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Access different views in Maps [webOS 3.0] 15

by Adam Marks Tue, 06 Sep 2011 8:58 am EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad was the first webOS device to replace the lackluster webOS Google Maps app with Bing Maps in webOS 3.0. While it may not have all the same features as Maps apps on other platforms, it does have some nice options for you within the app, including the ability to change how you view the map. In additional to the standard map and satellite views that you were used to in Google Maps, you also have the "Bird's Eye" views that provide an angled viewing of a map (instead of a just a pure top-down view). To change you desired view type, tap on the  icon on the top-right of the app to expose a sliding pane from the right of the screen. From here, you can select Road, Satellite, or Bird's Eye.

Once you select your view type, you can pan around the map or zoom in using either a double-tap or pinch-to-zoom. In addition, when in Bird's Eye view, you can change viewing angles by placing two fingers on the map and rotating them either clockwise or counter-clockwise in a half-circle. Take a look after the break to see some examples of the different viewing angles that are available to you.


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OK these are nice features.

However the traffic information in Bing is far from accurate compared to the one provided in Google Maps...

Really wish a Google Maps client would exist for the Touchpad. I also find that when travelling to more remote areas, Google's Maps are more up to date and therefore more reliable than the Bing ones.

If anyone can point me in a different direction with settings or tweaks I can try and live with Bing...

If anyone has a solution for porting Google Maps to webOS 3.x I am all hears...

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Have you tried going to in the browser? It has the traffic layer, even in the mobile version

I did, and this is what I use.(most of the time) Just is fun to have it as the maps client directly.

Something I find as a problem with a lot of these apps and such is the ability to access the internet when you travel around. Has anyone figured out a way to tether to their phones data connection? I live in a rural area surrounded by mountains and the only other spot to pick up wifi is McDonalds in town, not very useful when out on the road.

Yes, I'm tethering my Pre- with Freetether, no problem. The PreCentral forums have threads all about tethering and there's at least one about tethering non-webOS phones.

Veer has mobile hotspot... Not free though

FreeTether found under Preware, works very well.


If you have a pre phone you can install "Free Tether" from preware. It basically turns your phone into an access point and allows internet access from your phone not only for your Touchpad but for all WiFi enabled device.

As for other phones it depends on the OS and the features provided.

I think Bing maps work very poorly in comparison to the google apps on the phone and that's saying something considering how much trouble the phone app is. This is one where I want HP to work with MS to improve this app and get Google onto the platform by either getting them to do it or building the app themselves. Just get it done HP.

What about it do you feel works poorly? I actually like it a lot better than the phone version, mostly just because of the birds eye view, but it seems to work just fine for getting directions and stuff like that...

when I first got my touchpad, I fired up Bing and did a few searches on addresses. Bing would return no results. It lacks the detail of Google maps and was hinky enough to me on first try that my perception of it is now that its unreliable, fair or not. I don't consider it a go to app for directions.

As much as I like google maps, I do have to give props to Bing for the innovation of rotation birds eye view. Here's hoping google maps can 1up them with something even better.

I love it, I actually have to give Bing some props. Birds eye view is better than anything Google maps has to offer.

Does anyone know how to change the metric unit from Miles to Km in this nice app ?