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6-7 million webOS tablets from Inventec for 2011 [Rumor] 106

by Derek Kessler Fri, 03 Dec 2010 2:13 pm EST

Tablet mock-up

If HP is betting big on webOS, chances are they’re going to be placing some very large orders for their next generation devices. If sketchy record owner DigiTimes is to be believed, HP and Palm are doing just that with the expected webOS tablet for next year. Apparently Inventec is anticipated to land the contract to build the device (contrary to earlier rumors pointing at Foxconn), with an order of 6-7 million units. Inventec is also the builder of Barnes & Noble’s Android-powered Nook Color, of which they’re expecting to ship over one million by year’s end.

Is this plausible? Sure, but we’re going to take this one with prodigious salt. We want to believe that HP expects they’ll be able to sell several million PalmPads in the first year of its life (that’s assuming that it even ships early in the year), but we still have yet to even see the device. Either way, the rumors are swirling that the device is coming, hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s actually formally announced.

Source: DigiTimes; Via: Electronista; Thanks to Zen00 for the tip!


Bring it on!

As long as the hardware is good and hp webos is modefied to fit the screen, it could easly beat the galaxy tab, playbook, and the ipad. another thing is that they need to have a selection of apps for the device ready for when the device is launched. but im looking foward to it. =D

It should be easy to fit the screen with a little something called Enyo.

We are not going to see any new anything until at least Spring time I'll bet! Hope my Pre can last.

I dont know about all that all I know is that I'm going to be one of those sales ;)

I am buying one for me and one for my wife too!

I'm in!! I will definitely buy one!!

Me too! Except there definitely needs to be improvement in many apps. Google Earth, Netflix, etc.

I Want One.

I wonder how all of this will be advertised. Since all webOS products will be interconnected devices like we've been hearing. It would be awesome if they market this like how Verizon did for Android.

Wait, since Verizon is a carrier and marketed Android who will advertise webOS? Will it be like Apple? HP will do the commercials and mention carriers in the end?

I wonder what the price point might be.... Priced appropriately (low, as in loss-leader-low), with the appropriate hardware (as in, durable, higher end), they could make that thing fly off the shelves and gain both a footprint and significant mind share for HP webOS.

They will need this kind of inventory to bring webOS back in the game. Right now, all consumers really have to choose from is the iPad. The Playbook and the Android tablets don't come close to iPad, but a webOS tablet would have the eyecandy Playbook and Android lack, and would be more functional than an iPad.

Eye candy the Playbook lacks...the OSes almost look like copies of each other. So who going tell the difference except Palm fanatics...the average joe will probably go for the BB due to status.

The Galaxy tab just went over 1 million mark.


once hp isnt so busy(im sure they are and no that isnt sarcasm), im sure they will quickly take care of it. and hpweb os blows android, and ios(those are the only OSes that i have worked with so i cant say anything about blackberry os) out of the water, so as long as the hardware is good and the stats are awesome, the tablet should do fine as long as it has good advertising.

I would definitely buy one of these!
unlike the phone, i hope the "desktop" can rotate into landscape mode.
I look forward to everything HP has to bring running webos! (Just give me a phone that's thin with a 3.5" screen at least)

I'm tired of rumors. Give me release dates and show me the products on shelves so I can bring out my wallet already

Exactly. I wanted to get my mom a palm pad for xmas but it looks like i'm going to have to give my money to apple instead for the ipad :(

You should get her a kindle.

Geez, the release date is as fuzzy as pictures of UFOs.

I definitely want one, but I don't think HP is going to go with the sleek and sexy design we all have in mind. I'm hoping that it looks great, but I'm not planning on it.

LOL, rumors, rumors, rumors....

But, here is a serious question: The article states "Inventec is anticipated to land the contract", so they don't have the contract yet, how long does it take from "landing the contract" to devices available to consumers?

