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AT&T webinar: "Meet the Expert - webOS Q&A" Nov. 4th 9

by Mark Jensen Tue, 26 Oct 2010 12:52 pm EDT

AT&T will be hosting a “Meet the Expert - webOS Q&A” webinar for intermediate and experienced mobile application developers interested in developing for webOS.  The date and time for this event is Thursday, November 4, from 10-11 a.m. Pacific time. 

This latest event marks AT&T’s second webOS webinar.  The first, back in June, was touted as an “Introduction to Palm webOS” and featured Josh Marinacci from Palm’s Developer Relations team.  That webinar generated a great deal of interest in webOS among developers of other platforms, most notably, iOS and Android.

The November 4th webinar will be hosted by the “expert” webOS developers Greg Hrebek (Syntactix, YouView) and James Harris (FlashCards, Anonymous Texter, and now.. Syntactix too!).  This webinar will feature a brief overview of what’s new in webOS 2.0, while the main focus will be a developer to developer Q&A session.  AT&T hopes not only to capitalize on the announcement of webOS 2.0, but also to continue the momentum gained from the previous webOS webinar among developers of other OS platforms.

Additional information and online registration are available at the AT&T Developer Program website.  It should be noted that registering with the AT&T Developer Program is free of charge and will allow you to access information on developing for all AT&T devices. 

Source: AT&T Developer Program; Thanks @Syntactix



They wouldnt be doing this if they weren't planning on keeping WebOS devices around. Meaning new devices.

That's a wise observation. I agree and am hoping there will be an AT&T Palm Pre 2 announcement forthcoming soon. Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed.

True. Wish there were such a sign from Sprint as well...

Registered :) hopefully it'll be as good as the june one

Out of curiosity, what would make it better?

Updates are OKed by the carriers so this means webos 2.0 is definitely approved for relese on ATT so their is a continuance for Palm here.

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Phew...I was getting a bit concerned about AT&T not re-upping on webOS. At least this is some indication that they're back in the game. All I need is a launch date for the Pre 2 and I'm good to go.