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7-inch TouchPad pops up in China, never to make it to retailers near you 78

by Derek Kessler Mon, 19 Sep 2011 9:51 am EDT

We’ve seen all sorts of mini-leaks and FCC unveilings about the 7-inch webOS tablet known as the TouchPad Opal/Go. The unannounced tablet was supposed to be the smaller-but-just-as-capable brother to the currently available (sorta) 10-inch TouchPad, but it just couldn’t make it to the market before HP dropped the ax on webOS hardware development.

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t at least a few testing versions of the tablet out there, and indeed, there is at least one. The TouchPad Go popped up on the Chinese ZooPDA forums, and some of what we knew was confirmed, and other new bits were revealed.

Here’s what we know about this never-to-see-the-light-of-day webOS tablet: It has a 7-inch 1024x768 screen (same pixel count as the bigger 10-inch TouchPad), one of the few 4:3 displays in this size category. Inside is a 1.5GHz Snapdragon chip (likely the same in the white 64GB TouchPad) and 16GB of storage. The back appears to be a grippy soft-touch plastic and, behold, a rear facing camera with flash!

The TouchPad Go looks like it would have been an intriguing tablet to hit the market – all of the power of a larger TouchPad, but in a smaller and tighter package. But alas, that day will never come. We’ll just continue to gaze longingly at this Chinese rarity from our computer screens. A few more pictures after the break.


so sad. This was the device I was waiting for...

What really stings from a developer standpoint is the display resolution. All of the regular TouchPad apps would have run w/o any modification at all. That's pretty huge.

It's too bad this never made it. I have a feeling it would have been more popular than the 10" version. =|

Until the fire sale, we were waiting to buy a 7 inch for the wife. =(

i was holding out for this one as well =/

so was I

Considering the 10" version was DOA until HP chose to give them away, it's probably best they killed this too.

Of course if they sold it at 50 dollars you could be right..

Your logic...is so faulty.

aaaaaahhhhh!!!! so angry @Leo A******* right now!


This would have been a lovely device. So glad I at least bought a pre3. One wish come true. Think beyond...

This would have been a wonderful addition to my Original Pre. HP, come on. What exclusives are we getting over here in the US? Pre3 and Opal both somewhere else. White TP, somewhere else. I know, we over here in the US get to have you everyday. Wow, what a joy. How about a Pre 3.5 on Sprint.

HP you f-in failure.. should have kept making hardware until you found another company to buy webos or atleast license it out..

by killing the hardware BEFORE YOU LINED UP ANOTHER COMPANY, you in essence cut off the torso of Webos... all it is now is a head without a body...

way to be a failure! no wonder your stock dropped like a rock... incompetence..

Yeah HP, you should have kept making defective hardware and selling it for a huge loss. Morons..lol

They could have sold it on sale for breakeven cost (about $315).. and/or they should have sold package deals.. 16 GB + touchstone dock + case for $350..

If woot price was $300-315 they would have sold out.

bottom line, even if they had to sell at a lost, it would have been cost effective..

1. you get webos in more hands, which grows you market position and brings more devs to your team.
2. HP's GBU/WebOS "value" would have been significally greater than it is now.

That's kind of stupid. HP finally did the right thing dumping it altogether.

You don't spend several billion to sell devices for no profit expecting to make it up on app revenue.

I'm not sure Apple has even made ONE billion in REVENUE, much less net profit from the app store. The last Net estimate of revenue I heard from them was around this time last year for less than half a billion. Minus R&D and operating costs, and Apple has pocketed maybe $300-400 million since launching in 2008.

If HP miraculously made an ecosystem that was half as profitable (and I say miraculously because Android - which is way more successful than WebOS would ever be - is nowhere near close to Apple App Store profits), they would break even round about the 45th of Neveruary.

I don't think your numbers are correct. Six months ago, Apple announced that it had paid $2 billion dollars to app developers. Perhaps you are referring to App Store revenue as only the 30% share that apple keeps. In that case, I guess it wold be a little under a billion as of six months ago.


