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AT&T Infuse 4G to launch same day as Veer: 4.5-inches vs. 2.63-inches 129

by Derek Kessler Fri, 06 May 2011 5:42 pm EDT

May 15th should prove to be an interesting day on AT&T. They’ve got two new smartphone launches planned, and they couldn’t be more different. First up is a phone near and dear to our hearts: the iddy biddy HP Veer 4G. Threatening to overshadown the Veer, in the most literal sense, is yet another Android mega-phone: the Samsung Infuse 4G. This massive phone is faced with a ridiculous 4.5-inch screen. It’s downright frightening in comparison to the Veer.

It should also prove to be an interesting competition. Both the Veer and Infuse seem to be perfectly capable smartphones, but they’re angling for markedly different crowds. The Veer wants to slip into your pocket, while the Infuse practically demands a purse all to itself. Let’s break down the specs, shall we?


HP Veer 4G

Samsung Infuse 4G

Screen size

2.63 inches

4.5 inches


320x400 (195 ppi)

480x800 (207 ppi)











5MP rear

8MP rear, 1.3 MP front


Physical portrait slider

Virtual on-screen


15.1 mm

8.99 mm


103 g

131 g


webOS 2.1.2

Android 2.2


$99.99 with 2-year contract

$199.99 with 2-year contract

It seems we have a battle of doubles (or near doubles) in this case. The Infuse's screen is almost exactly twice as tall as the Veer's, and it has 50% more processor clock speed, twice as nany cameras, double the RAM, and double the storage. Let's just hope it has double the battery to power all the screen, processor, and RAM...


No respect!!! HP should be upset at being upstaged.

If the Veer were even close to trying to compete with the Infuse, this wouldn't be such a fail attempt at trolling . . .

Customer walks into store... "Whats a Veer? That Infuse looks really nice!"

Excellent point. I keep hearing from Apple that it's quantity over quality ;)

unfortunately, webOS still doesn't have a good QR app because the hardware isn't there. by the time it does, I'll be ready to switch back from android. i hope. counting on it cause I would like to have a contract app but it's iOS/Android only it seems.

6,725 + all the apps that you're not counting that are in the app catalog + all the apps in preware + all the themes + all the patches + all the services + all the beta apps + all the kernels, apps, and patches in the testing feeds.........

themes and patches aren't apps.

as for quality over quantity. There is not the quality on webos or the quantity.

And how many apps do you have installed? I have no more than 20 and those apps are easilly found on any platform.

Just like how no one is interested in any Apple apps aside from the top 20, right? It's called something for everyone.

Easy fanboy, easy.

I'm a "fanboy" for acknowledging the most successful app ecosystem in mobile technology today? Sadly typical these days.

"If WebOS doesn't have it, then you don't need it!!!!"

You found 20 webOS apps you'd actually install? Amazing!

As I said on another news site...

David Vs. Goliath BATTLE ROYAL May 15th! BE THERE!!!

4.5 inch screen!? Holy moly! I think when it was rumored that HP had a big slab coming, everybody complained that screen would be too big. Hmm...

Man, Samsung has beaten H/P in every respect, we get some boxer to promote, they get David Beckham. Only people who will get Veer are die hard fans.

No. The only people who will get the Veer are those who are looking for a compact/cute phone.

Comparing the Veer to a 4.5 inch phone is beyond silly.

Time for the car comparison.
There's cars like the Mini or Smart.
OTOH there are cars like pick up Trucks, SUVs, Minivans.

If you need a family car you'll get a Minivan.
If you are a single who lives in a crowded city with extreme lack of parking space the Smart looks like a good deal.

The Veer and the Infuse are not comparable products. Apples and Oranges. Totally different customer segments. The potential Infuse customer won't look at the Veer. And the potential Veer customer is not interested in a big, heavy brick you can't put in your pocket without breaking your leg.

This isn't even a battle against one another. The phones aren't going after the same crowd at all. The Veer is an entry level Pixi replacement. The Infuse is much higher end than that.

