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64GB White HP TouchPad now available on HP US - Well that's nice 82

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 19 Aug 2011 2:14 pm EDT

Someone at HP must not have gotten the official notice yesterday that the company is discontinuing all webOS devices, because the 64GB HP TouchPad, of the white variety, has shown up on HP USA's website with a pricetag of $599 (maybe they're just teasing us). While we won't necessarily recommend that everyone go buy one now (since we have no idea what the future holds for active webOS Accounts), those of you that really, truly want one can order it with an expectation to have it delivered sometime in the next week, but not with the expectation that it looks like the image on the right (the real version is more like the Panda-White HP Veer). If HP had announced this model a few weeks ago, it might have actually seen some daylight in the real world. As it is, we're gonna make a safe bet that the only people who buy this device also don't know anything about HP's very bad way of handling things lately. 

There you have it, people; the White 64GB HP TouchPad. Enjoy.

Source: HP.com



...could you Precentral guys make the article of them HP having no brains nor balls sticky or something? This stuff needs to be on the front page, for looooong, and it is slipping down already.

Really. It needs to stay on the top of your news. With that Apotheker's picture and all.

Love the second to last post, how he was right. And how he was banned hahahaha


Forth to last post said essentially the same thing and he was not banned. That other guy did a lot more things in other posts to get himself banned...

I was the one who got him banned. That post wasn't even close to the worst trolling he did.


Why did none of you ever report Jay for trolling?

No one, and I mean no one, laid more inflammatory bait than he.

And on strict support of the product, I did FAR MORE for Palm/HP than he did because I at least bought a couple of phones.

But no, when Jay trolls and baits people -- particularly Apple users because of his bat **** crazy vendetta about them not responding to his mad man campaign-- it's all good. right?

Because it's not about attempting to find out the truthl, it's all about appearances.

which is clearly HP's way....

Absolute gospel. The mod-sanctioned trolling from folks like Jay and hparsons are absolutely amazing to see.

Trolling? more like prophetic. If you would have heeded his warning (almost a year in advance) you wouldnt have gone down with the ship like you are.

IDK about you, but I want one. Link please? Can't find it. :(

$599? Ha!

Come on, HP... send the Pre 3s to the liquidators, I want one!

i would be HILARIOUS if HP finally announces the Pre3 on sprint, now that the platform is essentially dead.

Assuming we see a US AT&T friendly Pre3, I will own one.

I will buy one as well. I have been holding out for too long with a Palm Centro to not get a webOS phone. I have the TouchPad and am obsessed with the operating system

I've got TouchPad and Veer, won't be paying full price for Pre3, but that's the nice thing about GSM, sooner or later I will find one.

With webosinternals I am confident in my Webos devices for quite a while.

I'll buy a Sprint Pre 3 for $49.99 (or less) on contract.

Come on we all know Sprint isn't getting the Pre3, it's the mysterious slab phone.

+1! I'll spend $99 on contract for that one!

Just saw on another blog that AT&T just completely cancelled its launch. I don't know how legitimate that was...


this goes to show you how bad HP is managed

Who cares its DOA.

No thanks. I'm already shopping for an android Tablet.

You people heard them all wrong. What HP clearly said was, they were going to "Make it White"!

PS- I returned my TP to Staples this morning. They took it, no questions asked, other than "Does it still work." I wanted to say "That's a great question.", but I also wanted my money back asap.

You rock!!

hah, I didn't realize Leo is a modern day Elmer Fudd

"Make it White", made my day

Now back to work

What??? No news on if the Pre3 is coming to Sprint.

Thanks Tim, but no thanks!


It's all white, so its alright.

HP leadership = incompetent.

Mmmm yea, no. Id like to add one more time:

HP. You suck. Go away.

I would get this but I've already spent my lifetime allowance for HP products.

Seriously? No, really, seriously?

HP can go suck an egg

I think it is very obvious that Leo is totally disconnected from the rest of HP. I don't think anybody has a clue what is going on. I feel so bad for the poor Public Relations folks and the team that works in the webOS unit. They are being treated like ****

I wanted to buy a webOS tablet by winter, but thanks to Apotheker it will be now an iPad. **** you HP :)

My grandmother would call this a "sh*tshow."

if i can get one at staples for under $300, maybe i'll think about considering it.

AWSOME THE 16 GB TOUCHPAD SHOULD BE 50 bucks on ebay next week!

Yesterday, just after the anouncement, there were 12 used HP Touchpads offered on Ebay. Today there are 45. I'm beginning to regret buying two weeks ago chinese 8" A815 android tablet for 125$.

