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AT&T TouchPad 4G runs through FCC with HSPA speeds [update: Opal, TouchPad Go?] 34

by Derek Kessler Wed, 10 Aug 2011 4:35 pm EDT

Looking for a cellular-enabled HP TouchPad but don’t know where to look? We’re going to suggest the FCC’s certification labs, because it seems that they got enough hands-on time with the more-mobile-than-yours webOS tablet to give it the a-okay stamp of not brain boiling. There’s not much more to glean from the certification, except to say that the AT&T TouchPad 4G is on its way, and is now closer than ever.

UPDATE: The chaps over at webOSroundup dug into the FCC documents and noticed some interesting things. Firstly the FCC application lists the model as "Opal," which we've seen leaked in the past as a 7-inch webOS tablet. Additionally, the set of four labels in the documents give the name of TouchPad Go, a brand name we saw HP file for back in mid-June. These same labels list familiar specs: 32GB of storage and a 1.5GHz processor.

There are two conclusions we can draw from this: 1) This FCC filing was for an unannounced 7-inch webOS tablet named the TouchPad Go, or 2) the TouchPad Go is an internal or marketing name for the cellular TouchPad, and the Opal name was not correct when leaked. We're not entirely sure, and looking at the drawings provided in the filing, we're really conflicted. It could be that they're generalized, or components were moved around for the cellular TouchPad, or it could be that this really is a smaller TouchPad. It's hard to say.

Source: FCC; Via: Engadget; webOSroundup


On behalf of many Sprint (and perhaps Verizon) webOS users, hopefully this does not mean the same for the TP as it meant for the P3.

It does look like AT&T is going to have all the webOS devices that need radios in the US.

So now we know the Touchpad Go trademark went to good use.

You have to remember when Jon Rubenstein said at the Think Beyond event. When he showed the Touchpad he said it was the first in the Touchpad family.

Touchpad is 9.7in
Touchpad Go is 7in

I also wouldn't be surprised if there was
Touchpad Pro at about 4in which can be a phone as well.

We still have the other Touchpad names.

I saw months ago a 4" touchscreen phone that HP was going to have from "mr. blurrycam" posted on engadget. So I agree with you Mark.

Man, I really want to give the TouchPad a whirl, but I really don't want to switch to AT&T to do it. Someday I may just give in and buy the WiFi-only version just for the heck of it. My tablet is my mobile device, so not having 3G makes it semi-moot.

Not ideal for everyone, but what about wifi + a 3G-tethered device (phone or mifi-like)?

well i already left sprint for AT&T so it doesn't much matter to me.

that said, I would like to see HP try to get their WebOS devices onto as many carriers as possible in as many countries as possible

I've pretty much decided that, as long as this can get a voice plan, I'll get this to replace my aging Sprint Pre. I barely make any voice calls anymore, so any I do get can be done with a speakerphone or BT headset.

ha same here...shoot me

It should be noted that this has "Opal" listed as the model. Also just a quick guesstimate of the size from the labels puts it somewhere in the neighborhood of 6in x 4in

Component size and layout says TouchPad...

The scale of the dimensions clearly shows that this is the same size as the TouchPad. So this is NOT the 7" model.

Ignore my post, just noticed that its as high as wide as the TouchPad is high, but the height is clearly less. So this IS the 7" model. Scary I am an Engineer...Doh!

At 52mm for the radio the dimentions are consistant with a 7 [seven] inch device. So yes this is the 7" tpad. Also, I thought the touchpad pro was the enterprise version. Probably a wifi tpad with 64gb and faster proc.

Having a phone radio in my TouchPad isn't a priority for me, it works so well tethered to my phone that I don't see any reason to pay an additional monthly charge.

The last three years I've beem eliminating as much from my life as I can that has a recurring monthly charge and I'm very careful about adding in any more of these.

I tether the Wi-Fi to a "4G" AT&T Veer.

There's no question about the dimensions of the device. That's a dimensioned engineering drawing -- the device is exactly 146mm X 181.75mm (5.75" X 7.16").

Yep. It's definitely the 7" model. I initially saw the width as just over 7", which is the same for the height of the TouchPad, and thought it was the 9.7" model. Then I saw your post and realized my error. The dimensions say it all.

Yessir. It's definitely the Opal.

the docs also listed on WOR mention a gps on the 16gb and 32 non-cellular versions... Which is clearly wrong for the current 9.7 in versions. So my money is on the opal being the 7in tablet.

i've been waiting on the Opal!! here's hoping!

I measure the interior case dimensions at approx 5.5" x 6.9".

hahah this is awesome, from now we have to look to the FCC to find out about future webos products -=X

When you look at the dimensions of the label, how do you not come up with a TouchPad that is approx 6-7"?

Glad to see the 7" model dropping soon but I'm starting to feel the sting of being an early adopter:

Save $100 **** $200 through Staples) if you wait only a month after launch

Next device has gps on the wifi only model

What's next, a free Pre3 with every purchase?

Yes, but you get $50 in free apps.'s not worth complaining.