There's only a $100 price difference between the two over the life of a 24 month contract (think of it as a $4/month surcharge for owning twice the phone), which means that you have to really, really want the Veer to get it. Whereas the Infuse will attract both enthusiasts and generic customers alike.

Is it me or is the Veer's height about the same as the width of the Infuse?

I'm all for HP bringing out different models of phones for different target markets, but given how many large slab phones there are (4" and more), they probably need to consider having a phone in this class. Pre3 looks to be a good midrange size but there seems to be a fair amount of sales in the large size.

Given that they do this for PCs, hopefully HP will do this for phones too - I would expect they will end up with a model range that would be comparable to what HTC and Motorola have (and each of them probably have dozens of models).

It's Veer 4G all the way ! There are so many like Infuse, but Veer 4G is unique in the world. And webOS is the best.

Yep, they don't compete for the same peer group, so this is no problem at all.

Just read the following article and understand how HP is going to win in the long run :

Not unique..just stupid. Just because no one else is doing stupid...

That's what they said about the Smart. Now that car is selling like hot cakes.

They are? Could have fooled me there.

Wow... Wonder why the Infuse isn't coming with Gingerbread??... Either way you can't compare these phones. The Veer is clearly an entry level smartphone. To even put up a comparison isn't fair. The Infuse is clearly a power user type phone not meant for the entry level smartphone users... Good luck HP I am definitely pullin for ya!

Yes 25,000 **** apps, 20,000 flashlight apps, 35,000 soundboard apps makes Android better. I know I am trolling. However, I can do some things better in WebOS than Android. I can listen to my podcast without the program stopping for no apparent reason and this is with Google's own Listen app. Yes, Android has some apps I would love to have but I use my phone as a media device more than anything and having the main program you use stop for no apparent reason just killed my Android experience. Also, I sometimes use a Bluetooth headset to listen to podcast if this app happen to just shut down on me, I would be inconvenience to a certain degree would not you say. The app count doesn't matter unless you can find what you need, and WebOS does what I need better than Android.

"Yes 25,000 **** apps, 20,000 flashlight apps, 35,000 soundboard apps makes Android better"

i don't care what you said after that, i'm not reading the rest.

Some people can't take a joke.

When people use this argument, I always wonder how much time they've spent with other platforms than webOS. My previous iPhone and current ipad has tons of worthwhile apps, and I buy new apps monthly. My pre plus, I've purchased maybe 10 total since getting the phone early last year. There is no mythical core apps on the webOS platform, if we had things like netflix, etc this argument would be alot stronger, but instead we just don't have those types of apps period.

I'm not sure how many apps Android has total, and honestly doesn't matter to me at all. WebOs doesn't have a single memorable app that I used for the 11 months I had my Pre.

I saw someone in an article holding one of these monstrosities and all I could think of was "hand cramp" and how uncomfortable it would be to actually make a call with one of these things.

Don't forget, the Infuse is also nearly double the price. That's gotta count for something.

The all-in price is something like $2000 vs. $2100 over two years, so the prices are only 5% apart.

Exactly. People will pay the price difference with just over a month's worth of service with AT&T.

You guys are daft. People have the monthly cost factored into their monthly budgets. The real difference is that $100 will buy you a week's worth of groceries, or pay your car insurance, etc... While it is apparent that a lot of people don't think $100 is anything, a lot of REAL people do.

Besides, who really wants to hold a monstrosity like this up to their head? Real geeks and people compensating for something else?

People on that tight of a budget shouldn't be spending $90/month for a phone.

People said that about the Evo 4G. Almost 12 months later, it's still one of the best-selling phones in the US, and almost singlehandedly is saving Sprint.

As for the $100, "real" people have no problem dropping $500-700 for iPads, $80-100 for mobile data plans, and $199 for new phones every 12-24 months. Price aint the barrier it used to be.

Are you seriously using the "compensating for something else" argument? Grow up much.

It doesn't. Same monthly price..

