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AT&T Palm Pre Plus breaks out into the wild 34

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 04 May 2010 12:22 am EDT


It's no secret that the release of the AT&T Palm Pre is coming soon, but the actual release date is still a maddening mystery. It's also no surprise to see it break out in the wild in our very own forums, given that those practice devices for AT&T employees have been out there for some time and dummy units have arrived in stores.

What is a surprise is that we've seen a screenshot of the Device Info app showing it running webOS 1.4.2, because those little point OS updates seem to always catch us off guard. Anybody else ready for this thing to just be released, for Pete's sake? Or for Palm and AT&T to at least give us an official release date?

Thanks anonymous tipsters!



Dieter, like I, you need to sleep my friend

ATT is either incompetent or a big tease. Come on already. Tell us when we can get one.

And how much the frickin' thing will cost.

Am I missing something or Isn't the phone in the picture the dummy phone?

Read the rest of the article. Just one more paragraph. They saw screenshots of the phone running 1.4.2.

But yeah, that pic in particular (and the ones posted in the forums) are most certainly of the "dummy" variety.

the sym key is gray... Hmmm...

The only device that has orange keys is the original Pre. All Pixis and Pre Pluses lost the colour (see Verizon units).

thanks for getting my hopes up, when I glanced at the title I saw "AT&T Palm Pre Plus Breaks into the wild" hopes up, then read the article and hopes dashed as no release date was set. Sigh, back to refreshing this site every 5 min. in hopes of an update.

I am going bananas waiting for this. I have a google news updates set up to be sent to my email for the palm pre, palm pixi and webos.

Will it support wifi hotspot mode?

No. That was already announced.

Well, then I'll wait until it's hacked on.

Yay. Now hopefully AT&T won't drop the ball like Verizon did................. that is until their 4th gen Jesus phone comes out, then all hell breaks loose.

AT&T is waiting to release the Palm Pre Plus at the same time as the iPhone.

There is speculation on the forums that the reason being is so they can get people that would not come in otherwise, to come in and take a loot at the new iPhone.

That's the most absurd logic I've ever heard. No one is going to come in to look at the Pre Plus (an almost year old device, the added RAM and storage don't distinguish it enough from the Pre IMO) and leave with an iPhone. The Pre isn't well known enough to be a draw like that. If anything, they'll have people coming in to see the iPhone and perhaps leaving with a Pre. The Pre's hook with ATT will be the wafflers who might balk at the iPhone's pricetag or at not having a physical keyboard.

That sounds screwed up. They'd be messing up a lot of people looking for either phone. Would a movie studio release two hit movies at the same time? If they were going to cross-expose either phone, why would they both have to be released on the same day?

Next week May 10th or 11th

Hi, some of you may have seen me posting here, I come from the stock side, from the Yahoo financial board, just to keep myself informed on the technical aspects of the Palm's products. I made a decent to good money last year mostly trading Palm shares but took some big hits just by holding onto Palm shares hoping the pps will rebound with Palm selling good number of units with Verizon and then later with AT&T. But towards the end of February when the news of poor sell through of Palm products to Verizon's new and old customers came from Palm's mgmt., all the hell broke through. I took some big hits trying to come out of my PALM positions, and the rest is history to all in this board, no point here to repeat.

Now I have been a fan of Palm's products since the summer of 2001, when they came out with that incredible M500 PDA. It looked so polished and hip, M500 was an instantaneous hit among all gadget lovers. Then when Treo 650 came out I bought the Treo 650 giving up my Nokia 5000 series cell phone that I used for 7/8 years almost.