Of course I mean the 30 percent. The 70 percent that developers receive wouldn't help or hurt Apple or HP's bottom line.

So...Apple's made close to a billion GROSS revenue for themselves for the App Store in THREE YEARS. NET revenue is a good bit less given server costs, staff, etc.

HP is already at least two billion in the hole on WebOS. Under their best case scenario for WebOS somehow leaping to the number three spot behind Android and iOS, they MIGHT see half of what Android does in App Revenue which is less than half of what Apple makes - so 25 percent of Apple's figure is the best possible case scenario. Thus, three years from now, WebOS might have made $200 million or so in app royalties for HP.

By then, they would have sunk four to five billion between R&D, ads, giveaways, price cuts, etc.

They'd just be digging the hole deeper.

jerrydan3, are you really as stupid as the HPalm decisionmakers, who were expecting that they will just continue executing Palm's failed strategy (worse still, communicating left right and middle that they have no clue about what they have on their hands), and without any further SUBSTANTIAL investments, both in hardware and advertising/marketing/ecosystem growth (like for example, "selling devices at break-even prices, with no profit"), they will just keep releasing middle-of-the-pack hardware, and command Apple-esque prices for it, just because webOS "has potential" and is so cool, and pufff, JUST LIKE MAGIC, the high-margin, high-profit market share will materialize out of thin air and piece of cake will fell just into their hands?

Without further multi-billion investements, hard work and tough fight?

Really? Are you that stupid?

I didnt say they would get profit from app revenue..

I was just saying, its ok to breakeven or even take a lose if you are a big company and can afford it.. it was never going to be a sprint.. it is a marathon..

their #1 objective should have been "get WebOS in the average consumers hands"
Most people who try (and understand) webos love the OS.. the hardware is a whole dif story..

and granted the OS still needs some fine tunning and polishing, but it is hands down the best mobile UI out there.. multitasking card view, synergy, gestures, etc.. all ahead of its time..

android UI and multitasking sucks..
iphone made their multitasking semi eaiser with ios4, but still not even close to webos UI.

Break even or take a loss to what purpose?

Apple is in this to make money. They are doing that. A LOT. Google is in this to make money from licensing apps like Google maps and ad revenue. They are doing that...A LOT. Even Microsoft is in this to eventually make money on the phone side.

HP would not make money from WebOS hardware. They tried.

To gain marketshare and developers.

HP didn't try. They gave up without a fight.

"Even Microsoft is in this to EVENTUALLY make money on the phone side."
oh.... so you give Microsoft leeway and benefit of planning for the long run, and make profit EVENTUALLY, but if we demand the same foresight and long-term strategy from HP, and expect it to be EVENTUALLY profitable (and hugely) it is all of the sudden incorrect? How funny of you.

"HP would not make money from WebOS hardware. They tried."

Yes, Mr. dual-logic, narrow-minded, short-sighted accountant, you are partially correct: they would certainly NOT make money from VERSION CURRENT of the hardware. That was GRANTED and obvious to anyone with anything resembling a working brain, so no ****, Sherlock!

They could only make it two ways in 2011:

1. take a hit, and sell hardware version current around the manufacturing costs, but spur live interest and create new and healthy, expanding user base, bring developers to the table, start building the ecosystem. Next: command higher price margins on hardware VERSION NEXT (possibly developed by some more relevant, external OEM partner, like HTC/Samsung, and re-branded - common practice). Explore your Enterprise foothold, so much bragged about, once webOS is something recognizable at all. Explore your Enterprise services, and paid cloud services revenues.
2. TRY & fail to make a profit on the hardware today (or humongous bighead profit, as they tried with T,P initially), fail at that inevitably, and as sure as sun rising again tomorrow, and kill the platform in the process.

They have chosen option 2, morons. Led by leaders with such a broad vision like yourself, who could not "Think beyond" simplistic 2+2=4 arithmetic, and "no revenue today = no revenue tomorrow" mindset.

