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AT&T Pre and Pixi Spotted in Server Logs Running webOS 1.3.8 36

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 18 Jan 2010 1:02 pm EST

At CES, Palm decided to stay mum on the question of webOS devices hitting AT&T, but AT&T did cop to two devices arriving in the 'first half' of the year. Not convinced? We have received some server logs showing some visits from both the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi running on AT&T IP addresses sporting - get this - webOS version 1.3.8.  Naturally, we headed over to the logs at DSL Reports (note: link dynamically changes, you'll need to page through to see it for yourself) and sure enough, you can see both the Pre and Pixi running on AT&T and sporting webOS 1.3.8.

We're guessing that's just an interim, internal version and that when webOS devices do land on AT&T, they'll have the 1.4 update we're all expecting in February. Meanwhile, we're wondering just how long Verizon will have the webOS spotlight - no offense to The Network, but we're hoping it's not too long.

Thanks, Anonymous!



I bet it will be June. about 6 months after VZ, and still in H1 of 2010.

That sounds logical/reasonable. +1

I would hope webOS 1.5/2.0 would be out by June...

I am quite stoked about webOS 1.4. And what features would you like to see in webOS 2.0?

Voice command!

Capt4chris, I told my wife (who also has a Palm Pre) about your response. And her reaction was, "Oh, it can do voice command as well?" So I guess this is a feature people should appreciate when it comes.

I'll say sooner than June based on the rumored number of units that VZW ordered. I think they'll burn through those 400-some thoushand untis by late-March.

I scoff at an AT&T Pre! It's not that I don't like AT&T, which I actually despise worse than death, it's that the longer Palm dabbles into other carriers running current webOS versions, the longer it will be until we'll see a Palm Pre^2 launch with with possible Sprint wimax!

And yet, if Palm doesn't expand to more carriers, they may not make it.

If you are really interested in Palm and want to see a Palm Pre 2 with all the great features, then you should be happy that the Palm Pre is coming to AT&T. The more carriers, the more revenue to accelerate innovations. There are AT&T customers looking at this site expecting to hear our experience and expectations for the device. So let us welcome them by respecting their carrier of choice.

It's sad how many people think Palm can be a viable company by excluding themselves from 75%+ of the market and stay exclusive with a carrier that is projected to hit the ground about one financial quarter before themselves?

Palm and Sprint are DEAD. We're hitting both of them with the paddles, hoping for the best. For Sprint, the hope that lower cost plans and cutting edge phones like Palm will give them upward momentum before they finish their cash burn.

For Palm to get a pulse, Sprint has to live and other carriers have to pick them up and sell well enough to help them generate the cash to develop future products. There is no Pre2 with the limited income of just Sprint sales. Look how long it's taking for Pre1 to get fully featured. Sprint can still be their flagship, but they need more to be resuscitated.

CLEAR!!! Thump....bzzz

I would hope soner than that the sooner the beter. Keeoping the options open on the next phone Wish they would come out with webos on a screen the size of the tilt 2

The Lord does answer prayer! =D

Then again, if they are doing testing NOW, in mid-January, it well may be much sooner than June before AT&T gets the Pre. What is their network? GSM?

I hope you are right. I love my Centro, but I want my Pre/Pixi now!

Considering that webOS has been floating around on AT&T for a months now, I would expect it to coincide with a new webOS revision in March/April.

Not necessarily. If Verizon is committing a large advertising budget for the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, then it is likely that they will be getting something in return from Palm for that expenditure. Also, I am sure that Palm is making sure that it can handle the increased business from Verizon before venturing out to another big carrier.

It's less than a week and I haven't seen any advertising.

I really really hate AT&T. I had them before I switched back to sprint. They dropped my calls all the time. When I called customer service to try to resolve the issue they wouldn't listen to me. Their customer service doesn't care about the customer at all. They just want money. So I got out of my contract before the 2 years were up, switched to Sprint with the Palm pre (much better customer service with Sprint). Does anyone know how badly my credit will be affected if I don't pay AT&T's Early Termination Fee?

This article had nothing to do with any carriers customer service or pricing; it was about the WebOS devices coming to a new network, their third one in the USA. Seriously, don't you think this is a question for the forums? There are thousands of people who love and thousands of people who hate each of the big networks, for many personal reasons. I despise Sprint, but I haven't found the need to bash them; I want them to do well, so Palm will also do well.

Good point... no, not about Sprint. I love Sprint :) Sprint has a fast network, much better customer service, and good price. Verizon is a great company and many people like them. It is great to see our friends at Verizon finally getting their own Palm Pre and Pixi phones.

But also this is good news for AT&T's customers. And finally, it's good for Palm.

Very bad, It will turn in to a collection, and could drop your score 20-40 points depending on what it is now. Just pay them off, it takes 7-9 years for that to come off your credit.

It is always better to be a person of integrity. If you say AT&T is bad, what does that make you if you do not pay your bill? I am sure you can think of a million reasons not to pay your bill. But I assure you that doing the ethical thing will make you feel good about yourself. Peace :)

at&t = gsm

This may not be absolutely true, but then again, it could be very true.

For all we know, someone might have modified their phone to change the WebOS version that Safari outputs and tethered to AT&T's network just to mess with us.

I just saw on the same site what is supposedly a Nexus One on Sprint's network. Does it mean it is real? Maybe. Then again, maybe someone tethered their Nexus One to use Sprint's network.

C'mon, Arthur, don't burst our bubble with all this "reality" stuff! :) Allow us to believe it's almost here!!!

1.3.8 has been seen in other forms (though always internally at Palm).

It's a real version, no confirmation that it will ever be a consumer release, however.

Yeah, I know. But here's the thing.. People know about that version number and it is extremely easy to modify the useragent. That being said, it could be anyone just trying to mess with everyone. Then again, it could be Palm doing tests, or even AT&T doing tests.

Seeing that AT&T will be getting something like the Palm Pre and Pixi, it will make sense for Palm to start testing their software on AT&T's system. The 1.3.8 version number really should not mean anything much, since I am sure Palm will be seeking for functional parity in the features of the phone for the various carriers. At this point, the only timeline we have is availability in six months. Time flies anyway, so those months will come very quickly.

It maybe running on the AT&T network, but it can also be just Palm themselves using an AT&T SIM to test the Pre/Pixi.

I hope that means unlocked units are round the corner...

BTW... has anyone spotted similar records for Verizon? Wondering if the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus actually identify itself as such or just simply Pre and Pixi. That way we can tell these two unit are Plus or not.

I'm very ready for a change. I've had iPhone since version one and still don't have a physical keyboard nor a means of hooking up a BT one. Pre' could work for me.

I'm one of those AT&T users excited about the Pre coming over.

As for those network haters - I've never had a problem. A hiccup or two but they were resolved. Same as the majority of folks on any of the networks.

me too palm needs all the different revenue streams from multiple carrier networks that it can garner to capitalize on their momentum

you know who i wanna see get the pre if they fail on att and verizon... net10 or tracfone. noone seemed to complain about them yet

Someone said: "

It shows a 2 GB memory card (though it is vagues as to whether it is micro/mini SD)."

But ... the Pre has no memory card slot. Sounds like a scam to me. :-(

Yes, it is indeed fact, not fiction. The Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi are presently undergoing certification testing by AT&T Mobility. That's why you see them on AT&T's network in the server logs. No way for the public to tell whether AT&T is testing the Plus versions, but you can now feel warm and fuzzy knowing that pre-release internal testing of two Palm WebOS devices is currently in process at AT&T.

Bet you're asking yourselves, how does he know this information? I work in IT administration for that three letter service provider you write fondly of around here ....