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Access a Mini-calendar view with Uber-Calendar patch 24

by Adam Marks Mon, 15 Apr 2013 7:58 pm EDT

Minicalendar in UberCalendarThe Calendar app in webOS has some great features and Synergy in webOS makes consolidating calendars from multiple sources extremely easy, but anyone who remembers how the calendar worked from the old PalmOS days also knows that there are some major feature missing, too. While there are some patches and apps out there that can be helpful to bridge those gaps, the most complete one is UberCalendar.  UberCalendar is an extremely powerful patch in Preware for both webOS phones and the TouchPad that will greatly enhance the capabilities of the stock calendar app. Among those enhancements is the ability to access a monthly calendar pop-up to select a specific date when creating or editing a calendar entry.

Normally when you edit the date of a calendar entry, you have to know the specific month, date and year you want and select them from individual input fields. This can be frustrating if you want to create an entry for a specific day of the week but don't know the specific date off hand (for example, the first Saturday next month). With UberCalendar, however, you can tap on the Calendar icon icon to the left of the start or end date to pop up a small monthly calendar for you to choose the date you want. Today's date will be outlined in blue and you can swipe across the calendar to change months. By default, you only have access to the next few months, but you can select a different month and/or year from the dropdowns to get access to additional months. On phones, the selected starting and ending dates will be shown with green and red markers on the mini-calendar, respectively, while those dates will only be outlined in a yellow box on the TouchPad.

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Looks awesome... Hope to see more coming.

Thanks to those committed-die-hard developers!

I would like to have to normal month view in "FullScreen" mode to select the day as it was in PalmOS. This is better than nothing but it's to small.

My installation failed. I don't know how to read the IPKG log, so I can't tell what caused the failure. Does anyone have any guidance on this? Thanks.

Thanks. It was the Remember Times Patch. I had removed all the others and missed that one.

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Uber Calendar HD installation failed on TouchPad. No other calendar patches are installed.

this was probably the #1 patch that kept me using webos.

voted for the dev all the time in the yearly contests.

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Uber Calendar HD installation failed on TouchPad. No other calendar patches are installed.
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