Being an early adopter of ANYTHING, ALWAYS has a tax.

And yet NOT one slab phone in the mix off all these webOS products???????

This is outrages!! Personally, I don't need a tablet. It's nice and all but I can't see myself replacing my supped up laptop that I just bought.

I really don't think the TP is ready for primetime. I've read the reviews and played with it at BB. So much is missing that it reminds me of the Pre- launch where I complained justifiably that so much functionality was missing from that phone that Homebrew had to come to the rescue. Had they not, Palm would have died long before HP got it's hands on it.

I think the Pre/Palm/HP is dying a slow death. Still they are gasping for air, building stuff people don't want or just wanting to supply the diehards another toy to play with. HP churning out products like a "bad" egg from a Wily-Wonka Chocolate factory.

No webOS slab phone means I'm inching closer to EVO 3D. September 6th is when my Sprint contract ends. It's getting easier and easier everyday to see the EVO 3D as my next phone.

I'm thoroughly disappointed in Palm/HP in their continued marketing debacles, one after another. I'm disappointed there is no other alternative to Pre form factor. (Please for the love of god - no more Pre form factors, PUUUULLLLEEEEEEZEEE, i.e. Veer, Pre2, or Pre3, If I never see another form factor like that again, it will be to soon.)

P.S. The only reason I would consider having the TP is if were given to me for free. I just don't see a use for it that a laptop can out-functionality it.

There's hardly anything where a Laptop doesn't easily beat a tablet.

Same is true for Netbooks and Smartphones.
And yet we have all those devices on the market and they all sell.

You compare apples and oranges.
Laptops beat Netbooks to a pulp when it comes to any feature but battery life (well, and price). And yet millions of people have bought them.
Netbooks are more portable, have longer battery life, don't cost as much and are good enough in many situations where you wouldn't have brought a Laptop.

You can read ebooks on a Laptop or Smartphone - but it's much nicer on a tablet device that's weighed down by a keyboard.

You can watch a movie on a Laptop or a Smartphone, but it's very small on the phone and the laptop is cumbersome on a plane where a Netbook or a tablet are a better fit.

You can lay down a tablet on a table to share information with colleagues, customers or friends sitting around.

With regard to the Pre form factor - you'll find plenty people who like that form factor.
The way to go is obviously to release a slab variant in *addition* to that.
Please show *any* evidence that the form factor played a relevant role in the troubled marketing history of webos devices.

The typical turn-offs were lack of apps, hardware issues, battery life and salespeople who didn't even tried to sell it but recommended other models even to buyers who came in and asked for the Pre/+/2 (and the sales persons can be excused if they had bad experience with return rates due to above problems).

That's ok, I agree with your sentiments - I took the plunge to the new Photon 4G today. I wasn't going to until end of August, but the Sprint CS person convinced me to change. I was just going into play with the EVO 3D, and came out with the new Photon. Goodbye webOS. I hope you make it back someday, I really did like your OS alot. But HP you offered nothing for me. You offered same'ol same'ol. And not even on my network and LATE, had I been interested in the same'ol form factor.

Stuck with Sprint and now I've got a lot of tweaking to do. Signing out. Gotta go create ChiDroid screen name ;) If HP makes a slab phone in the next 2 years, I'll jump on that. HP you have 2 years to do it. Let's see if you can get that done.

Sits back with popcorn, waiting for the pricing Olympics to begin...

other people have now pointed this out, but it seems worth repeating:

the drawing shown is clearly NOT the current 9.7" tablet. It is much too small. It measures out to fit a 7" diagonal screen quite nicely.

Why the author of the article couldn't see this at a glance is beyond me.

I'm sure the TouchPad 4G has long ago cleared FCC, since it's shipping any day now.

It seems reasonable that the 7" touchpad is to be called the "TouchPad Go" which actually makes good sense. It's a smaller version, more tailored to on-the-go use where a ~10" touchpad might be a little big.

This may be the TouchPad for me... I've been wondering how I'd really use a full-size tablet for work; a 7" tablet might be a better fit for me. I need to get hands-on both devices... which if the delay of the Pre3 is any indication may take years.

This is definitely a 7" Tablet. if you look at the drawing by the blue box you will see a measurement of 52.5 mm or 2.067 inches use that as scale and you will see this is a 7" Tablet.

I am so confused as to what to do. I have the original Pre from Sprint, it works fine, just can't do the things that 2.0 can. My wife has an Evo 4G which she loves but I can't stand. I have been looking at the Motorola Photon at Sprint. Seems like a nice phone and is fast but it's not WebOs. Nothing is WebOs except WebOs. I love this operating system and its easy use. Why won't HP license out to Third parties. There should be a whole host of different hardware out there. That is the only way for WebOs to succeed. More phones more people.
I don't want o leave sprint because they still have the best plans out there as far as smartphones at cheaper prices for phones. A salesperson at Sprint had told me that Sprint will be coming back to WebOs when there are new Third party phones which he says will happen in the near future.

What to do, what to do?