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AT&T Veer appears on Amazon, asking $49.99 on contract, $349.99 off 32

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 May 2011 10:48 am EDT

If you’re the type that likes to get a deal on things, generally Amazon is a good place to start looking. And it seems out favorite book-seller-turned-everything-seller has a deal in place on the AT&T HP Veer 4G as well: $49.99 with a new contract, or $349.99 without a contract. For those keeping track, the two-year contract price is $50 less than what AT&T is asking, and the off-contract price is a whopping $100 less.

Granted, that contract price is $49.99 higher than the free they’re asking for at Best Buy, but Amazon’s the only outlet with that crazy-cheap off-contract pricing. We’ve received several reports that Best Buy doesn’t yet have the Veer in stock, with reports of having to wait until the 22nd for the tiny phone, and it seems that Amazon is joining them in the ranks of waiting: they’re quoting a 8-9 shipping time.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the pricing brouhaha from last night: Amazon mistakenly listed the Veer as available contract-free for $49.99. They quickly realized their error, cancelled all of the rushed orders from rabid webOS fanboys, and issued apologetic $10 Amazon gift certificates. All’s well that ends well, we just hope the Veer's successful enough that it’s a while before we see it at that price again (unlike it’s Pixi predecessor).

Source: Amazon Wireless; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!



I didn't receive a $10 gift certificate, how would one go about getting this?

Same here. Me = sad.. :(... But more sad I couldn't get a $400 phone for $50 with no contract.

Man i didn't get a 10 dollar cert? i just got this


We're contacting you about order #103-8634294-7937857. Unfortunately, we recently discovered that an error caused the following item(s) to be displayed at an incorrect price:

HP Veer 4G webOS Phone, Black (AT&T)

In this case, we're unable to offer this item for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order for this item.

At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be mispriced. We're very sorry for this disappointing news.

We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service Department

I think H/P really needs to get advertising out, how this phone is available for FREE from best buy and its a full featured smart phone.

Plus H/P needs to change their webpage to display Veer on the front

I went to the AT&T Wireless website yesterday. It still had the iPhone 4 on the front page! Not the Veer or the Infuse.

ooops, nobody remember my order number. lol

derek, again, typos. last time you removed my comment about the significant amount of typos you have in your articles. you're not the only one, and my comment here is not grammatically correct, but then again, i'm not writing articles for a popular website. please, at least once, re-read your articles for typos.

I guess amazon isn't held to the same state pricing laws that brick and mortar stores are. I know if Best Buy misprices something, by law, you get the price as listed.

is someone seriously deleting my comments? each time i post something, being a critic regarding typos on these articles, it gets deleted??

i am reeding ur articlez there ar'ent N E type 0s

I purchased it too and I received the same email.

thats cool i'd really like to see at least a commercial for it or something

I'm glad to see that the blogs don't mark-out the use of the word 'fanboy' with ***** chars :p

The law in UK says that if it is advertised for a certain price (mistake or not), it should be sold for that price. Amazon should have just sold the product at the advertised price !!! I am not sure what the law states in US but I am sure you could seak leagal advice. Is it worth it for $50? Prob not, but if you win they will pay for everything.

I think it's a statutory consumer protection law, and I'm guessing that it is not a law in Delaware (where Amazon is most likely incorporated). It is a law in most other states though.

That or Amazon is above state laws.

No company has to sell you an item at a price that is listed in error.

Many states have laws that protect against bait and switch tactics. Also, many stores will honor the price as consumer goodwill is greater then the loss on the sale of the item.

Keep in mind, that an online purchase is in effect a contract to buy. What is important is when the contract is considered accepted by the retailer. This site explains it pretty well:

Amazon is currently listing the Veer as backordered, "usually ships in 8-9 days".

Pretty soon, they will list it as "Never Ordered" and send whatever stock they have back to HP to be destroyed.

Yeah.....HP knows what they are doing. lol

Would that not mean that they have sold out of the stock that they had? That would be awesome for HP and webOS!

I'm curious to know if anyone on pre central even wants a veer.

Based on that poll earlier, barely anyone does. And these are people that actually support webOS that we are talking about. Just imagine everyday people that have no allegiance to a certain platform. The chance of them picking webOS over Android or iOS is basically zero.

Thanks. I didn't know there was a poll earlier. Was there a poll for how may PreCentral users even have a device running webos 2.x?

I'm not sure if there is. There should be, though. Good idea.

Not really.
Self-selected polls are worthless.
It would be purely accidental if the numbers had any relation to reality.

Hold on, so you are trying to say that the poll on here... of webos users, that says they basically do not want the Veer, doesn't mean anything?

I think my oldest would want one. She has a Pixi now and is ok with the screen size. It is a small cute phone.

I don't think the Precentral poll had an option for "Not available on Sprint". There are a few of us who'd buy the Veer but don't want to switch carriers.

Please excuse my ignorance, but does this "off contract" price mean that the handset is therefore "unlocked" for use on any network? I'd like to use this down in Australia presuming Amazon are allowed to ship it overseas by HP. Cheers and Thanks.

I also wonder this. It will be awesome to have an unlocked one since I am in t-mobile now...

I am the only one to think that the price for smartphone is too high??
AT&T sell the Veer 450$ off contract, when the iPad and most of laptop are less than 500$ ??!

When don't they sell it like 250$ off contract? I'm pretty sure more people would buy it. I know i would.