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Access different views in Maps [webOS phones] 8

by Adam Marks Mon, 12 Mar 2012 6:14 pm EDT

This tip is only for webOS phones

Bing Maps options for phonesWhen webOS 3.0 and the TouchPad were released, Bing Maps was the default mapping application, replacing the Google Maps app that was installed on al webOS phones. Shortly after, those webOS phones were then updated to also replace Google Maps with Bing Maps, bringing almost all of the same functionality of the larger tablet-based version. One similar feature is the ability to change how you view the map, including the standard street map, satellite view and the "Bird's Eye" views that provide an angled viewing of a map. Unfortunately, unlike the TouchPad version, you can not rotate the angle of the Bird’s Eye view.

To change you desired view type, tap on the   icon on the top-right of the app to open the “OPTIONS” screen and use the bottom dropdown to select your “VIEW”. This will then take you back to the map and reload it as selected


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I wish Maps had bicycle map like Google Maps does in a browser (never seen the app).

If only it weren't still completely unusable.

The only issue I have with it is the loading time. On my Pre 3 it is so ssllloooowww to open, it makes it almost not worth opening the app.

for bicycle maps try Mapping Tool (Pro). It has at least 2 different (by the name) Bike Maps from the OpenStreet Map project.

Google Maps used to work prior to the requirment of updating our phones to Bing Maps. Bing Maps may work in webOS 3.0 but I have a Palm 2 on VZW with web os 2.1, and it has a very unstable "unusable" version of Bing maps. It does not have the ability to find our location, traffic updates, and whenever the the operating system re-boots, Bing map disappears and you have to reload it.

Is their a reason for that?

Google maps working pretty decently on my palm pré+. But, in france ( and i read in europe as well), you cannot find any shop or business or even have access to traffic. For me it sounds like a crap app, or maybe the bing map is ok (when you use it from the web) but it really sucks when using the palm app.
If i could only have the google map app back !

bing maps is hopeless in New.Zealand. Satellite views very poor resolution. It seems to insist in using GPS to find your location as a start point, even if I'm looking for somewhere in UK. Takes ages. My Pre2 had google-maps when I got it which worked fine. First upgrade replaced it with bing. A downgrade in my view.

anyone know of a way to get the google-maps app back?