@linger I'm with you . It's a shame that we are subject to this. HPalm help us help you. We want to get excited about you again. I know CES is in less than a month but right now I don't know if you not going to pull another be patient.I sorry but you lost my trust

The Galaxy Tab has only sold 1 million. I believe the iPad was at 6-7 million a month or 2 ago.

Does HP really think they can push that many?

Lets just hope that this thing will be released with webOS 3.0. WebOS lacks features and functionality in so many areas.

I already have my 600 bucks set aside for the PalmPad! If this doesn't come out soon or at least an announcement of some sort, this money is going to burn a whole in my pocket!

You could use it to pay bills instead...

money is being set aside in advance for the purchase ...it sounds as if they're responsible enough to have their bills paid.

The "oooh new shiny phone! " types are the ones you should be worried about.

Those types are pretty much %97 of the people on P|C.

When I get a new phone, my kids don't get to eat much that month and I pimp my wife out.

I am interested in this.

How much do you charge?

;) ;)

Put that $600 in the bank and at 1% interest, by the time HP finally releases some sort of webos pad, you'll have enough for 2 or 3 of them!

I hope that the tablet will finally get Amazon to offer a Kindle app for webOS.

waiting on it

No chance I'm believing this. 6-7 million?! Give me a break. We just found out webOS only has 1.3% marketshare. And given that these devices go hand in hand with their smartphone counterparts, they'll be lucky to sell 100,000 in a year. No one with an iPhone is buying one, they're spoiled with real apps. Android is making huge strides. Blackberry...well they aren't called Crackberries for nothing - you aren't stealing the costumer base.

Blackberry is busy stealing WebOS's UI. Have you seen the Playbook?

Yep. And do you know who realizes that? The 1.3%. And when HP finally does come out with their tablet, do you know what the people will say? "Dang! HP copied the Playbook!"

Have you loked at the trends on BB's marketshare? They're a company with some serious concerns.

1.3%?? Survey Says.....Bzzzt!

Sorry to burst your t-bubble, but WebOS MARKETSHARE is around 3.9% (allowing for some fallout from Septembers 4.2%)

Neilsen ratings = by phone (aka mindshare)
ComScore = by device log (aka devices in use or marketshare)

Thanks for playing...

Both numbers mean that hardly anyone cares. But good job at using 1.3% to make 4.2% look good. Now that you've put that pig in a case full of lipstick, it's time to sling an angry bird at him.

Isn't cobrakon the guy who searches for the word Pre and the number 2 on Google and uses it as proof that the Pre 2 is setting the Internet ablaze?

now that was creative. +1

You may think that, but HP's next play in their Playbook is, bring up a lawsuit, and then the playbook's play will backfire. Also, HP can advertise in direct competition with the playbook, calling it out. People will learn some way or another.

Yes, many have. Know what people haven't seen? The PalmPad.

Bring it to the Netherlands! My Palm Pr?2 needs a buddy ;-)

Met marketshare van 1.3% ben je de enige in NL.....

Believe me, I'm not the only one in the Netherlands who owns a webOS device! A lot of Dutch Palmclub members have a Palm Pr?, Pixie or Palm Pr?2. There are also non members who own a Palm Pr?. So I don't think I'm the only one ;-)

Will they keep the Palm name for this? I can see a HP webOS tablet sitting alongside their netbook range in the shops. Not sure about Palm though. (From a UK Pixi owner - a phone no longer available in o2).

Will they keep the Palm name for this? I can see a HP webOS tablet sitting alongside their netbook range in the shops. Not sure about Palm though. (From a UK Pixi owner - a phone no longer available in o2).

No desire at all for this.


I'm sure we have seen the Palm Pad, it's the Slate they just released.

I expect the Palm Pad to be a virtual carbon copy of the Slate, but with webOS, 16-32mb of flash memory rather than an SSD, and hopefully a price tag about $150 less.

I'm seeing hp doing bundle deals with their current products to through these in the bundle.

I hope it looks like the picture.

