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AT&T Pre Plus preview from the inside 46

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 05 May 2010 5:00 pm EDT


An anonymous tipster has sent in screenshots and impressions from the upcoming AT&T Palm Pre Plus. We still don't have a firm release date for the device, but we're expecting it sooner rather than later (EverythingPre suggests May 14th might be the day, we have also heard the 16th recently as well.)

Our tipster's main impression: it's fast. The device is running webOS 1.4.2, which could account for some speed improvement. While it's likely that part of the speed improvement is due to there not being much on the device, our source says that it definitely seems faster than even the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. Also better: the keyboard, we're told the keys are super responsive. Build quality also seems better, with the slider feeling much smoother than the original Pre. We're definitely eager to see if both impressions pan out on a production device after a couple of months of use.

YPMobile also gets kudos for being preloaded - it's an app we're fairly fond of ourselves. There's not much more to say except we'd love to see it released soon. Oh, and that the above default wallpaper is completely gorgeous. Check out a handful of screenshots after the break.

Thanks, Anonymous!

Update: Ask and ye shall receive: the hot hot fern wallpaper.



New Hardware please.

let's release it already AT& can do it!!!!

cannoot waitttttttttt!

Anyone know a good place to download these or similar wallpapers?? WANT.

i dont know if it will be there but there is a ton!

Awesome site cursiv. I had been using the "Backgrounds" app, but the ones on here are even better.

Nice! Thank you, seems like a cool site to check daily.

Dang, we are spoiled. The original Pre came out with lots of VERY KEWL wallpaper.

Speed improvements!

The wallpaper is gorgeous, I agree! Any chance your anonymous tipster can anonymously send you it to share with us lot anonymously. One too many anonmouslys I think.

Since they're taking so long to release it, I'd probably wet my pants if I could find a way to download the ATT Pre Plus WebOS doctor jar - just to yank the AT&T apps including Navigator. Since I'm already on AT&T 3G with my Telcel Pre, I'd be able to use them immediately. Until then, I'm dancing with google maps for GPS. Quite clumsy at best.

Come on and release it already, I've already got 2 touchstones and a car charger all I need is the actual phone.

And he couldn't have posted the new wallpapers by themselves?

How disappointing.

Wonder if they bmped it up to 600mhz with this release?

anyone have a link to the expected AT&T pricing (device, plus monthly rate)? I am about to jump ship from Sprint, and want to compare pricing between Verizon and AT&T

Why would you wanna jump off the Sprint ship? Great service, great price with EVO 4G right around the corner. about this being the only version of the Pre that lets you do simultaneous voice and data....

Especially considering Sprint has better 3g coverage, upcoming 4g coverage in select places, good pricing, free mobile to mobile..

... seriously, why would you switch?

check the update, guys :)

And now we just need whatever the pixi one is!

Thanks Dieter! You deserve a raise. Can I talk to your boss?

yaaay thank you!

Time for the whole "When is WebOS v1.x coming?" cycle to start again...

So yeah, when is 1.4.2 coming already? :P

Probably at the same time as the ATT release for Sprint users. Some time in July for the VZWs ;)

update! would it be out of line to ask for the phone = ]?

Just got a txt from my at&t rep and he said he just got an email saying the Palm Pre release date is May 16. Hope this is true.

YPMobile is a pain in that it misses many points of interest that Google finds.
GoogleMaps sucks because it fails to integrate my contacts into routing options.

Together, they could rule the world.

Yeah, map services are webOS's weak link at the moment...

seriously. isn't this the exact same phone. Why the fuss? It's not new. it's not news.


Bell's CDMA network isn't that great. If it wasn't for the cheap plan I never would've take a CDMA phone.

I moved from T-mo to Sprint because of the great data plan deal. While T-mo is slow, I do miss being able to talk + data at the same time. Why don't they enable EVDO Rev A.??????

For me it's big news because in Mexico we have the GSM Palm Pre in plain flavor, and I want the GSM Pre Plus (or like I like to call it in spicy flavor, mostly because of the 16GB)... and I don't think that it will arrive any time soon...

"Anonymous tipster" = AT&T viral marketing :)

Uh oh, the sign says turn right, but the road is veering sharply to the left!!

Hopefully things like battery life and other issues will start to get minimized as updates go on, and webos 2.0 will add hardware accelerated css transitions/etc.. so really, chances are quite good that our pre's will feel faster rather than slower as time goes on...unlike some other platforms..

Did you verify that Anonymous Tipster didn't "find" this phone in a bar or something? ;)

Regarding the Keyboard and Slider: aren't there dummies at AT&T already that can be checked out?

The dummies do not represent the phone properly. I sell VZW and the dummy Pre is not a good representation of the real Pre. This is especially eveident in our ATT and Tmobile phones, where the Tilt 2 and the Touch Pro 2 feel NOTHING like the real phones solid tilting and sliding mechanisms.



may16th is a sunday! They will release it on a sunday?? Hmmm..and I was thinkin the same thing of sprints update around the time of att release. That's proly why they don't wanna give us an att date, they don't wanna b hassled for a webos update like we oberwhelmed them with wanting 1.4 and flash beta!!!

The big question is whether this is the same hardware (seen from the build quality and keyboard) than the european pre plus? Does anyone know this?

What about the wallpaper? Looks like the cover of Depeche Mode's "Exciter"...

When is the Plus comming to Sprint?

Cool wallpaper, but I'm not sure that's a fern...

I hope it will be released soon as I am eagerly waiting for it.
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