Hi all,

1. The Infuse is so large to me, I might as well hold my laptop to my ear!

2. I'm still waiting on the Pre3!

Take care,


Interesting to see who will sell more phones on launch day.
Maybe the Infuse 4G will sell more on the long run.. but i will be happy to see the Veer 4G outsell the Infuse 4G at the same day lauch party.. lol

I'm willing to bet that the infuse will sell more in a week than the Veer sells in a year or a month at best. I'm not trying to piss on it but the screen is just stupid small. Someone that is shelling out big bucks/month doesn't want their screen to be that small.

My mom has a Pixi and she and my father regret getting it. She can't do anything on it aside from txt. The screen is to small for them to browse the web and doing things like "pinch to zoom" is a joke on a small screen like that.

lol .. almost looks like if the Infuse is the washing board and the Veer is the soap!

Ok 4.5 inches is just too big to be a portable device, might as well get a tablet.

The Veer will do well for its intended market like the Centro did.

twice the specs for twice the coin. We will see if peeps have enough disposable coin these days.

Anyone worried about the difference between a $100 or $200 one-time phone purchase shouldn't be buying any phone that requires a $90/month voice+data+text package.

People will buy what they want. And yeah 4.5" aren't we getting tablets now. I certainly don't want to hold all that screen real estate next to my ear.

I think with the advent of tablets now I prefer something along the lines of pre3 screen size or iphone's.

Josh Topolsky totally rags on the Veer in this week's This is My Next Podcast:

"The Veer is so wildly underwhelming in comparison to any other smartphone on the market...It's like a Pre 2 again...Why should I get excited about this brand?"

"It won't be long at all (before they are giving them away}. I don't think it will be a hit product"

"This is the best you've got right now? The Veer should have never existed. It seems to me to be wasted resources."

That guy knows whats up.

A bit too "whinny" sounding, but, that does indeed sum up the Veer.

Already obsoleted before it gets to market.

Veer: DOA


yeah they roasted the Veer and HP.

Just another WebOS hater...oh, wait...he's actually one of the platform's most vocal supporters AND one of the more influential journalists in tech.

This one counts.

They'll throw him under the bus now. Too bad they can't ban him right?

Samsung Infuse "Flawless Victory"

wait... "nany cameras"? Is there a nanny cam app?

Sorry. The typo made may chuckle though.

rubi really likes slider phones

So do I

I would not worry about android and the market place looking at it on my galaxy tab its full of; some good apps but mostly just average ones and loads of annoying repeats. Honestly hpalm apps are better quality. When hpalm release the touchpad my galaxy will be history. Why of course it will have the best ui on a mobile device webos. Come on hpalm release these new devices I want one now....

Yea, not for comparison. Veer = entry level stylish unique smartphone, Infuse = "bigger is better" formula smartphone.

Here's wishful thinking for us: I'd like to see more "Launch Day" accessories for webOS devices. HP needs to treat their devices like George Lucas and Star Wars: Merchandising! I'd like to see charging docks for spare batteries and HP licensed touchstones for vehicles as well! Starting with the Veer.

Man, webOS just can't catch a break. Granted, I think that a smartphone that small is borderline ridiculous and doomed to failure, still I would've like to seen it do well. Any successful device running webOS, at this point, would be a good thing.

better comparison is vs. the $49 iphone 3gs

Iphone 3GS still wins easily.

i wish the big guy was on my team...

hahaha, buy the infuse and you get a veer for free for your 5 year old boy.

What a contrast. Why are the WebOS phones always so inferior? Like most I began with Sprint the 2nd week after release and kept thinking things would catch up.

Unfortunately I'm stuck with mine until December.

These 2 phones aren't in competition with each other. I don't understand why this article was even written except to feed the trolls on both sides.

P|C I like you but GAWD can you please just post articles geared toward webOS enthusiasts? I don't understand why I see reviews for Android and iOS devices here. I find it amusing you try to justify the articles by putting the "Competition" label on them.