Read my comments around the time when TP prices leaked, and read the very same two points as above. MONTHS ago, before they even released TP

I am sick and tired with your repeated retarded arguments, that all has been addressed for thousand times, and you keep repeating how doomed webOS was. In hands of muppets like yourself, it was doomed, indeed.

Would have bought this for my wife.

HP, there was a market. (Especially for WebOS)

They'd have to sell it less than 99 dollars though. Yep, i'm sure there was a market for it.

You're score:
Comments: 8
Substance: 0

...yeah, as TP's eBay prices demonstrate us the real demand price point for a DEAD PLATFORM tablet is around the magic $300 mark, so clearly, your ubiquitous "$99 price tag required, buahahaha" comments, that have been addressed for a thousand times are such a retarded contribution, that there's no polite way of telling you this, you are such a muppet...

Hmm, source link no longer works?

I like the fact that they produced this little sucker with a soft touch back.

I like the Opals (TPGo) 7" form factor. Bet it can be held in a hand fairly easily.

I was waiting for the oral and the Pre 3. I did get a 10" touchpad and a veer so all is not lost. Now if we can just get an update for tts.

Re: "I was waiting for the oral and..."

Holy **** Was I standing in the wrong line?!?!

Have you tried Touch-To-Share yet?

OMG! 3G, Soft Touch back, rear camera! @HP: "Aaaaahhh - why did you give up before you even started!"

Soooo sad ;(

Because they couldn't sell the 10" version until they chose to give it away. The same would happen with this.

I like all of your comments that say the same thing.

I like how most of the other comments ignore that crucial obvious point though.

Why don't you make us a favor and just go away and shot yourself in the head, judging by your comments your IQ level should remain intact, and maybe even your body functions.

It had more/better features than the 10". How are you so sure it would not sell better that the 10"?

"they couldn't sell the 10" version until they chose to give it away"

That's not really accurate at all. For all intents and purposes, they gave up before they tried to sell it. Sales raged each time they put it on sale in the $300, but since that only happened 2 or 3 times before they gave up, you assume that it had no value to anybody. It has been said over and over again. IF they had sold it at $300, people would have bought it. Of course nobody's going to buy a same-price "iPad alternative" with no app support, but knock a couple hundred off it, and maybe you'll get a big enough user-base to spur app support.

If they had brought this out, it would have sold, period. Probably not at 400+ but still.

In summary the problem was NOT that they couldn't sell it, but that they DIDN'T sell it.

Don't misunderstand me, though, as I completely agree that HP are Idiots themselves, but people who say "WebOS never would have made it because it sux Lols" just come off as idiots.


Reading the text and seeing the images makes me sad. :`(

Why? Why do I let myself keep reading these stories only to start getting that spark of excitement then having the realization hammer slam down on me that my dreams will never be? ...

All any of us can hope for now is have faith a sympathetic, yet resiliant company (i.e., FaceBook, Amazon, HTC, etc.) takes over webOS production/manufacturing lines for these former HP products: Veer, Pre3, TP 10" & TPGO 7". And, eventually create their branded versions of future webOS devices all of us deserves: Pre4, TP2, TPGO2, Veer2, etc.

if a company buys webos, they need to drop the pre name.. who wants to buy a phone called the pre 4, when no one (atleast the majority of consumers) have never even heard of pre 1-3 lmao..

Touchpad name might be worth it to keep, atleast it will have name recognition from the fire sale, however the name is tarnished for the same reason it is also known, i.e. the firesale.. so I am not sure on that one..

but they DEFINITLY need to drop the veer and pre name Stat.

You expect another company to take over webOS hardware out of sympathy and then shovel more money into failed product lines? Dream on.

...why should anyone do this, at this stage, I do not understand.

HP showed the Touchpad Go at a demo they did for the company I'm working at now. Unfortunately I was on via web conference at another location and couldn't see it or play with it. Also it looks like a NFC module is included.

I'd take this with a pinch of salt actually - it looks like a poor copy to me.

