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AT&T offers acquired Alltel customers a free Pre Plus 19

by Derek Kessler Thu, 11 Nov 2010 1:24 pm EST

AT&T Pre Plus Now, you might be thinking, huh, it was Verizon that purchased Alltel, and Alltel was a CDMA network... Well, a little reported part of the Verizon purchase was that the FCC required Verizon to divest (give up) 105 of the markets it acquired from Alltel in order to maintain a level playing field. AT&T picked up 79 of those markets. Yes, you’re thinking CDMA and GSM are like oil and water, and you’re correct.

So AT&T is in the process of transitioning their acquired Alltel customers to their GSM network, and that means they’re going to need new phones. So AT&T is offering them a deal: get one of our phones for cheap (or free) before we shut off your service. The deals by-and-large aren’t much better than what you can get as an AT&T customer, but it’s at least nice to see the Palm Pre Plus touted as available for pickup - and for free at that. One benefit: switchers will be allowed to drop their new AT&T contract after thirty days without facing an ETF.

Source: Engadget Mobile


Where is the SIM free UK pre-2? Taking forever to release pre-2.

lol. Give em away for free because the hardware is crap and the form factor is out dated.

I like the form factor. Hardware is a hit or miss. So far it has been solid for me. No orea, no broken plastics, no missing usb door.

I do agree leaving stock can be a bit sluggish but Overclock makes for a excelent experirnce

I'm thoroughly confused as to how a form factor would become outdated. If outdated you mean doesn't appeal you YOU anymore than that is a different story.

The hardware is also far from outdated. If anything it's minimal spec wise for a phone in it's price segment but it's certainly not outdated.

I'm just tired of everyone bashing the Pre, especially people here at precentral. Sure, it's laggy and we overclock it but it's the same phone that we bought when we got it when most of us fell in love with webOs.

If your going to complain about the pre, take shots at the cheap design factors like the headphone jack, power button, keyboard and/or the oreo cookie slider.


Do you drive a station wagon with exterior wood trim?
Do you still use a CRT monitor with 800x600 resolution?
Do you wear a wig from the 18th century?
Do you dress like people did in the 80s?
Would you use a webos flip phone?

If you answered yes to any of those, then yes the palm pre form factor is out dated to ME and you can stop reading at this point.

If you answered no then you must realize that things get outdated and the palm pre form factor is becoming one of those things. Do you really want a 3.1" screen with 320x480 resolution? 5mp no zoom, no auto focus camera when others are offering 3.5" screen at 960x640. digital zoom and auto focus dual cameras?

Please note. I'm not complaining about the OS. The OS is far ahead of everyone else. I'm simply complaining about the form factor which greatly influences the hardware.

Wow, that was weak. The iphone gets 3.5 years+, The Porsche 911 gets decades, the HP 512 gets decades, even Members Only jackets got 2+years, and the Pre form factor is stale after 18 months?

It's functional, its compact, its unique, its a smooth shiney rock that makes phone calls. Form factor is fine.

You have a problem with my station wagon too?

Dude, did you really just compare the Pre Plus to a Porsche 911? Wow, maybe more like an AMC Pacer, or a Pinto, but a Porsche? You got your serious phan boy goggles on...

I was comparing form factors. Pay attention Dud.

um, same thing - the 911 is a classic, you can't say that the Pre form factor is a classic in the same sense. Yes, I was paying attention...

I answered no to all of those questions, but I honestly can't give a flying F about what other people are using, I choose whatever fits my needs. All my friends around me use large screen phones, be it a late model Android or an iPhone. I'm not a conformist, thus I don't use something because others are using it.

A large screen keyboardless phone is a big no for me, because it doesn't fit in my hand. I tried my friend's Galaxy S and I didn't like it. I can't swipe the screen edge to edge comfortably for single-hand operation. Which is the reason why I like the Pre form factor because it works for me.

The only thing outdated is people living in a society where the technology far exceeds their ability to reason or think properly, or people who think the world must revolve around their preferences.

A slider form factor has a purpose; a slab or tablet does; and a portrait keyboard non-slider does as well. All three sell in the world because those form factors fulfill a purpose for specific markets.


Uhh..yea, I don't see this as a positive. This is just at&t trying to unload their stock of Pres.

If no one wants it lets give the little black turd away.

the hardware is not top quality but giving it away for free will introduce people to the wonders of WebOs.....good for us

And like all AT&T Pre+ phones, it won't have the Mobile Hotspot feature, meaning that the phone can't be tethered to a laptop at all. The USB cable won't do that job, either, so they are SOL for connectivity.

Free exposure to webOS. great

If AT&T is going to be transitioning Alltel customers to GSM, then they're going to be losing many of them in the areas were CDMA is available, but GSM isn't. Many of my relatives were Alltel customers because they sucked less than Verizon and they were out of the coverage area of all GSM carriers. Now they'll have to use Verizon.

You really believe AT&T would purchase customer accounts in areas where they can't provide GSM coverage? Think before you flame...