I know where to go if I am interested in other OS's. When I come here I just want to read about webOS.


Nail on the head, SG. This is like comparing a Chevy Pickup to a Mini Cooper! Like, dang partner, you can't even put a sheet of plywood in that little thing! It must have no value at all, then.

A very useless article by a (usually) very reliable source. C'mon, PC, you can do better than this.

Looks like it might be time to move to webOS Roundup. Lets support WOR, they are dedicated to webOS, not a member of smartphone "experts" like PC is.

And yet, Precentral could be much worse if they were more objective. They've been pretty supportive given HP's bizarre decisions.

If they were limited to just writing positive material about the "happenings" of WebOS, this site would be deader than a doorknob.

God forbid they try to get some fresh content up on a Friday so we aren't looking at Pre Doodles all weekend....

The articles wouldn't have to be positive, just relevant to this site. Surely there is enough news surrounding HP and webOS to provide content.

Sigh. How I wish the Veer was an Android phone, just to see people in awe over what a phone that tiny can do. But since it runs webOS, it's an underwhelming piece of suck that can't even be huge.

You seem to misunderstand a few things..

u lost?

Yet another awesome article from Precentral to insight the trolls and haters to come out and bash HP/Palm/WebOS.

Keep em coming. These kinds of write ups are a great way to promote WebOS.

GO Precentral!

Well, all they care is about page views. As long as they can get more people here to see those popup ads which (as far as I've seen) are 100% Android, they don't care what happens.

Guess what? Precentral isn't doing you or any webOS fan a favor by glossing over what HP does. This is hardly a hit piece. If anything Precentral needs to be more direct and critical about what HP is doing. That is, if you're really a webOS fan.

Plus, the fact that they would record videos on a leaked emulator not once, but twice shows that they just don't care about anything but page views.

is it possible for you to whine more about precentral. it's a fricken HP phone news site. They report hp phone news. Get over it man. If ever there was a website in the webos corner this is it. Sorry precentral didn't measure up to you're level of irrational zealotry. They just reported news. They did their job.

Maybe they'll make him a mod instead. Looks like he'd fit in :P

That Veer looks like a fantastic phone! Wish it wasn't exclusive to AT&T. WebOS needs more exposure.

Regardless that they are not comparable because of different markets they appeal to, this still hurts Veer sales. That Infuse will be heavily promoted while the Veer will be sidelined at AT&T. I saw it when I got the Pre+ on VZW. It was during the onslaught of the Droids... That's all they promoted while I was there. They didn't know jack about Pre+. If someone walks in looking for a smartphone but is not a techie (so doesn't care about specs or OS), guess which phone will not be promoted? Bummer, but that's business. HP just has to work hard at getting hardware out and mindshare up! Looking forward to it!

But back then, the Pre+ was not an AT&T exclusive. Why would AT&T demand an exclusive, just to brush it aside? That would be malicious neglect.

Well that is just stupid and annoying. We all know that WebOS is the ultimate mobile OS. it really just needs its fair shake. Will HP never give it the ultimate all guns blazing stats it deserves? it really just needs to get in the hands of people and make the decision to buy a WebOS phone easy instead of weighing pros and cons of another selection. it will sell more than IOS or android if it can just get into the right killer hardware.....frustrating when you see so much promise and so little support.

They're testing both ends of the spectrum. Last holiday season, Dell tested the 5" market with the Dell Streak, which didn't go so well. Samsung is going a little lower at 4.5", while HP is coming from the other end with 2.6". Personally, I think 4.5" is still a little excessive (4.3" would be my max), so I wouldn't call it a clear-cut Infuse win over the Veer. Heck, they might both show slow sales because of the screen sizes. May 15th will be an interesting day for sure...

funny! twice the size of the little s**t, only 28g heavier...

i like palm pre's os, webos. i want hp to do well. with that said, this phone sucks, and i'd get the infuse in a heartbeat. i'm STILL waiting on that pre 3 for sprint, hp, so if you could make that happen, it'd be greaat.

this phone outclasses the veer in every single way. i really wish hp would have released the pre 3 a lot sooner; the specs are rising and rising :/

So many are not getting the point. It's not about who makes the better phone or what the best OS is or who has the best and most apps or even target audiences. It's about the fact that the veers launch day is being intruded upon by an android phone.