And the current story is, for which I decided to post here, that I gave up my beloved Treo 650 (after 5 yrs. of use) on this past Friday, when I transferred my current phone number to this incredible looking,so compact and looks so polished and smooth, with this devastatingly gorgeous well-lit screen showing that pink rhododendron (am I correct ?) with hundred petals with green leafy background Palm's Pre-Plus smartphone of my choice as a free upgrade with free Fed Ex. delivery, and how ironic, the Fed Ex delivered it just about an hour before the stock market closed on Wednesday, and we all heard the news of HP buying Palm. And then I thought how on earth Palm can lose the battle in the smartphone world with such incredible Pre/Pixi-plus phones in their product line. How on earth Verizon is giving up on their Pre/Pixi Plus phones and decreasing the price everyday. Although I haven't seen any Pixi-Plus phone yet, but I didn't see a Pre-Plus before till I un-boxed mine as I used on-line transactions only with no person at the other end helped or hindered me making my decisions. Anyhow coming back to my Pre-Plus model, this does not at all looks plastic-y or anything like that. The sliding mechanism is very solidly built, with no wobbly effects.The gorgeous well-lit screen is so very touch-sensitive, that many times it backfired on me by opening unwanted boxes accidentally and making me frustrated in my learning process to properly use it. And I think this may be one of the reasons that ordinary people could be off from buying a Pre=Plus say. This Pre-Plus models have some steeper learning curve (comparatively speaking) for non-tech, non-geek (only MS in pure math some 30 yrs back),and non-phone-junkies (hee, hee :)) like me. Another thing is because of its so very compact, but very smooth looking form factor, I guess on-screen pressure points, for so many alternate options available with webOS, are so close by that even with caution it is highly likely one could accidentally touch some pressure point and up comes a wrong dialog box. For my case I may have opened that wifi/bluetooth dialog box so many times I stopped counting. And for goodness sake I have a home-wireless router, it comes so handy for the wifi connection for the Pre+, because downloading the music videos from the YouTube site or activate the links from my Facebook become a breeze. And when I saw those music videos start playing, that compact screen looked so fantastic. Even the phone-dial screen on Pre-Plus looks deadly-sophisticated in lime green. So far I downloaded other than the music videos, webOS, the Pre-Central website, and the Engadget's app.


Now my pure math comment :) :

Pre-Plus form factor is so compact and smooth that it can be diffeomorphically transformed into a hard-boiled egg, and vice-versa.

Well welcome! And yes the phone IS AWESOME! I totally agree. There are many reasons why the Pre didn't take off as well as it could. One of the issues IMHO is that most first gen phones have issues. If the fate of Google depended on the Nexus One alone they would be in a bit of trouble.

I think Palm is going to be just fine.

You have used Palm since a m500 and also a 650 - I have too but I can't stand the poor PDA functionality (no custom fields in address book, slow calendar, no true universal search). Have you been able to find alternatives?

No,,,and I am not much of a tech-person. I used M500 mostly as a hand-held device with which I connected to the internet when not at home. I bought a cradle for M500 to connect directly to the telephone outlet of apartments I stayed for short/long-term consulting projects I was doing then. Palm had a server service then, called My Palm, or something like that, so by dialing up there I could connect the web. I don't think the concept of what a True Universal Search was there, at least commercially. And that was more because powerful search engines were not yet developed. I know, Apple had an internal file search mechanism much better than Windows 2000(?), and that was it. Net searches were mostly done by outside vendors like Ask Jeeves, or Lycos etc. Google, like now, wasn't there. The concept and implementation of True Universal Search on hand-held devices commercially was I think was done first by webOS and perhaps has it's roots tied to Jeff Hawkin's idea of building a device which stays connected to the Web 24/7 and provides its user information from various sources using data mining. This is just my speculation, as I don't know how much of Jeff Hawkin's ideas were followed in developing webOS.

And my use of Treo 650 was an extension of my activities on M500. With M500 I was connecting on-line, via telephone, and with Treo 650, wireless-ly. But my activities remained the same, mostly talking, and then messaging, surfing, checking stock markets if I was away from my laptop etc. I never downloaded much of anything on my Treo 650, because for my purposes my laptop was very convenient (Sony Vaio 505 series, only 11+" in diag., and its small and easy to carry). Also I never bothered to customize my contacts. Yahoo did all that and I was happy to find that on my laptop. On Treo I had only family and friends with whom I bothered to make phone calls, probably 15 or 20 such people, and that was it. So no customization was reqd.

