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by droggen Fri, 27 Jan 2012 8:57 am EST
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A-Browser Qt (test)

This is a tryout to evaluate if an alternate browser for WebOS is feasible and of interest.
The app is a Qt 4.8 using webkit (QWebView) for rendering.

It's about 2x faster on the sunspider JavaScript benchmark as the stock browser, which is pretty sweet.
It isn't very touch friendly as it is basically a desktop app.

The app is an almost straight port of the Qt "fancybrowser" demo.
The WebOS extension for Qt to work on WebOS are derived from https://gitorious.org/~darronb.

Developing a full-fledged browser is a hard task. I do not plan to develop this much further but would be happy to help if somebody is interested.


- !No virtual keyboard on Touchpad!

- No flash or H.264

- Pre x.
- Touchpad: not tested - may work, or not.
- No armv5 (pixi, ...)


18.02.2012 v 0.4.0
- Fixed kinetic scrolling
- Enable/disable javascript

14.02.2012 v 0.3.0
- Tabbed browsing
- Touch&Kinetic scrolling (beta)
- (Very) primitive zoom support
- Bookmarking foundations (not yet persistent)

27.01.2012 v 0.1.0
- First release


- The WebOS extension for Qt to work on WebOs is by Darron Black: https://gitorious.org/~darronb
- Qt version 4.8
- Instructions to cross-compile Qt are available at: http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/HowtoQt



BSD License Open Source - Learn More



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tried it on my pixi, doesn't launch. I would, however, like an alternative to the built-in browser because it always hangs up and doesn't seem to be able to upload info

Instructions to cross-compile Qt for WebOS and source code available at

Instructions to cross-compile Qt for WebOS and application source code available at:

Nice! blazing fast, or maybe its me but initial impressions are very positive.
Can't press "enter" in the address bar to go to a webpage though, had to just search my website through the google homepage. No zooming controls either but I needed to access a website as a desktop browser and couldn't figure how to do that with teh stock browser. I'm using a pre 3

Fast and semi functional on TP... until recent update!!

Now, not on the screen long enough before it crashes to get an idea of anything!

Seems to be related to Wifi ON. As soon as 'slash.dot' comes up.. it dies.

Wifi OFF.. 'where do you want to go?'... App remains.


Not good :(

New version doesn't start on my pre- 2.1... This browser as a pdk plugin would be great!

Soo cool youve made this QT Browser running!
It works perfect on my Pre3.

Im using it for sites wich doesnt alloow mobile devices.

even in facebook the chat works.

but links wich would open in a new window dont work :/

But Great Work Dudes!!

brilliant. If you can just get the touchpad keyboard to work now ...

Thanks for sharing your time and talents in porting this browser. One question is would you post how to hack a different start page than google? That would be a big help to touchpad users as it is nearly useless on a touchpad without the virtual keyboard and with google as a start page. With another start page where there are many links to follow, it would work much better.


not working on PALM PIXI PLUS. is there anyway to make it work?

Sounds interesting! It would be best if newest update will be launched. - Sandra Dyche