At best this will distract from the press and buzz the veer would have had and will decide the attention of att marketing and sales people. Regardless of anything else, would be much better for the presence to have a day of its own. HP/palm and webos need that and won't be getting it.

I agree. It's a shame that HP could not get an exclusive launch.

I wonder how much control HP has with the carriers about things like launch day exclusivity?

I understand your argument, midmo, but I respectfully disagree. If it were just "Android vs webOS", PC wouldn't have done a table, listing a feature-by-feature, head-to-head comparison of the two phones. But that's exactly what they did, to make sure the Veer looked like it wasn't nearly good enough. For thousands and thousands of people, it's specs ARE good enough because of two factors: webOS and the size! There was no need to do the feature comparison; they could have simply said "Hey, there's also an Android phone launching at ATT that same day."

I like the Veer over the Infuse. Sure, huge screens are nice for playing games or watching movies at work, but I don't have that much spare time... well, ok, maybe once in a while. Plus, I really don't want to have to carry around that beast when I'm not using it, I already carry a Netbook and if I need more computer than my phone can provide I'll use it. 3.5" range seems great to me for a smartphone, but my S743 had a 2.4" and it was perfectly usable, so 2.6" shouldn't prove to be a problem.

I keep seeing people talk about the unimpressive hardware on webOS phones, but at least on the hands on videos I've seen, the Veer seems very responsive. Has no one thought that maybe HPalm has made some optimizations for webOS 2.1? Perhaps the phones don't need to have double the resources in order to double the performance compared to the previous generation.

I keep hoping you are right...

Why settle for dim, "usable" screens with 260K color, tho, when there are high res devices galore that don't induce eyestrain?

I have no idea what you are talking about. My S743 only had a 260k color display and it was almost more than my eyes could handle. I see no reason why anyone would ever really need more than 256 color VGA anyway. Furthermore, I have seen nothing to indicate that the Veer screen has any lack of illumination strength or bland colors.

Seriously though, the only practical reasons I can think that would really require a larger screen or higher res are: web browsing (this was the only area I felt the S743 was lacking in) or if you have less than adequate vision for a small screen. I never had a problem with the 2.4" and as for the ppi, while it could be a little higher, I've seen worse.

Again, I favor the 3.5" class screens myself, I'm simply pointing out that I didn't have any complaints with a smartphone that actually had a smaller screen than the Veer.

LOL, aside from being horrible for web browsing (and why would THAT be important for a smartphone featuring "Web"OS?), the low res 2.6-inch display is perfect. Why do you want bright vivid colors anyway?

i feel like the software still needs more speed

the more i look at the Veer, the more i think it is just a idiotic idea, who wants to view web content on a 2.6" screen? AT&T can have this little joke...if the PRE3 does not have a forward facing camera that is all it's going to take to lose my interest in the flailing OS. (it'll need to be on Verizon too BTW ;)

Ummmm hello.... It has already been established that it has two cameras, one of which is front facing. Why don't you research before you comment.

Oh and here is the link to the article proving it.

People like you who mouth off without knowing what's up make me sick.

The biggest problem I would have with the veer (well, with one of my kids getting that teen phone) is the darn charger adapter. When the whole world is seemingly standardizing on micro usb you have this kind of thing...and how long to lost that head phone jack?

Kids certainly aren't going to be able to slap their headphones on and drop this thing in their pocket, that adpater will come right off.

I do agree that the lack of a standardized connector worries me a little, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

As for the headphone jack... umm, responsibility, organization, stewardship, maybe your kids should just be careful and not lose it? The reviews I've seen so far that mention it say it stays attached very well, that it required a fair amount of force to remove it. Sure, it would be more convenient to have it integrated into the phone, but maybe it won't be so bad?