Release date is May 14th. That is the date we have been told at my store that we can begin selling the phone. We have a working pre plus here in the store and Ive been pushing it hard to new customers who have been intrested in the iphone.

You work at an AT&T store and have received 'official' communication from AT&T (corporate, whatever you'd like to call them ;)) indicating that May 14th is the 'official' date? I'm only asking, because all sorts of dates have been flying around here the past week or so.

Why would anyone buy this thing on AT&T? No hotspot app. No reduced pricing. Same plan as iphone. Months old device. No incentive.

Someone like me, who has a family with a wife and two teenagers, all of whom already have iPhones, that they love, on a family plan, and do not want to leave to go to Verizon or Sprint. We can all co-exist, dude.

I'm anxiously awaiting this phone too.

In terms of being on AT&T, I ask myself that very question sometimes. I'm an AT&T user because I prefer GSM phones. I have a SIM card for the UK in addition to my AT&T one. I've thought about switching back to T-Mobile (I loved their customer service when I was with them), but they haven't had a Palm phone for a while; their 3G network is really small, spotty, and on a frequency range that wouldn't be as usable when I travel; and the Android phones that they have (yes I have been weighing the option of switching to Android) are all on the low end. Throw in the fact that I have so much family on AT&T so that I don't have to pay any call charges to them, and I'm sticking with AT&T.

Needless to say, I do wish they would give a discounted plan to people who buy their phone without a subsidy.

I have a whole bunch of family on AT&T also. Which is why Sprint doesn't charge me to talk to then. They could be on T-Mo or Verizon for that matter. Free talking.
As far as international capability goes, some of those third world countries are so steep on their data charges I find that it's more economical to buy a prepaid convenience store phone where ever I happen to be.
Both points are somewhat off topic. The real point of the article was this. Why have AT&T and Apple formed this functional monopoly? Closed OS, poopy 3G coverage, and inflated fee schedules. It must all boil down to the religious consumer mind and unquestioned marketing ploys.

Belive it or not there are some spots in the country where AT&T has the best service. I know, shocker. Plus I like having sim cards, and I wouldn't save any money by switching to sprint, I would just get extra minutes and texts that I never use.

Oh sweet let's have a debate:
1) there are spots where AT&T has better coverage.
Of course they do. Those spots are all found on the exterior of any building. Meanwhile, I prefer the kind of coverage that is found inside and outside of buildings.
2) I like SIM cards.
Sweet, I like pie.
3) I wouldn't save money....
What you mean to say is that you would get more for your money but you wouldn't use any of it.

At least you have good taste in phones. The thing that concerns me is that we have all become so religious about these little gadgets to the point that the providers are like our place of worship and the doctrine they spew on TV commercials is taken as gospel. Imagine that the mark of the beast is a darn cell phone.

Waiting anxiously? We don't even have the Palm Pre Plus announced in Asia after almost one year of release. Seriously, they have a big issue with either their marketing team or their 'Blue Ocean' strategy. By the time it comes here, it's really old news. Me and my buddies have decided to abandon Palm (despite our lovin' it for donkey years). Too bad, Palm. Maybe next time.

they need to break out into all countries. So many people want the phone and can't get to it

I've been a member of PreCentral for two years and 17 weeks - I am reminded every time I login just how long I've been waiting for the Pre (of any stripe) to come to AT&T.

My poor old Treo 680 (arguably the best Treo ever!) is still the original unit I bought way back when it was the newest, coolest smartphone on the planet.

I broke down and got my son an iPhone for Christmas - I'm unimpressed. I looked at the Droid and others - similarly unimpressed. A crackberry? - no chance, my crackberry using friends are envious of my Treo's touch screen! (Looks like RIM is finally coming out with a touchable screen - about damn time don't you think?) I considered a WinMo phone for all of about 20 seconds - I have to work with Windoze so why would I want it to be a part of my real life?

I guess I'm just a Palm fanboy at heart... waiting, no longer anxiously, for an AT&T Pre+ (two, a his and a hers since my wife's Treo 680 is almost as old as mine).

Yay a Pre in the wild. Just another day at PreMZ