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AT&T Showing off webOS, video-style; Coming soon? 28

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 22 Apr 2010 8:16 pm EDT


As we anxiously await the release of the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus on AT&T, we're heartened that AT&T has put up most of Palm's explanatory videos about webOS on their coming soon page. We're also confused (but in an optimistic way, mind you) that the first video ends with "Now available on at&t." Let us tell you, if that were true we'd be at least $150 poorer right now. We've been in the 'coming months' stage for exactly one month now, we'd like to think this video means we don't have much longer to wait. 

Anyhow, given that the launch of the Palm Pre Plus in France and Germany is less than a week away, we're guessing that AT&T can't be that much further off. If you haven't yet given up your email goods to AT&T to get alerted on the launch, now might be a good time.

Thanks, JimmyK!



I don't want no stinkin' videos, just give me the damn phone already.

+1 My thoughts exactly!

ummm..... Where's the excitement? Can't afford their rate/data plans or their dropped calls.

good for palm tho...

i am excited, and no dropped calls here (service is great), plus my plan would be more expensive on sprint (student discount)

Is that an owl or a chicken?


Owl RLY?

So that "overview" video is definitely the best commercial for the pre out there...

+1!!! Exactly what I was thinking! Never been a real fan of AT&T with all it's iPhone blathering, but I'm really impressed at the straightforwardness of these videos. Hopefully they won't botch the launch like Verizon did...

And hopefully there will be an announcement of a new device very soon...

Well I was looking at the videos and they should just put them all out as commercials, in a series named something to the affect of: Palm Pre Videos or Using webOS. These videos should have been their commercials the entire time.

I like the ATT approach. Video demos showing webOS capabilities. Looks like ATT will have a much stronger more thought out launch than VZ. Sweet!

The first video on there about the Palm Pre Plus would make for an absolutely amazing commercial along with all of the others.

The Palm phones are now on the homepage of AT&T with a link when you click on shop. This is the first time I have seen it there. Hopefully this shows us that AT&T is going to put some effort into this launch. Looks good so far.

Those videos are awesome and should be Palm's TV commercials!!!

yeah i totally agree that overview video should have been a commercial i learned more from that then i have off any of their commercials i have seen very informative and straight to point

I happen to like all of the videos. In 8 short videos they sum up some of the more awesome features of the Pre/Pixi - touchstone, multitasking, and synergy being the big three. (They don't call it synergy, they made it more user friendly - another smart approach by AT&T)

Maybe Palm's approach of letting the carriers advertise will be a good thing. Especially if things like that video become advertisements.

I hope AT&T advertises it right and sells a ton of webOS devices --- then spins it as - "same awesome phone, America just wanted it on the best network" --- even though it probably isn't the best network . . . Screw Verizon and all their Droid pushing CSRs!!

It would be funny if The pre was a huge success on AT&T after verizon couldn't give them away, especially after the quarters both posted this week.

Now THATS advertising! (Although the freaky Palm commercials are in the video watching one "shutter") And the music is kinda lame...but Now just get them out! I'm ready to drop a buck fitty, even though if the C40 comes out as soon as i do, Imma be t'od! lol

I just shot a load in my pants with the first video!!! AT&T can you please air taht video as your first commercial!!!

my palm rep kind lit it slipped about 3 weeks that it would be releasing in about 3 to 4 weeks. then when i said really, he was like whoops i wasn't supposed to say that. so any day now.

Folks, those are videos from Palm, that are on the Palm Pre/Pre+ overview site.

But yes, the first video should be released as a's perfect.

Those video are great, especially the first one which should be use for advertisement.

Palm, have you seen it?????

about the now available on ATT

it may just be that, THAT specific video will be a TV advertisement when it comes out. Am i righT?

It looks like it to me. It's much more professional and polished than the other videos on the site. I like AT&T's approach of showing some of the features of WebOS. I haven't seen marketing like this from Sprint or Verizon. I'm a Verizon customer, but in my opinion, they have put 0 commitment in promoting the phone. I guess that is why they are selling them on Amazon for $.01 now. Their loss...literally and figuratively.

wow the music is new? Pre plus with new wallpaper I won

I want my ATT Pre Plus!!!!

Awsome Can't wait