Me too. That new PalmPad mockup is definately better than the "slap-a-webOS-screenshot-on-a-Slate" P|C used to use. This one at least is probably more accurate as to what will be released.

how they planned to sell 6/7 million when the OS isn't event on the map? (not counting closed app market, just to say one)
After all, they were lucky to sell a handful of Palm Pre and later incarnations using the hype created.
If that is the future expecting us webOS user, we can forget about another smartphone from HPalm.
If this is the next move, then it will be a very bitter wake up for Hp and Palm too.
Hope I'm wrong. but the sensation is still here. After all, the iPad is selling like crazy because of the positive fame (build quality, support, app catalog, presence on the market and so on...)about the iPhone.
Can Palm says the same about the Pre? I doubt it.
Just say I'll buy a webOS tablet. Must I expect to download only free apps? must I expect to import it from (random) the UK, Deutchland?
Copying from other companies what they are doing IS NOT the right way to fight this game.
and again,I hope I'm wrong

Yeah, even though most of those apps look terrible on the iPad's larger screen.

They do?

I thought the iPad was the magical device of the century. I saw one at Walmart. I almost bought it, but my backup program kicked in and reminded me that despite it's 15 million apps (many of watch are "piano fart apps") that it lacked expansion and Flash.

You have valid points but people don't buy just on the OS. The people who bought Ipad could care less that it was based on Iphone OS. They bought because they liked the "elite" Apple brand, and if they tried it, they liked the form factor, responsiveness, and functionality. Most of the techies were saying, hey it's just an overgrown Iphone but the people laying out the cash didn't know or care.
HP is a recognized brand name. If the HP Palmpad works as it should and is a great experience and is advertised/shown in visible areas, it can be successful. Not as successful as Ipad but it can open up the small webOS market and make it viable to app developers which can feed into the smartphone apps.

I wish HP and Palm would pull their heads outta their arses and get a 10" tablet to compete with the iPad. The Galaxy Tablet is pretty bad if you ask being only 3G abled and expensive compared to the iPad. I'm hoping HP drops the PalmPad first half of next year for around 399, with wifi and it's sold! i'd buy two! one for me, and for the wife!

6-7 million? Plausible?

Nope. Especially with no apps or distinguishing aspects. Multitasking isn't a draw especially without apps to actually multitask. Ipad does those numbers. Regardless, HP is a computer company, it's clear to me they didn't buy webos to put phones first. it was for tablets and printers.

I agree. The way they handled the Pre2 launch was an afterthought. Clearly, Smartphones aren't that important to them, but Tablets are. Nevertheless, they will have to do better than vague rumors about possible manufacturing numbers to get enough interested parties to partake.

yeah people don't get that ipads and iphones sell largely cause of they are part of the apple eco systems of delivering music, video, apps, desktop sync, podcasts, slick marketing, minimalist design, outstanding presentation, solid build quality and a company with excellent management. Palm and HP don't provide that same package. So they can't just expect to replicate apple success without doing not just all that but more to distinguish itself. But HP is a good computer company. Tablets are in a space they already do well. Phones are not. I don't they will abandon phones this year (maybe next) but it's no surprise from their initial comments to the products they talk about most that they seem to keep talking about tablets and printers. that's their focus. The pre two i think is old tech and an after thought. The problem for me is i couldn't' care less about tablets or printers and if i wanted a table i'd get an ipad cause i can do a ton more with it. But i don't want one. If i put money on it i'd take a bet that CES announces a tablet, and if they announce a phone at all the Tablet and printing etc will get the majority of HP's effort.

Actually, what's clear is that the Pre2 wasn't what's important to them. What's important to them is making money. The Tablet market is smaller than the smartphone market is and they know this. The Pre2 was an old device before it was launched. The last gasp of Palm. They also need Service Providers to be on-board with the device for it to succeed and clearly that isn't the case with the Pre2, and not surprisingly since it isn't innovative or leading edge tech (aside from the processor).

