem for a WebOS device, because being a thicker device means you can put it a bigger/better camera)
-download music directly into your "music folder" without itunes(well with WebOS you CAN just download music and it automatically is found by your music app)
-apple owners want FLASH support(WebOS has it)
-apples Bluetooth only picks up other apple Bluetooth device.(WebOS devices' Bluetooth picks up any Bluetooth device)
WebOS has better multitasking, notifications, and more.

Congratulations on the milestone. It's great to know in spite of HP's decision the fan base is growing. Long live webOS!

how long or short can it be?

Whatever you need to say what you need to say.

Is the contest limited to the US or can people from other countrys like Germany participate?

Everybody! But in English, please.

make the prize an ATT Pre3 and I will put in some effort.... Beyond that, you gotta spend money to make money, apparently the CEO's and BOD forgot that.

awesome! congrats to precentral! can't wait to win that touchpad (being way overconfident)

Slightly Off topic - As No contest participation here - But to the same goal

Mobile News from ZDnet has a virtual petition going on to have HP save the TP &/or webOS Phones.


Can't Hurt of all 500,000 PC Forum members vote!

you should never become a public speaker or make another video. this could have been summed up without stumbling around in 60 seconds.

Love you too.

I would suggest that the current model of touchpad needs to stay canceled. not because there is anything wrong with it - I believe it would have sold very well priced appropriately at the start, like $329/$399 for the common 16gb & 32gb models - but because it's already been very publicly canceled and sold at $99/$149. HP can't just start making them again and selling them at the proper price. Even though they do still command ~$300 on ebay, I think HP has to let that one die.

Instead I think HP should move forward with the 7" TouchPad Go and the Pre3. While those were technically canceled as well, and the Pre3 had a very limited 'firesale' in Europe, I don't think those are unrecoverable. Very few Pre3's have made it out into the wild, practically none in the US (and those few are all unsupported black-market devices), so there is still a large unsatisfied market for the Pre3.

The TouchPad Go is a different model than what was canceled and 'firesaled', which would ship with several advantages over the original TouchPad:

1. A more appropriate price - HP has at least learned THAT lesson I hope.
2. A more fully debugged version of webOS - no laggy, crashing reviewer devices running a pre-release build.
3. A rear camera - yes, not everyone actually needs a rear camera, but it was still a checkbox feature that the original TouchPad couldn't check.
4. GPS - the lack of GPS on the original TouchPad eliminated a whole category of potential uses and apps.
5. Lighter weight
6. It's not a direct competitor to the iPad - helps reduce some of the "if it's not exactly the same as the iPad then it sucks" attitude.
7. again, it's a different model - HP can confidently say "We're back, with a better TouchPad".

I have an idea but very difficult to do. Imagine an advertising (music addicted by Prince Royce) A nice and young woman alone in the metro seeing picture of a men in a touchpad. She looks like sad. . In another part of the city, a man is running with a pre3.. The woman looks at the metro nobody. But the same time a Pre3 touch the touchpad. She looks the touchpad and it’s write I love you. After she sees the man is they kiss… I’m sorry for my English I’m from Switzerland. I believe than a good advertising modern for the webos environment could be a great message for the HP CEO. The music could be great whit and advertising…

Yawn. What a terrible song.

It's OBVIOUS they should have continued with it. They're sold out and everyone still didn't get one.

But I thought WebOS is not gone?

But I would actually LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, some updates to the software.

Now if we're talking hardware, I want to get my hands on the 7" TouchPad Go.

I adamant about it.

so they ask us to help them squeeze more golden eggs from the goose and in return one of us will get the equivalent to bird feed? Yea, I'm sure they'll be smiling so hard that their teeth will fall out.

not for sale

how bout offering a Pre3 or a white 64GB Touchpad? That would make the contest more interesting!

I don't think that there is any need for videos or presentations. There is a simple case to make to HP. The mobile phone/tablet is becoming the default client for all kinds of network access, and increasingly services depend on mobile integration. By not having a strong connection to a phone system HP is potentially locking itself out of emerging markets.
Microsoft has de facto acquired Nokia. Google has now bought the Motorola phone division. Sony has a phone division as part of its entertainment reach. HP fouled up massively by buying Palm and then, really, ignoring it. This and the horrible iPaqs shows that HP is hopeless at phones.
HP badly needs a phone partner who understands the market. HTC looks the logical choice, if HP can resist the US tendency to try to **** foreigners. With HTCs technology integrated into HP's services, they could have quite a compelling server-to-phone infrastructure that would jump them past both Oracle and IBM.
The big question is whether they can swallow their pride and do it.

I realize that precentral has to squeeze as much life as possible out of webOS (and I don't fault them!), but pretending that the new CEO is going to bring webOS or the Touchpad back to life is delusional. I kinda like Meg Whitman. But we need to remember that she was a member of the board that hired Leo. And she was a member of the board that agreed to this new direction that Leo outlined in August. Unless, I am missing something, Meg will simply continue the course. In fact, she's even made comments of that nature.

Hi all,

good to be among crazy Palm fanatics :-D

bad to be frustrated by ex-CEOs strategies and execution.

Here is my Palm Startegy:

1- just work on 1 smartphone like apple does, focus 100%, must work perfect.

2- capitalize on the PALM world famous iconic brand, legendary creative genious visionary products, by showing that the competition “new funcionalities” already existed 10 years ago in PALM phones!! same startegy when Jobs came back to save apple.

3- use and abuse the word PALM like the “i” of apple products. desktop, laptop, pad, palm..COMPUTERS, no just a phone!

4- Pre 3 competitive features are best Multi-tasking, best Applications integration, and best Sliding vertical keyboard. explain simply why it is so important, and compete on that.

5- regenerate your Palm Engineering Pride and Community for what it stands for: OPEN, EASY, FUN, SMALL, VERSATIL, MULTIFUNCION, MULTITASK, HAND COMPUTER TO CONNECT AND COLABORATE WITH THE WORLD. Free Open Revolution of the Masses, compared to Captured Users in the Closed iJail ;))

6- GET the 20% apps most used by iOS and Android users. and give those 20% apps HUGE advertising!!


8- for now, position VERY BEST middle market product for features, price, and quality. INVADE the markets, FLOOD people palms, GIVE super offers.

9- build SUPER MEGA TOP Palm web site, very simple and user friendly, to present products, features, apps, community, developers, …

10- ULTRA FAST QUALIFIED FRIENDLY FREE 24hrs customer service.

11- crazy colors!! (good idea but not mine)

12- make hardware, but ALSO license webOS. diversify risks, put competitive pressure on hardware team, and flood markets with PALM.

Hope it helps…. last chance PALM… I believe Whitman TOP PR & eBiz skills can be keys for HP and PALM huge success. MUST BE a long and compromising strategy choice. WHITMAN, YOU CAN DO IT! THE COMUNITY CAN HELP YOU DO IT! JUST DO IT! ;-)



Apparantly I'm too late for this D=

I can't make something nice in ONE DAY! lol

http://goo.gl/ZNhFT this is my lame attempt.

Essential apps: FourSquare, Spotify, TeamViewer and Wi-Fi Analyzer.

So who won???

No idea.

Has it been over two weeks already and no winner announced?