I'll get it when it hits Woot for $100.

I would pay $50 for the 16gb and maybe $75 for the 32gb. $100 is still too much for a dead tablet.

I would buy at 100 for the 32 easily

Hey maybe they will release the Pre 3 on Tmobile and they will under too

My question is off topic but please indulge me.
If ever the Pre 3 sees the light of day here stateside, synergy won't work once the servers are "shutdown", right? I know it's supposed to happen Q4 but not sure exactly when that is. Will facebook app., and all other apps. work independently of synergy? Call me a glutton, but I still want a Pre 3.

If they were to shutdown the servers, then the webOS accounts would stop working but synergy with yahoo, google, etc, should keep working but the account information wouldn't get backed up like it currently is. plus I dont even think new devices would be able to be activated without a webos internals type hack. Hopefully they will keep the servers running to at least allow current users to keep their stuff.

If HP made Game Consoles, they would have designed a controller in the shape of a Pen**. They would then be dumbfounded when customers didn't want to sit on it.

Welcome to HP's U.S. Chat Service.

This service is intended for Pre-Sales assistance. If you are in need of any other assistance, please Click here to Contact HP for the appropriate department regarding your inquiry.

If you are in need of Pre-Sales assistance, please hold for the next available Solution Specialist.
Hello, you are now chatting with Joey.

Joey: Welcome to HP Chat, please tell me the nature of your visit to chat today? (ie: technical support, pre-sales question, purchase, or quote)

Guest: Looking at the 64GB-White TouchPad

Joey: Hi !

Joey: Thanks for considering HP !

Joey: Please go ahead with your query ...

Guest: Is it available now

Joey: Yes .. HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 64GB-White is the current model available for sale .

Joey: Price: $599.00*

Joey: Let me help you with link where you can purchase it online .

Joey: Click here

Guest: I just heard from a coworker that HP stopped selling them

Joey: No .. It is available for sale .

Guest: He said that yesterday that HP halted all WebOS hardware

Joey: Just a moment please .

Joey: Thanks for being online .

Joey: Yes .. It is going to discontinue soon .. But at present it is available for sale from HP .

Guest: Why would I want to spend $600 on a product that was just released, and will be discontinued soon?

Joey: Actually .. HP is going to stop WebOS .. So, HP planned to discontinue webOS supported products .

Guest: Why offer something when new, then leave people in the dust

Joey: Sorry ! To be honest .. I'm not aware why it is going to discontinue .

Guest: My coworker is informing not to buy it. What do you think

Joey: I can't say not to purchase this products . It's against HP Policy . Hope you can understand . I suggest you to purchase this product .

Joey: •Works like you, so you get more done. Connect, collaborate, communicate, and share more easily. No barriers. No complications. Just a seamless flow from one thing to the next. TouchPad. There’s nothing like it.

Guest: Well I don't know! You have a mobile connected device with an active app catalog. With HP owning WebOS, and soon not supporting it. This means the devs will be jumping ship also.

Joey: I can understand ..I request you to contact the sales team via phone they will help you about the reason of the discontinuing the tochpad

Joey: touchpad *

Joey: Our SMB Inbound sales team can be reached at 1. 800.888.5858 option 1. They will be able assist you regarding your request. Thank you.

Guest: Seems to be DOA

Joey: Sorry !

Guest: I gues Apple iPad is the way to go

Joey: :(

Joey: I am glad I was able to help. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Guest: Not really I was kinda excited about the price=storage. Now that I know it is DOA I'm not anymore

Guest: It's like buying a car and you only get one tank of gas to use it.

Joey: Sorry for the inconvenience .

Guest: HP really killed a great OS, HTC or Samsung should have bought Palm

Joey: Sorry for the inconvenience . I'll forward your concern to the appropriate team

Guest: What about people that bought the original TouchPad on release?

Joey: For your kind information .. We will give support to the Touch pad .

Joey: If there is a issues HP support team will fix the problem

Joey: So, those who have bought the touch pad will not worry . HP will always give support to the discontinued products .

"Joey: I can't say not to purchase this products . It's against HP Policy . Hope you can understand ."

Translation: RUN! and don't look back...

Joey: Yes .. It is going to discontinue soon .. But at present it is available for sale from HP.


I called that number and spoke to a small business sales rep. He said thesame thing, HP is killing all WebOS development. Touchpads will be manufactured for the rest of this quarter then go away. The Pre3 will not be available, the 7" tablet will never happen. He sounded sincerly upset that HP wasn't going to go any further. We both agreed that there wasnt any point in purchasing something that would no longer receive updates or support of any kind.