We'll see the HP lineup at CES, any talk before then is pure speculation. HP isn't going to feed out any leaks so just sit tight an enjoy the holiday season for the time being. If you can't do that without a new piece of tech, much less rumors about them, then you have my sincere pity.

i don't think you can say it wasn't important when nobody at HP has said that. They did try to sell it to the carriers they just didn't want it. They are releasing it. I'm not saying your absolutely wrong. I'm just saying that based on what we know that sentiment is a bit of speculation too. We don't actually know if it was all palm's effort though in that i'd bet you are right. Though i actually think you are probably right, i'm open to the fact that they could have approved this, liked this, thought it would work. Because honestly, if you don't think it will make some money there's no point in releasing it. if they care about money why release something that won't make it. They can easily release 2.0 to developers without a phone can't they or just a private developer phone. to me they thought it would sell or will sell that's why it's out. They just may be willing to take the hit if it doesn't. it may be a low priority. As for CES, personally i don't care but the "CES lineup" may be tablets and little more.

If Palm had contracts and commitments in place for manufacturing the Pre2 when HP bought them, then HP may have had little option on producing it. They may have decided it would be cheaper to build it ad try to sell it than to cancel it. Pure speculation of course.

Well there are a million "Ifs" if you want to just invent scenarios that would justify it. If Palm already made 5 million before the company was sold. If Palm bought 10 million worth of gorrilla glass screens and HP didn't feel like wasting them. If Palm already paid for cases. Like you said it's all speculation. i don't think it's any more plausible.

7 million Palm Pads? Who's going to buy them? Businesses who aren't buying the Playbook to use in conjunction with their Blackberries? Maybe a million. If they don't put it on AT&T first, maybe two. But 7 million? I think that is optimistic at best.

The good news is that if they product 7 million, it will be free in no time when they realize they need to move inventory. If I were in the market for a PalmPad, I'd wait 2 or 3 months after it is released and cash in on the deals that will follow (especially if they make wifi only versions as well).

Since Android doesn't appear to scale well on Tablets and there isn't access to Android market on them (unless I'm missing something), there is an opportunity for Palm to shine with WebOS on a Tablet. HPalm may not do much for their installed base of Pre owners, but they are sure to go after the tablet market. For their sake, they had better bring something that trounces not only the current iPad, but whatever Apple is cooking up as the iPad 2.

Ironically, for many people, an Android tablet without access to the Android Market will equate to just as many apps as a webOS tablet with access to the App Catalog.

Coming from an iPad owner, no matter he good a tablet is, how fast or well made it is, a tablet will struggle to sell without many apps. The iPad launched with about 15000 apps if I remember well and that is about three times as many as the Pre has now in a supported country. On the iPad there are apps for everything, even 'fart pianos' which I cunningly put under the 'music' folder. Now, I have been waiting for the PalmPad to be launched for a while now, the iPad being a stop-gap, but even if it has a sapphire un scratchable screen and a quad core processor saying goodbye to over 300 apps on my iPad would be difficult. Also, I hope it is atlas of the iPad in size otherwise I can't see getting a 7 inch PalmPad and a 5 inch Mansion as well.

totally. Every app is one more thing a device can do. Every free app is one more thing it can do at no charge. If it has a free navigation app. that's one more feature. People can poo poo it but apps matter especially for a tablet.

You make some good points. The apps along with the user experience, are what will make or brake it. Anyone who already has an iPad is unlikely to buy a Palm Pad (unless they're rich and just want to spend the money, but rich people don't usually buy HP content consumption devices. They buy Apple products.

It's a rumor so we don't know if it's 6-7 mil.

Personally, I'm only interested in a phone. But my work/life style doesn't demand a tablet. I'd rather do the small stuff on the phone I have in my pocket instead of packing a tablet around with me.

don't iphones outsell ipads? I'd guess Samsung android phones outsell Galaxy Tabs. They are struggling to sell 3 million phones so i think it's a bit unrealistic to expect them to sell 6-7 million tablets.