And that right there is HP's handling of WebOS in a nutshell. They release a 2003 phone, while Samsung releases a 2011 phone.

I think both phones are underwhelming but against the Veer, any smartphone would look good.

If you just take the screen size, there could be a market for the Veer. If I think about my dad, sister, ... which are not that much into Smartphones and mobile surfing, but would like to check mails now and then and use apps just a few times a week, the form factor is great. It's not meant for power users, and that is okay.

What does worry me is the tech specs. 800 Mhz, 512 MB, this could really drop the WebOS experience a lot. I haven't used a 512 MB WebOS device yet, my Pre- is at 256 as we all know. But I know that the Pre runs on 1 Ghz good, but not perfect. From my POV, part of a good mobile experience is smoothness, like Apples scrolling for example. If you see how smooth scrolling is, how fast the photo App loads the thumbs etc., you know what I am talking about. Hopefully the Veer + WebOS 2.x can handle it better than the Pre-. It could be a really good all day device, but people will get mad with stuttering all over the place.

I also think there is a market for the Veer, think about they who are blogging it would be a perfect phone; small, with a full keyboard, WebOS power and much more! And think about the females, the most of them don't care about 200000 apps, they only want quality in there phone and apps. Its olso surely a perfect phone for us who want WebOS power in a small size. I think personaly WebOS is the best mobile OS in the world, I've tried iOS and I have a android right now, but I don't like it that much, it lag and don't have the best apps, I prefer to just ring with it when im waiting on my Pre3!

So much ignorance in this one..

There is a market for people who want phones to primarily be phones, and maybe check email and text. I think the Veer, and especially as a "4G" phone, could have greater traction that people think.

I personally have no desire to carry around a large handset. I have always enjoyed carrying small phones. I still have my original Motorola Star TAC somewhere! For me, the Pre is a good size and I really wouldn't want anything much bigger. I already have a netbook, I don't need my phone to have the same capability.

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, people.

Why would you acquire a "Web" OS, then put it in a package where the last thing people want to do is view the web on the useless screen?

If you just want to check text and get an occasional email, there are plenty of feature phones that are also tiny and have great battery life, comparatively speaking.

If people are going to pay for smartphone data plans, I think they probably want to do more than just text and occasionally email.


Because some of us would still like to access the web and don't make a big fuss about needing a mini-tv in our pockets! It's not as if there isn't a zoom feature!

There are a lot of useful apps out there that you can't get on a feature phone.

its a shame about the negative comments, they are obviously from jealous android bastians. I remember when all men wanted was a tiny moblie device, you know the smaller the better. Slab phones are for the poor people who can't afford a tablet aswell. I can't understand why such a beautifull small phone as the veer is getting slated. This is for the green robotic bin brigade, webos jealousy is your downfall. Android has its own forums so are you lost, doesn't android have gps built in . Leave our beloved webos domain and troll on your own forums. Love webos forever

"its a shame about the negative comments, they are obviously from jealous android bastians."

Never used it outside of my Son's little tablet. I'm a big fan of webOS.

Veer: DOA.


obviously never read through above shame. Perhaps I should of gone over to the android forums on my galaxy tab, then slated it off after the umteenth time the software crashed or the haptic feedback crashed it. Perhaps google should of stuck to making green bins without tech inside them. Long live webos

Maybe, If HP/Palm released the Veer the Same Day as the Pre3- And within a reasonable time of the announcement - It might have stood a chance.

I fear that it will be DOA also, which will lead HP to Dump the Phone as a business - Keep WebOS for their Toasters and Printers (and if we are lucky maybe a tablet.)

Otherwise I see WebOS as a foot note, much like CP/M ended up.

Remember when HP bought Palm, they came right out and Said that they brought it for WebOS, Not the Phone Business - Guess they are out to prove it.

Not sure what logic would be behind launching a phone in hopes of it failing just for the sake of getting out of the phone business. If they don't want to be in the phone business for the time being, they shouldn't have announced 2 phones in February and they shouldn't be launching the Veer next week.