He kept saying that sales weren't what they expected. I asked him what it was that they expected, poor advertising, quiet launch, and half a year from announcement to release.

I didnt want to beat him up too bad, but i was really hoping to hear something positive. Im really glad i didnt buy one, i've been holding out for the 7" because its the perfect size.

Joey: :(

Awwww xD

It allowed me to go thru the entire purchase process up until the confirmation so this looks to be a live link as well as live item for purchase.

I'd buy one for the geek chique uniqueness factor but I'd be reading the HP announcement of the webOS cancellation right next to my own obit in Glimpse as my wife watches as they close the coffin cover on the two of us...



Aw, come on, HP, seriously????

I now look at my Pre- and Touchstones and apps investment with scorn. May the best OS win?

Hardly!!! hahahahhaha

If only...

For webOS to have gained traction Hardly Productive shoulda put all their efforts into excellence. If they were gonna compete with the iPad, they hadda put out a truly excellent, polished tablet. If they were gonna gain mindshare with a phone, they shoulda put out a halo slab phone, a pre 3, and a veer all at the same time. if they were gonna push the pre 3 only, they shoulda made their marketing really zing.

They didn't do any of these. As a commentator said, they quit the marathon during warmup. Exactliness.

I am so sad. webOS! D.O.A.!!!

Man, if it really was all white like that I would be (slightly) tempted.

I'll wait for an HP garage sale. :P

Apotheker can now point at this device and see the poor sales figures.

And say, 'SEE! I told you so!'

Seeing that announacement was the only laugh I got from the HP F*ck Up.

They're going to sell a whole 2 of these if that, especially at that price. They're going to have to give this away to get them out of their warehouse.

I guess we can expect the Pre 3 to be for sale on hp.com any minute now too, hahaha.

I've seen the HP Touchpad commercial 3 times today. Why are the still advertising. On ESPN of all places.

Announced this tablet 2 weeks ago (with the existing tablets price adjusted): Spurred excitement and added interest.

Announce this tablet the day after killing WebOS: People laugh, shake their heads and go shopping for iPads and Android tablets.

Well, they go shopping for iPads anyway... the only people buying Android tablets are the stores themselves. lol

Sad, this is the exact Touchpad i was waiting for.

In all honesty, i will wait a couple weeks. If by some miracle WebOS is licensed or something i will still buy it.

I'm hoping they put the Pre3 for verizon for sale. Would still love to have one of those babies!


Leo is a train wreck.

Waste of time and energy.

So HP stopped selling the TouchPad 64GB (and Pre3) in Germany, just to start selling it in the US? o_0


When they go on sale for $60 next week, I'll pick one up to add to my collection of outdated and unsupported Palm products. Am I bitter about WebOS 2 not coming to the Pre+? A little, yes.

What the heck is going on there at HP???
At a big retailer today I saw the TP had vanished. When I asked for it they told me HP called back all devices!? At Saturn they're NOT ALLOWED to sell it anymore! And now this new TP for US??? I got me a TP 32GB not even a week ago! What do I do with it now? Not sure... I still love webOS! But is that enough to spent so much?
Not sure...
Shall I get me a Veer, though? If available... hmm... still not sure...

HP, **** you...

by the way...

This is the HP startpage in Germany: http://h41112.www4.hp.com/promo/webos/de/de/index.html
saying "Get yourself a new HP Touchpad!" AND announcing the 64GB TP white for € 599 coming soon! ???
I can't help it but I must admit... I am confused.

I'm buying one. It's going to be a collectors item one day. Oh and I already bought a 32GB TP a month ago. Woot!

Link for 64GB version is no longer live - drat! Probably due to the firesale/bloodletting of the 16gb/32gb versions. If this had been price-dropped an equivalent amount ($200-$250), I think it's safe to say they would have sold them all...

Can't even find it via a search on the site...


Yeah, I held off on buying one after I saw the WorstBuy $99 firesale thing, thinking the white ones would be marked down to $199 or something. Oh well. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

I ordered 5 more TouchPads from HP this weekend (to go along with the 32GB model I bought in July at full price), and I would also buy the white TouchPad if HP puts those up for grabs. I believe WebOS will transform into something better after all of this... and if it doesn't, the TP is still great for email and web surfing.

HP has had deplorable customer service for years. They thought buying Compaq would fix it. It just destroyed Compaq.
They have had terrible handheld management for years. They thought buying Palm would fix it. It just destroyed Palm (Ditto with phones).

Friends, we shouldn't be that sad. Most of us knew this but it was better than Palm going under. You can't just fix something by throwing money at it.