First of all, the cited site is a joke. Unreliable would be kind.

Secondly, these are manufactured units ordered, not sales projections.

However, I think a lot of people are underestimating HP. They're a goliath in the Tech sector with global reach that Apple can only wish they had. A global launch in the first quarter with a competitively priced device could certainly sell 5-6 million with ease.

This isn't Palm anymore, it's HP.

Well, if they're going to make anything in a high amount like this, I hope they don't make the same mistake as the palm pre. They need cutting edge technology, ample processing power and front facing camera for chat, etc. If they're going to sell a high amount and make a name for this, they need to dig their heels in and get above the competition. That being said, I can't imagine them making this man unless they have some specific distribution channels that they know will take alot of them. Competition is moving too fast to build one generation of device in that number.

The rumor seems absurdly inflated. If it costs $200* to make one, that would be a $1.4 Billion dollar contract. Such a massive bet is not likely for essentially a brand new OS to the public, and on an untested form factor.

I will buy on though :)

* (I have no idea what the real # would be)

Seriously, why would anyone one buy one of these?

Blind love of all things Palm. That's all i can think of.

Yeah, because anyone who would have ever wanted a tablet would have already bought themselves an iPad.

because there's nothing appealing about it to anyone that's not a palm fanboy.

It all depends on what the person wants to use it for and how well it does those tasks. I've had iPhone and Android users say that they really like how webOS multitasks and the notification system better than what they're currently using. If HP releases a tablet with competitive hardware and implements a sane marketing campaign that illustrates what sets it apart from the competition, they should be able to move them. I also disagree with the idea that one only gets a tablet that's the same OS as their phone. If that were the case, a co-worker who has a Droid 2 would have bought his wife (also a Droid 2 owner) a Galaxy tablet instead of an iPad.

You're questioningwhy anyone would buy an unknown device to be released at some point in the future about which we know nothing.

Do you have any idea how absurd that is?

I hear GM might release a new truck next year. Seriously, who would buy one of those?

General Motors already sells a shit load of trucks. Palm doesn't sell a shit load of anything.

Because the gadget looks pretty. Some people buy rationally- oh, I have all apple products and adding an Ipad will leverage that ecosystem or I really don't type a lot but I need something to surf while I'm on my business trip. Others just say hey, that looks cool and I'm buying. Apple has that crazy hype machine and draws people just like premium luxury labels- bmw, mercedes, etc. We are finding out who really has disposable income- they're the ones that bought the ipad.
Lots of Ipad owners aren't die-hard apple fans. My brother who runs own IT company uses windows products exclusively bought an IPadand loves it. How many 3rd party apps does he have on the Ipad? 9. 1 game. Choice is good but for him, good productivity suite, email, browser are most important. Next would be digital books or magazine or newspapers since he travels. 10000's of high quality of apps would be best but a 100 high quality well-known apps still would get some casual users happy.

I've never use an absorbs tablet, but if it's similar to how the iPad works, then it will be a hit. What I am refering to is the slight changes in the ui to take advantage of the real estate. Apps dual paned and some various parts of app scenes are now simple pop ups or look different. I would want a webos tablet tO not mimic the exact same experience as the phones, I'd want a mor customized experience, not crazy amounts, just similar to how the iPad and iPod are catered to their sizes.

Also some of the apps could use a double card view which would be cOol!

Still (im)patiently waiting! WebOS looks great on the phones, am hoping it works well on a tablet. Been wishing Palm had come out with one six, seven years ago.
Is there a place to get notifications?

I have been debatin on gettin the samsung tab...i am undecided on whether I should get it. I really wanna stay loyal and follow webos butthis is takin too long.

I think what people need to understand is what HP will be integrating with a device like this.

No way HP will put this out without allowing it to dock or communicate with printers, PCs and God knows what else.

Also, Flash 10.1 will no doubt open doors that the iPad can't. I for one look forward to being able to use Google Docs, as I am very dependent upon it's spreadsheet program. It looks nearly usable on an Evo, but I feel a full sized device will make it VERY usable.

