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$99 TouchPad to return - as a refub 73

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Dec 2011 5:50 pm EST

You've been waiting ever since HP announced the final run of TouchPad tablets for this very day. The crazy cheap fire sale TouchPad has returned, with the 16GB TouchPad going for $99 and the 32GB at $149. There's just one catch: they're refurbished, not brand-new, product.

Refurbished isn't necessarily a bad thing (unless your name happens to be Sprint Palm Pre), and even for a refurb these are still insane prices. In strange fashion, the refurbished TouchPads will only be available via HP's eBay store, and there you can only pay with PayPal. You'll also be limited to two TouchPads per account. The sale goes live at 7PM on Sunday, December 11th, and we won't be surprised if the stock doesn't last until Monday.

Source: Slickdeal.net


Not bad. I think I will pick one up


You'll try to pick one up.

Do or do not... there is no try.

Your logic is skewed.

You are attempting to apply real world logic to HP doing something correct with webOS.

Um. I think he's really trying to apply the logic of a ancient, 800 year old, make believe, green wrinkled sword wielding dwarf to HP doing something correct.

Yoda wouldn't lie about his age, though...

"When nine hundred years you reach, look as good you will not."

Haha I thought SnotBoogie was talking about Link. Hope these are not all sold out before 7:10 the same day.

LOL! If you don't laugh about it you'd cry...

This is why you fail...

I think a nice refurbished back up or 2 will be great also. Maybe I will get my dad into the WebOS market. He isnt computer savvy at all, but he is a toy crazed individual.

"Maybe I will get my dad into the WebOS market."

you will get him into a WHAT??

That doesn't seem quite correct, there's no "market", there are one-off sales here and there, and that will end soon anyway.

I take it these would be the defects and returns? Only available on ebay? Really? Is HP trying to keep any mention of this off their main site? That does not bode well for the coming decision.

Or they are testing the markets on servers that can handle volume. It may be great news!

...man, if it is not far-fetched, I don't know what is

I think it should be pointed out that this was supposed to be early access for HP employees only.

right, se got the email this morning and already leaked out, not sure if there will be any kind of employee verification for the early access.

ya I'm thinking a backup too. Need to get on PayPal.

available to general public on monday...

That's 7PM Eastern time, right?

US only huh

i would guess it's for anywhere but looks like the HP ebay store only ships to u.s. addresses so that could be the problem. i don't know though. but you may be able to buy one but not ship it outside the u.s.

what is the hp ebay store/account called?

Hopefully I can get my hands on a couple of these... Clicking finger ready...

Hey! That comment about the Sprint Palm Pre hurts. It's true...but it still hurts. (slides refurbished Pre open so that it recognizes it's plugged in to charge)

I don't know if I would trust the quality of refurbished TouchPads. If they're the same as what HP gives out for warranty replacements, there will be a lot of disappointed customers. My original (new) TouchPad had charging issues and the refurb I got had a dead camera and vibration motor. The replacement for that one is the one I'm using at the moment but the vibration motor is still a lot weaker than my original TouchPad and the speakers sometimes don't sound right (strange buzzing sound that comes and goes).

I wonder what level of refurb was done? I can see cracked cases being an easy repair job - did they go back to China for refurb'ing?

yes, if I were pressed to guess (which I realize I wasn't!), I'd say that many of these are the ones returned for cracked cases and separated screens. It'd be relatively simple for HP to order a run of cases, swap them out, load the factory OS image and run a quick QA test. Even at only $99, if they have just 10,000 of them it'd be a million dollars. Sure, to a company the size of HP a lousy million $ isn't worth a huge effort, but you don't just leave it on the table either.

Plus it keeps the TouchPad in the news, which for some reason HP seems to want to do lately.

I'm guessing you don't run a business, do you? Otherwise, you wouldn't look at revenue as money sitting on the table. You can do some research on the concept of expenses - particularly employee expenses.

Hey smarty pants, which fortune 100 company do YOU run? johnsonx42's mention of financials was really only incident and peripheral to the question he was answering anyway. Don't be such an a-hole.

I need a backup.

I'm in!!

Hey, look at that, I just got an email from HP saying I could upto 60% on Touchpad accessories. I was going to try for the bundle on Sunday, but all I really wanted was the keyboard. Must investigate.

Apparently I can't follow the link in the email at work due to it being blocked, but navigating to the TouchPad accessories directly from HP's site, there are 14 accessories. Most discounted, but no keyboard.

However, they do have $150 in-ear beats headphones and $300 (and that's $50 off) beats studio headphones if you are looking to accentuate your $99 tablet with headphones that cost 2-3 times as much. Ridiculous.

whats a refub?

Yeah, that's kind of an annoying mistake to miss, right in the title. Not to mention the source being slickdeal.net instead of what it should be (slickdeals.net). The link goes to the right spot at least.