Unforunately, I drooped my previously perfectly working Pre- and now the screen touch interface is dead! I need my phone for work but now I cannot open the mail app, open contacts, dial in conference call codes, etc! I can use the to call via my car blue tooth enabled "my sync" on my Lincoln. I love WebOS and HPalm has me sold in the "vapor" for the ecosystem (TouchPAD Bluetooth communication to phone. I might muddle through for a week and wait for the 15th to get a new phone (call from car, office and phone) and buy the Veer (which I originally had not intention of buying as I like my Sprint data plan and I wanted the Pre3).

Questions: 1) will the Veer have Touch-to-share with TouchPAD when TouchPAD finally comes out? 2) When I am in NY the reception on AT&T was horrible inside the skyscrapers, will 4G improve upon that?

Ok. Time to make another decision....
1. Stay with Sprint due to value of plan pricing CHECK!

2. Stay with webOS due to multi tasking and other unique features .. CHECK
3. Stay with PRE Central?... NO! Way too much NON-webOS content and so an extreme time waster!!!

So WEBOS ROUNDUP here we come!!

ps; I have a pre- and an LG w/android 2.? & a dell Netbook and apple laptop, soon to be an HP T.Pad for whatever all this means.

for the WebOS app haters out there, I have 29 MEDICAL apps on my Pre 2, and I don't bother counting the others, probably 50 or so at least. There are exactly 4 apps I miss from my Android Epic (Epocrates, product code scanner, and gradual-volume sleep and alarm apps).

Somehow I think I can get by without 20,000 **** apps and 10,000 Angry Bird themes... Lol!

WebOS is about a quality phone experience, like going to a fine clothes store, instead of just piling junk into the shopping cart at Walmart.

Bring on gen 3 of the Pre phones!

me personally i dont want a veer...

I want the super most powerful phone ever with the most beautiful looks of all time running webOS

All you out there dogging on people with smart phones who are on budgets are just plain arrogant & ignorant (& even elitist).

1. Single moms who dropped their landline &isp in favor of a single device.

2. Frugal or cheap people who think it's silly to squander money on the biggest & baddest, but still have a need for a smart phone.

3. People who are not geeks & don't care to have the biggest & baddest (my wife could care less, I am the phone geek).

3. A business owner who wants his employees to have access to email & the internet but doesn't sees why his business should form over an extra c-note just do his employee can have a cooler phone.

Need I go on?

Join reality people! There is more out there than mom's basement!

greets from reality, wish you were here.

1) only really really stupid "single moms" would do that. if you really depend on a single device, you take one thats comfortable and easy to use and not a pain in the **** a veer with a tiny screen to read things on it, clearly disqualifies itself.

2) there are already same priced or cheaper phones available, capable to do everything the veer can do too, with a more customer friendly screen. if the screensize doesnt matter for personal use, you also can have a even cheaper dumbphone.

3) see 2

3(again..)) see 2

yes, you definitely need to go on, because none of your points is valid.

One last thing for those who criticize people on a "budget." If you have any credit card debt at all then you should consider downsizing your phone & your plan.

Rant over!

$99 for a Veer, what a rip off. if they dont give them away free with contract they are going to stay on shelves. Any new customer with half of a brain wouldnt pay for that when you can go get something so much better for a better or equal value. Hell my brother got the attrix for 149, why even consider a veer when you can pay 50 bucks more for a phone like that.

Veer vs. Infuse is really like Steve Kerr vs. Michael Jordan. There is no competition here. The Veer is a pathetic little piece of garbage. I don't understand why HP would think people want a SMALLER smart phone. People want big screens to actually get use out of it. Missing the boat big time with this one.

One thing that the Veer is nearly double the Infuse: thickness.

Why the **** isn't AT&T promoting the Veer along with the Infuse on their website for new 4G Devices? No respect again?

Because nobody cares about that stupid little phone... including AT&T.