Palmpad Lives!!!

I Hope. Those numbers will definitely help webOS get back in the conversation.

I love webOS and the idea of a tablet is cool. I'm on Sprint and just wish they would say one way or the other if they intend to stay with HP/Palm or not..just having the Pixi as their only webOS product is sad.

This Tablet looks really nice, hopefully this will help with the overall development of the product. I can't see that many of these selling. I would expect no more than 500k of these will sell. Maybe your exaggeration explains the lack the information and reporting as well. There actually isn't one full feature application, maybe facebook. Now when they tell you this news from where ever it comes from I need you to laugh in their face and say Blackberry has its own exclusive apps , a new multi tasking web platform , Apple has twice as much as blackberry, Android does most of both, and Windows mobile tablets are starting to come around. Who are selling these to lol I'd say the French, as the saying goes. but the answer would be yes. Say the Singapore. By the way Palm / HP the French only purchase your products out of necessary trade deficit, and mandatory barter. If you couldn't sell it to Britain first you should be asking why.

continuing, really what does this offer over, or even at par with another OS at this point? It will need serious development and I do hope it comes. I mean strong development. on a large tablet one will want to do twice as much. The applications currently do half as much as we want them to. Do the math thats 1/2 of 1 and it needs to equal 2. Thats 4 times the development of any single application on the WebOS now. Not to mention the applications not here. Even pushing multi-tasking will not cut it in the tablet market. This will likely end up a novelty item. Anyhow, if you work for HP or any subsidiaries you know what you'll be getting next Christmas.

This is terrible news reporting, can we get some specs?

All the critical people are sooooo COCKY and DUMB! You think you know so much more about the computer market than the largest computer manufacturer.
1)6-7 million devices is small compared to, I don't know, the planet.
2)HP knows how to market and they have the money too. They will make people want it and think that it's different even if it's not.
3)HP has all the resources to tie everything together to make a tablet that is productive and useful. Android tablets are just a fragmented toy.
4)HP has not been sitting on their butts hoping to sell all the old Palm devices.
5)HP is not going to give the competition an edge on any innovation by giving sneak peaks before the reveal just to hang on to the small market Palm had.
6)HP wants WebOS to work. They know the value of owning your own OS.

History is littered with those who can promise big things created in just imagination and then never deliver. Until it happens it is just all B.S.

Should we now talk about your apparent toadie man crush you have on HP? And, who are you to tell people they HAVE to be satisfied with the rate of progress should by your new found God?

Ha Ha Ha. You probably defended MS for shipping ME, because they are big and know better. Butch it up, sister.

It's also worth noting that calling people COCKY and DUMB is itself COCKY and DUMB.

Awwwww, you must teach 1st graders and tell them that. But here, I happen to know the definition of Cocky And Dumb. (Now I'm being cocky!)

Not sure where you got that I like HP. I just listed a few statements that others would not be able to disagree with (including you.)

If HP wants to make millions of tablets, that's their business and they know what they're doing more than you. Why would HP not deliver on a WebOS tablet that they obviously have? This article is not about a PROMISE, it's about DELIVERY.

And I will wait a little while longer to buy a tablet because I like the UI of WebOS, not because it's sold by HP. I actually don't want the big Apple and Google because that is my preference.

You guys just WAIT until I get my hands on one of these. Ive got a really cool project to do with this thing. It will hit front page. Of course Im not going to share details right now. It does involve 4 wheels and an engine though ;)

cant belive they will still use inventec after they screwed up with the treos


I can't wait, I have a huge purchase boner right now.

can we crush these useless spammers?


Hmmm... Here's hoping there's at least a nugget of truth in there somewhere!

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The HP Pre 3 was launched in select areas of Europe, with U.S.-based units only having been made available through unofficial channels after both AT&T and Verizon canceled their orders just prior to delivery after Apotheker's announcement.-Markus Lattner