As barrysanders20 says above, it may well be KIRF (keepin it real fake).

Whatever - 4:3 ratio 7" tablets look totally weird!

The question now becomes not whether Android can be made to run on a TouchPad but whether webOS can be made to run on a PlayBook . . .

HP should have released this version before the 9.7" to differentiate from the iPad. A 7" with tighter pixel density, 1.5GHz and camera would have been a sexier product.

Yeah, but you'd still have the screen cracking and poor build quality. Mix with laggy OS, poor quality apps, lack of apps, poor leadership, etc... It'd have been DOA as well until they lowered it to 50 dollars.

Personally, I'd never have even considered a 7" tablet to begin with. Especially after experiencing the 9.7".

Indeed, imagine a launch with the TouchpadGo and Pre3, instead we got the Veer and TP.

I find it odd that people here keep forgetting that HP is leaving hardware altogether, not just WebOS. The only reason why they are still making PCs, printers, monitors and such is because those business are profitable, whereas WebOS - even in the best case scenario - wouldn't have gotten out of the red for several quarters.

Not quite accurate. They are dumping hardware but claim they are keeping WebOS, and recent comments from them indicate they think its a great enterprise development software asset and thats how they will promote it. Despite the fact that the hardware side of the house is currently profitable, they are spinning it off. Webos devices had not made any money, but that fact is entirely due to the poor handling and mangled to market strategy of HP in my opinion. The assessment is backed by the market which has punished their stock because their behavior telegraphs a clear lack of strategic direction or plan. They are adrift.

Obviously, WebOS - as a software platform - cannot continue to be "made" the way a piece of hardware is.

They're killing of the vast majority of expenditures on it, tho, and you are seeing the platform shrink accordingly. It's dead. They can talk "enterprise yadda yadda". They said the Slate was a great enterprise device too after realizing it would've cratered in the mainstream market for eReading, video watching and games - which is precisely what HP and Steve Ballmer said it'd be great for at the CES prior.

If they were expecting to turn the webOS platform into the number 2 (or number 1 plus) platform a month after the release of the TouchPad then they aren't realists. To make an impact like that you have to have the product to back it up. Now I'm one of the biggest webOS apologists out there, and I LOVE my TouchPad, but hardware wise it's not built nearly as well as the other top tablets on the market. Also it should have never been released before the 3.0.2 update.

The game plan for webOS was simple. Everyone new it except HP. webOS has been on the market for over 2 years. People know how good it is, it just needs the hardware to make it shine. Execution should have been as follows:

1. Do NOT have that meeting in February. Especially after Leo says they won't announce anything they aren't shipping. Just because CES was going on doesn't mean you have to do anything. The industry would have been fine waiting for 1 solid year before HP announced new hardware. That meeting should have been held off until April at the earliest.

2. Shelf the Veer. Put it in a box marked "Top Secret" and stick in the warehouse next to the Ark of the Covenant. When you're trying to have a extinction level impact in the tech world, dropping a snowflake isn't going to kill many dinosaurs. The Veer, while being a solid device, is a niche product and had no business being released in a year of rebuilding, let along being released months ahead of your other "flagship" products. All of the resources wasted on the Veer should have been put on...

3. The Pre3. This phone should have been released in April or May at the latest. There is NO EXCUSE why this phone was put behind the Veer in production. Mainly because the Veer should have never been made. The Pre3 is what the original Pre should have been. 3.6" glass high resolution screen, baked webOS, larger keyboard, solid hardware... all of the criticism the Pre line has had for 2 years could have been erased with this phone. This is where HP REALLY blew it and it proves they (along with Ruby and the rest of the Palm staff) is clueless when it comes to the mobile market.

4. The PreSlab should have been released a month or 2 after the Pre3 if not sooner. A dual launch might have even been possible if HP really put their muscle behind it.

