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AT&T unsurprisingly cancels orders for Pre3 65

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Aug 2011 6:32 pm EDT

We never got official confirmation that AT&T was going to be a carrier of choice for the HP Pre3, and it looks like we never will. The chaps over at webOSroundup got their hands on an email allegedly sent through the higher ups at AT&T, literally calling for the cancellation of the Pre3 device launch and all associated bulk orders and packaging. Can’t say we blame them.

From the timing and wording of the email, it sounds like AT&T found out about HP's plans to drop webOS device development exactly how we did too, which is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a good thing HP’s getting out of the hardware business, because the way they’ve handled this whole mess should turn off any warm and fuzzies any carriers may have had about them.

It’s possible the Pre3 could still launch on Verizon, but we’d say that’s equally unlikely with the future of the platform entirely up in the air right now. And that makes us sad, because the Pre3 was a phone we were definitely looking forward to getting our hands on.

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So the Pre 3 is cancelled huh? Maybe we should buy its next of Kin.

I thought the Kin was yanked off the market shortly after its launch too?

That was the point of the pun.

But then that's actually a "good" outcome. The Kin relaunched as an uber cheap feature phone.

I would totally not mind having a Pre 3 still if the price is right.

I ordered an unlocked Pre3 in Germany, the retailer did not cancel the orders yet but their supplier is saying that the delivery has stopped. :(

Just check out the latest Android and Blackberry phones, don't like them. I still want a Pre3, get it out now! For cheap!

damn =(

just get a mango phone

Seriously people, look at WP7! You should realize as webOS users that there are more than just iOS and Android available out there! Give it a try, it's great!

I have enough Windows and MS in my life, I am good.

Although Leo did make Bill a lil bit more likeable this week.

I would consider mango, but not until they stop **** with developers and allow c++ support

lol, its over guys. I just started to hit me his week, but today makes it official.

Have they manufactured any Pre 3s yet? I absolutely love my Sprint FrankenPre 2; It would be awesome to get a Sprint FrankenPre 3! In other words, what might happen to whatever inventory they have so far?

Pre3's are being sold in EU right now.

There is no way to frankenPre3.

Still hoping they sell off the Pre3's, in some manor. They clearly have GSM ones produced and ready for market.

Touch To Share = Vaporware


I would still get an unlocked Pre3 in the US if it becomes available. As long as the version of WebOS is as good or better than 2.1 on my Sprint FrankenPre2, then I would be OK for a while.

The UK Pre 3 supports US 3G - 850/900/1900/2100. Mine arrived today. It's really quite nice.

Dead, I know. But it's very, very nice.

It doesn't support UMTS 850.

Pre3 is going to be the new Palm Foleo - stillborn and cancelled just before shipping.

I keep wondering if things might have been different if Pre3 and Veer had shipped in the opposite order (Pre3 in May). But then, Enyo wasn't ready in May and that was originally targeted for Pre3, hence the delay. Unfortunate.

Enyo is not yet ready for the Pre3. It was mainly made for the Touchpad because the Mojo concept didn't work well in the TouchPad.

Enyo is shipped with webOS 2.2 and the Pre3 but the Developer Relations Team says it is "rough around the edges" on the Pre3. And Developers adopt their enyo apps to work on the Pre3 because of the screen differences.

I hate the world.

I don't, I just hate HP

I really hate HP too right now. I've needed new printers for a while and I was waiting for webOS printers which will never come. I promise you this; I will never buy an HP printer again!

Hear that Leo MedicineMan? I will never buy an HP printer again, or a laptop or anything else if I can help it. Not for home, not for business (I've got 11 printers, all HP at work and one at home). Time to look at other brands!

If I could make Fry's take my touchpad back I would. I'd still buy another for $99.99 and use it but with out Pre3 what's the point?


Some of us have an ecosystem of webOS devices. The original Pre still works great for my wife. The Sprint FrankenPre2 works fine for me. The 16GB Touchpad is a adequate toy (I have no need to a pad, I bought one just cause). Because I haven't upgraded since the purchase of both our Pre's in 2009 I'm not tied by a contract on Sprint. The only thing that comes to mind to say in the wake of all this crud that HP is shoveling is ....

1) I lost respect for HP about 15 years ago, so nothing new here.

2) Keep calm, carry on.

There's no reason to fret. the TP will work for a while, another phone will come and things will be fine. Keep calm, carry on....

EDIT: forgot to state, I got a Pre2 as a lifeboat device. no reason why the lifeboat can't carry me onto a device I really want to have, instead of one that will jut make do.

What I would give to be HP's CEO for just 5 minutes. I know what decisions I would make

yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is the first time I've ever felt depressed about a phone. It's totally ridiculous, but deep inside, I want this great platform to succeed.

Ha! I've been thinking the same thing..

Like, "what's wrong with me?" We are(were) a passionate bunch...

LOL what a pr MESS att found out the same way we did? thats awful, as a business thats just not acceptable to leave ur partner in a lurch like that lol man hp is really creating bad blood all around. With consumers, with partners, **** even the techblogs all thing their a joke now. what a mess. its a good thing their getting out of the pc business to because i can say right now as a consumer, i could never trust this company ever again.

I hate HP.

Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!

My exact sentiment!

I just got an e-mail that the PC Mall Touchpad contest is cancelled... they will instead award one HP laptop as the prize.