It's how a resident of the greater Boston area refers to a refurbished unit :-)

NY too -- eh, fuggetabout it.

im from bostn :-) its a refaahhhbbb

Call me a sucker, but I'm going to try and get one. I should know better, especially after hearing from a friend a couple weeks ago who gets refurbed gear all the time and there's ALWAYS something wrong with them (from Motorola though, not HP)

Wow! They have a refurbished WebOS business unit for sale under 'Other' in their ebay Store.
PayPal Only. If I chose 'gift' will I still have to pay PayPal fees?

I've been buying refurb things from HP for years and have been never had DOA or detectable functionality problems. I love the idea of grabbing a backup or two.

Sounds good. Buy a couple and sell as new.

Too bad this is a US deal only.

Sounds like something I can get for my daughter and her husband for Xmas. Worth a try!

sold out: already. Damnit.

No shipping outside the US though... shame

would the good folks here at precentral offer some kind of forwarding maybe? :)

Another cheap tablet to put Ice Cream Sandwich on. Bring it on.

I Love My TouchPad.
(Apple & Android can take their
"Fake-Multitasking" over to my toilet)
..and I would really like a 2nd TouchPad as a Backup..
..But, all of America is probably gonna try to get them this Sunday, so there is no guarantee we will get any.. But, Hopefully, I will get Lucky again :-)

Is there any kind of warranty on these?

should be the same warranty as if they where new:-)

I need a back up unit and my dad wants a tablet for xmas but if I don't get it I guess one day I'll be shelling out 500 for a replacement which isn't so bad for somethin you love I spent 600 on my release day touchpad

I'm hoping that some of you webOS fans manage to grab one I still know people with pre- pre2 pixies who don't have one the tablet is the only way I'll be able to put my palm pre to rest soon

on another note all you droid users I'm a bit confused why your buying touchpad such a lot of you said it has crappy hardware yes I get 99 bucks is cheap but it's more then the cheapest android tablet out so I guess HP did something right tho I won't be singing their praise anytime soon

Will be trying to snag one... or two :) One of the best tablets out there hardware and software wise

Help!? Please..I have a paypal account with no funds in it. Do I need to have funds in paypal to pay for this or do I just pay through paypal?

I have one brand new 32 gig left. Never opened. Still in the hp box they shipped it in. Let me know if you are interested. New is better then used.

yes, how much?

email me @ w4r3zd10s@yahoo.com...

Oh yeah, I will be one of the people crashing that server and probably not getting one. At least I got one in the first go round. This sale will be over in about 15 minutes or so. They'll sell 10k of them if they have that many in 10 minutes.

Does anyone know the link for HP's ebay store? I have trying to find the store but I can't. Would someone please help me?

So the fire sale is at 7pm tonight, would that be pacific or eastern time zone? Anyone care to share?

the items are there now. But its US only again. Tossers. It looks to me that the pricing is $499 and $599. That is not much of a firesale price to me.

I hate all you people who snatched it from me after it was in my cart and I was checking out.

What a fiasco! it seems that the ebay servers were overloaded. I clicked Buy It now and then by the time the page finally refreshed I got an error message indicating that the item number was invalid. Eventually after several more tries the listing was updated to reflect that it was sold out! If someone bought 2 and would like to sell one at cost please contact me.

Same here - this was my same thought.

lmao, yea.

Someone bought 2 just so they could sell one at cost to a stranger on the internet.

/reality check

While its not likely, there are times that folks do look out for other that are part of their community, which we as PreCentral/webOS Nation members and fans are a part of. I've done it myself in the past.

I just wanted to thank which ever one of my coworkers leaked the email to SlickDeals and ruined what was possibly my last shot to buy one. I appreciate it. Really.

Well, I tried and tried, clicked and clicked from it started, but couldn't complete an order. A couple times I got the item in my basket but then got some Paypal error message telling me to try paying from eBay. That was the farthest I got. Apart from that there were many other item not available errors when it was supposed to be in my cart, Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons that just weren't working, etc, etc. I find it amazing in 2011 we still can't have order processing systems robust enough to handle this type of ordering traffic - it's kind of ridiculous.

This blows. We tried and tried and tried. I have to agree with all of the comments above. I only saw one person that said they were able to make the purchase. Everything was checked on both accounts, double checked, ready to go. I also only got as far as "not available". Unbelievable!

I'm happy to say that after slugging it out on ebay / PayPal for 30 minutes, I was able to buy ONE 32G TouchPad. I chalk it up to dumb luck and VERY dogged determination. I can't tell you how many times I was checking out only to get "there's a problem with your cart" error. I'd get all the way to PayPal only to have it "snatched" from my grasp. The "secret" key to my successful acquisition of my ONE TP was I went on a reload page rampage. I kept hitting reload / resend info, reload / resend then I finally got one step further... that was enough to buoy me to continue on my reload rampage. After doing this over and over ad nauseam, I FINALLY got to check out through PayPal. I received my email confirmation from ebay & PayPal, verified the funds left my bank and received a confirmation email for shipment today. This will be one of my wife's Christmas gifts. I was frustrated to hear of others who were able to buy large quantities. In the end though the more individuals who get these in their hands the better promoted webOS will be. In my opinion it is one of the WORST promoted OSs in the market including Novel and OS/2. Awesome OSs but failed due to poor marketing. I speak as a recent webOS convert.