5. Finally the TouchPad WITH the 3.0.2 update before release. This could have been released in late August and still profited the back to school crowd. It should have had document editing, Kindle and Netflix OUT OF THE BOX. And remember, HP is trying to establish dominance here so pricing needed to be agressive. $300/16gb and $350/32gb wifi models. Sure HP takes a hit on production costs but they move a LOT more units and get a foothold in the market.

If HP had done it this way I'm convinced they would have several million devices actively being used right now. This doesn't mean that webOS would have turned profitable for them yet. That would have taken a few years (1.2 billion is a lot of money!). But they would have been well on their way. The more devices out there, the more app are bought, the more money HP makes. All it would have taken is an understanding of the market, execution and patience.

Unfortunately, saying things like this earlier in the year got people banned from this site. It's too bad Precentral was afraid to say anything critical. They blew it too.

Yup. +9,000,000,000.

No, it didn't get people banned.
Thing is the amolgomation of Palm into HP was a complex and painful process for most people involved.

Precentral made a call to respect this complexity in most cases. Hoping that HP could get it right. You sound miserable all you're doing is bringing people down to your level. Don't forget to breathe.

Well spoke.. err.. typed!

I'm just imagining a 2011 world with a choice of:

- TP 10"
- TP 7"
- Pre Slab
- Pre 3
- Veer

All of these were in various phases on production (Slab was very close I heard).

Well... back to my 2 year old Pre-...

I love your post. You've nailed this, in a short concise form. Agree totally on all your points.

So sorry it will never happened.

"(...) they are still making PCs,(...) whereas WebOS - even in the best case scenario - wouldn't have gotten out of the red for several quarters."

...but sure, you must know what is eating away the PC/laptop/netbook marketshare? You DID hear about mobile computing, did you?

So, I assume you can add 2+2 and make educated guess how the long term trends look like, and where hardware companies should be investing, and where winding down? No? Well, accounting is your thing, but vision & understanding is not...

No! No! No! No! NO!!!!!!!!

Soft Touch back!! Sim Card - 3G support!!


Best Regards... B)

The case is listed as "don't care cosmetic", which explains the grippy soft-touch plastic. In addition, it is also pretty funny thing to see mixed in with other technical specs.

Not bad but 4:3 no thanks 16:9 would have been better. I hope Apple makes something like this and sell for 350 they need more sizes

Seams to be as elusive as the 1933 double eagle.

since they were so close to being released, doesn't HP have an obligation to fulfill their contracts with these parts-suppliers just like with the TP? i didn't buy a TP when it first came out because i was waiting for this 7" model. glad i got one in the firesale, but would happily pay full price for this version. :-(

...stupid, stupid HP...

hp execs are high as fudge. the end.

I would've bought it as would fit in my white coat at the hospital or clinic, which 10" doesn't. Then could use to look stuff up better with patients, show anatomy pics, etc. Sadly, looks like Android for that now, as far better iPad only TP sized.

Such a shame it will never see the light of day. I hope someone comes along and rescues WebOS.

...fat chance...

i wanted a 7" tablet. i wear cargo shorts all the time and one fits perfect. but for $99 i couldn't pass up the TP. i still want a 7" and when one i like gets to under $200, my kids will have a touchpad


Unfortunately, Opal's 4:3 screen proportion would mean that in all probability, it will NOT be pocketable (to "square-ish" a shape, comparing to my Nook Color which is also 7", but has wide-screen proportions ("prolongated" shape), and it JUST fits in the cargo pockets, or back pockets of some (not all) trousers - but obviously, it is sticking out of the back pockets quite high - still, can be carried quite secure). I've made a stencil for myself to compare different tablet's shape/footprint, and 7" Opal (leaked specification/dimensions) is about 0.7 of an inch wider than Nook Color, which is "just" pocketable (seriously, they made it's dimension just about right to be able to carry it in cargo pockets).

Ah, well... doesn't really matter right now, does it...

Leo IDIOTHEKER! You killed this tablet and now my nephew and 2 of my nieces will never have one! :( I'm going to kick you in the face when I see you

hp **** monkies