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by droggen Fri, 27 Jan 2012 6:16 pm EST
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A-Browser QML (test)

This is a tryout to evaluate if an alternate browser for WebOS is feasible and of interest.
The app is a Qt 4.8 using QML and webkit for rendering.

It's about 2x faster on the sunspider JavaScript benchmark as the stock browser.
Thanks to QML it is more touch friendly than the "A-Browser Qt" tryout.

The app is an almost straight port of the Qt QML browser demo.
The WebOS extension for Qt to work on WebOS are derived from https://gitorious.org/~darronb.

Developing a full-fledged browser is a hard task. I do not plan to develop this much further but would be happy to help if somebody is interested.



- !No virtual keyboard on Touchpad!

- No flash or H.264

- Pre x.
- Touchpad: not tested - may work, or not.


27.01.2012 v 0.1.0
- First release


BSD License Open Source - Learn More



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I have to say, for a first test effort, this works pretty good. Pretty big download, probably due to the bundled libraries, but I threw a couple of ajax-intensive websites at it and it worked great. Even the dropdown menus on the webOS Nation forums are usable. Nice job! Only tested on my Touchpad so far. Works with BT keyboard (good since the on-screen doesn't pop up). Downloading on my Pre Plus right now. And just so people know - no flash or H.264, so no Youtube.

if it could run Hulu and or Netflix on the touchpad I and many others would pay for it.

Installed on touchpad. Google search is very fast but when I select a link to launch, this browser abruptly ends itself.
Selecting Google news displays the news page super fast, but then aborts after about 2 seconds.
I couldn't get any websites to a stable load.
Speed is fantastic. Great Start!

Great Browser! I use Google Chrome on my desktop. I can't wait for the full version. It's fast and works really well. We need to test "Flash" when it is available. Good work.

love what I see so far. What would it take to get the Touchpad virtual keyboard working? Then we could really test it out.

is it only me or anybody else also seeing the problem that it doesn't cover full ecreen of my pre2 ??feels like it is half loaded webpage..only tried 6-7 times..and opened two websites only..

This is great. Thank you for uploading this. I noticed a couple of things:
1) When you delete all of the text in the URL bar, the browser replaces http:// with a string automatically (I think this is something to do with your project)

2) Background colour of the page is quite heavy. Maybe change this to #EFEFEF

Thanks again!

When I try to start the app, nothing happens... Do I need to download and install any other packages for it to work? When my pre- was on 1.4.5 in preware were some qt packages that I can't see now... I have a pre- with 2.1 and uberkernel...

Instructions to cross-compile Qt for WebOS and application source code available at:

This is one to watch - thanks for the efforts! It would be great if it creates a Hulu and Netflix work-around as Tuzz suggested... is this possible?

will this work on pixi plus?

Was it removed from the repositories ?
I can't find it here on my pre plus. I only found A-Browser-Qt Demo, which does not use qml though.

Does anyone still have a copy of this? The download appears to be broken :(