LOL i'm gonna go ahead and giggle because otherwise this is so sad it makes me wanna cry -.- jeez


I was soooo looking forward to the Pre 3! :( I'm not one who is loyal to a brand for the sake of the brand--however, webOS is an awesome OS and worth waiting for. I was really impressed with the new hardware spec's for the Pre 3. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of HP's decision to discontinue webOS devices, I now lack the patience to wait and see what happens next with webOS, especially after the hard kick to the groin HP delivered yesterday.

So, my question to all: Android or iOS?

Android, iOS and Windows Phone are all good. It's more a matter of taste or preference.
Android: lots of apps, super customizable as in everything from SMS app to app launcher, lots of great phones at all price points
iOS: the best and most apps, great phone, expensive
WP: nice UI, fast, few apps but still more than webOS
RIM/Blackberry: is worth a look

Answer: neither. Look at Windows Phone. Check out WPCentral (there's a link at the very top of this page) and read the article Tim posted there today. I agree with him 100% that WP7 is the easiest transition to make from webOS.

Neither ---------->>>>> Windows Phone 7 on a Nokia-built Super Phone!!!! It'll be worth the wait!!!!

Hah, and we kept bugging Sprint to carry the Pre3! Guess they knew better.

I just bought a TouchPad during the Staples firesale and was hoping to pair it up with a Pre3. I wonder if the UK phones will still ship.

I like the 'irony' in the unboxing video when he shows the "HP is here to help" leaflet...

I cried when it took ages for the phone to start up. webOS surely still is the slowest booting phone ever.

HP Eurostore still lists as available and shipping. But I am sure if you wait, a cheap one will turn up eventually

How much did you pay for the Touchpad?

I posted this in the doodle post but I'll put it here as well since it's more appropriate.

webOS as a consumer product is dead. They may talk of licensing but no one is going to try and revive a dead product. "The webOS" will be absorbed into the deepest bowels of HP and leveraged only for enterprise solutions. Dewitt mentioned the health care industry... think of all of the equipment in a hospital... think of how easy it would be to implement "the webOS" into sonogram, dialysis, xray and MRI machines. There are hundreds of applications in that market alone.

webOS is dead. "The webOS" has been assimilated into the hive and will never see sunlight again.

Seems like webOS will be lost in the basement of HP. The same as BeOS is lost in Palm's basement.

I ordered Pre3 from HP Eurostore eve of D-Day ie 17th and it arrived today. Website looks like they are still selling.

I still plan to use my Pre3 till something better comes along. Only thing is price will probably drop a lot soon but ah well.

Plan to pick up a dirt cheap TouchPad (maybe even a white 64GB eh 4G one) if it becomes available.

I feel bad for all those that held on to Webos all this time eventhough it has always been clear that this is where it was heading. I think if HP held out longer they would have lost a ton more money . The consumers has spoken....they are not interested in Webos since the day it launched.

That will be debated forever, but I disagree 100% with your comment. webOS was never the main issue, it was always hardware, piss poor marketing and gross mismanagement.

Before the debacle, the TPad was "Highest Rated" on Amazon above and beyond iPad, GTab10, Transformer and others....NEW people that had never used webOS were loving it.

...none of that matters now though thanks to Leo Asshatthaker.

I bought my Pre 2 unlocked from HP last November, and after 3 trips to the repair shop in Texas, it's working about as well as can be expected. I'd buy an unlocked Pre 3 if the price were discounted... I've been reading up on similar phones on different platforms, and the Pre 3 still looks like it would best meet my needs. But I had to eventually give up my Treo 680, too. Sigh...

I'm speechless.
My Pre2 (yeah, I bought one of the 5 that were sold) will get me through for sometime, but I was so looking forward to pairing my Pre3 with the TouchPad that I can no longer return.

What hurts the most is that I have bragged to all that would listen about how great webOS was. Then to have HP mishandle everything related to webOS and pull the rug out from under us....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This much I will say: I'll not purchase another HP product for the rest of my life.

I have bought my GSM Pixi Plus and Veer unlocked, and would do so with the Pre3. After the latest at&t debacle, hp has no choice but to release a GSM/HSPA+ Pre3 unlocked. Hopefully the price will be nice; it would have to be way better than the current $450 for the Pre 2 if hp wants to clear inventory.

I'd still get a Pre3 if it became available in the US. That now appears to be impossible but I'll let the lifespan of my Pre- be the determining factor on how long I use WebOS...

This should be a cautionary tale for all of us, investing emotionally and financially in a sinking ship when all of the signs were apparently around us. The next question is what happens to PreCentral?

They should sell them unlocked for $49. What's the alternative, toss them in the landfill? They'd make a nice wifi mp3 player too.

i'd get one unlocked for $49.

Despite the fact that Hp has stabbed many people in the back and people STILL want to buy their near unsupported phones...

yeah webos will still be supported and they are still going to maximise services such as the app catalog? Get real hp. You don't have any good products out. Everybody that can is returning their tp. Who is going to spend time to develop for webos?..... I wonder what's the next os I'm going to be using.....

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F**k HP! Let's 'Betty White' webOS over to Samsung. They got nothing, and iOS and Android (and cetainly Blackberry) got nothing on webOS! PreCentral, please use your credibility and help organize a campaign. It'll work!