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The 800x480 "Chile" device found in Open webOS? Meet 2010's ViewSonic ViewPad 7 14

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Aug 2012 1:39 pm EDT

The 800x480

While digging through the code released with Open webOS, some have noted that there's at least one device codename listed that we didn't know about to this point: "Chile". It's not a device we've heard of before, and an anonymous source has chimed in to let us know what this Chile device with its 800x480 landscape screen and headset switch was all about.

Back in the early days of HP's acquisition of Palm, the webOS team at Palm set out to show the HP board that yes, they could in fact make tablets. So they sourced eight 7-inch tablets directly from a Chinese OEM and installed webOS on them. According to our source they weren't ever intended to be a release product, they were just for internal demonstration purposes. Good thing too, as apparently the tablet was of such poor quality that after three weeks only two of the original eight still worked (though it's worth noting they weren't likely in mass production by the OEM at that point). The tablet's screens were also noticeably crooked behind the bezel and it required a pin to trigger the reset button (ah, that brings back memories).

That could have been the end of it, but in the end this tablet actually did see a public release. Except it wasn't Palm or HP that put it out, it was ViewSonic (better known for their monitors). The "Chile" was announced in August 2010 as the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 and released by the end of that year. It packed a 7-inch 800x480 screen, 512MB of storage (though with a Micro SD slot), a 600MHz Qualcomm processor, an unlocked GSM radio, a 3MP rear camera, and a 3240mAH battery. Oh, and it ran Android 2.2, barely modified by ViewSonic.

All things considered, the ViewPad 7 was a seriously underwhelming tablet when it was publicly unveiled (HP announced the 10-inch TouchPad a few months later), and decided to do much better when approaching the 7-inch size point with the TouchPad Go. But even so, this Chile tablet is a little interesting bit of webOS history.


does that me open webos might work on this tablet?


LOL this comment show how desparate webos fans are right now

The past is the future - endless threads of people trying to hack webos on cheapo tablets and asking "anyone got the wifi working yet?"

Wow, if you add:

Did anyone get the sound to work right?
Did anyone fix the camera?
Did anyone get the Market to work right for all apps?

...then you would represent the CM7/9 crowd very nicely.

However, since there are always issues at the beginning when installing an OS on hardware it wasn't originally made for (ie OEM), your statement also covers Linux users and Windows users.

Did they ever fix all the issues with CM9? I don't think they did?

Camera does not work, microphone does. On the latest nightly, it almost all just works, very few problems.

Curiosity satisfied. Thanks!

I mean...

kinda deflates the expectation of buying some no name hardware from china to hack open webos onto. Well unless you like crooked screens and the whole think dieing in a week.

As for them dying in weeks, as the article states, it appears these were preproduction proof of concept models from the OEM and Palm.

This is interesting .... Palm could make tablets , but thanks GOODNESS THESE weren't released ._.

Why, do you think things could have been worse somehow? Heck, maybe they could have actually sold some of these, if they were cheap enough.

looks like an iphone on roids .....I'll pass