AT&T Pre3 webOS Doctor now available for webOS 2.2.3; OTA update incoming? [Update] | webOS Nation

AT&T Pre3 webOS Doctor now available for webOS 2.2.3; OTA update incoming? [Update] 27

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 27 Sep 2011 4:39 pm EDT

An AT&T webOS Doctor has found its way out to the public for the few Pre3 owners out there. This is not your typical webOS Doctor for putting your Pre3 back to the same condition it was at when you acquired your fancy device, though. If you have a Pre3 on any network, you likely know that the device is running webOS 2.2.0. After using this latest released webOS doctor, you'll be sporting webOS version 2.2.3; a more up-to-date build than any that we've seen so far.

We've only had time to download the .jar file and doctor a Pre3 that we've got on hand, but everything is running well enough. No idea yet what the ".3" means at the end of the version number, since this was not publicly announced in any way and did not come over the air, but we'll be sure to let you know what we find, as soon as we find it. What we can say is this: if the new version of webOS is any sign, it looks like we might see an OTA update for other Pre3 owners sometime in the near future. Will it fix the annoying TMC error that's been showing up? We aren't sure, but keep your eyes open.

Update: The OTA update has landed for the AT&T Pre3. Grab it now from the System Updates app on your device. We still don't know what's changed in this update, except maybe some bug fixes, but we'll keep you in the know if anything comes up.

Source: webOS Doctor AT&T Pre3 2.2.3; Via: Twitter (@JayCanuck)



Now time to get this running on the Pre 2!!

At least get the bluetooth profiles (specifically MAP) off this guy so we can have text forwarding to our TouchPads!

Pre2 and Veer!

And I was literally just preparing to load the EU Doctor onto my Pre 3. Very good timing guys.

When will the webOS doctor to fix this site's "502 Bad Gateway" issues be available? ;)

So they are releasing updates for a device that doesn't really exist but so far nothing for a device running on the same network that exists and was sold for months (Veer)? Sigh.

No updates for the Pre2 either. They released 2.1 and forgot about it.

That could be the whole point,

It was never officially announced, they don't have to get any kind of carrier approval.

Great news! Can't wait to see what it brings to the Pre 3!

Exactly! Hp is working on os for a phone they will not release??? Hmmm. Could this be a sign of things changing direction inside HP? ...or just false hope if they already had this made before hp made announcement to cancel? I hope its the former, as it would make no sense to have an updated doctor for a canceled device. Ah, who am I kidding, nothing at hp makes much sense anymore. :-/

This is HUGE! ATT Pre 3 owners are no longer flying without a net (At least I think that's what this means)! Thank you HP!

both of you, that is.

"both of you?" have you seen how many of these things there are being sold on ebay? AT&T pre3 users have to number in the many hundreds by now at least if not thousands(though of course they're mostly unlocked, so not everyone is actually using AT&T, but the phone is the same and needs the same doctor either way)

Got my european Pre3 two days ago! Azerty keyboard seems to be no big deal. I fired it up with my AT&T chip and boom, up and running; way cool.

This phone rocks! It is blazingly fast and snappy, can't imagine it overclocked; it'd be demonic!

Anyway, it only cost $425 with shipping on ebay, HP says they'll honor the warranty, we'll see. You can get AT&T versions on ebay right now for $400. I think it's worth it, and now I'm off contract so I can bounce around to different carriers (well GSM carriers anyway) if I like.

I can't imagine why they didn't push these phones, THE PRE3 IS AWESOME!!!

Prices are going down! I see $320 now! so tempted to buy a 2nd one.

I got an unlocked AT&T Pre 3 on ebay for the BuyNow price of $240 including shipping last week (it arrived yesterday).

Does anyone know where the AT&T Pre 3s on ebay are coming from?

I would love to be albe to buy an AT&T pre 3 but it is not happening

it took me awhile to rationalize buying what is essentially a black-market phone on ebay. but last night i got one for $325, and the sudden availability of the at&t webos doctor (and now apparently it's an OTA update) almost seems to re-affirm that I made the right choice.

I'm assuming that loading this onto a UK Pre3 would be a Bad Idea?

it wouldn't load without modifications, but I'm sure that if there's anything valuable in there AND a similar update for the UK Pre3 isn't forthcoming then someone will come up with a meta-doctor script for it. but really, it shouldn't be needed, since the UK Pre3 is legit HP should be releasing updates for it... this is a much bigger surprise coming for the AT&T.

The OTA update arrived on my ATT Pre3 a few minutes ago. Downloading now.

Is there anyway to get the bing maps off this doctor and put it on the veer? I'm so sick of google maps.

Can't wait to get my Pre 3 this week and OTA update it!

French Pre 3 running in Spain awaiting for OTA update too... Or metadoctor geniuses!

Is there any chance that this doctor will b able to used to get a Pre Plus running 1.4.5 Doctored up to 2.2.3?

There are quite a few brand new AT&T 4G Pre 3's on EBAY. Anyone know if these are legit devices?

Actually, the Pre3 doesn't just do b/g/n wifi, but even a/b/g/n.
The additional 5GHz band used by 802.11a/n is extremely helpful in places densely populated with 2.4GHz (b/g/n) wifi networks. While those popular frequencies get easily congested, my Pre3 always has perfect connectivity at home...