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Access USB Mode on the TouchPad 7

by Adam Marks Sun, 11 Sep 2011 8:19 pm EDT

If you needed to access USB mode on a webOS phone, you could either use the on-screen option to or press the Option (orange or silver key) + Sym + U after you attach your phone the computer. This keyboard shortcut was a nice option if your touchscreen was unresponsive (or broken) since you would be unable to use the on-screen buttons. While it appeared as if that keyboard option was unavailable for the TouchPad since there was no keyboard, it turns out that there actually is a hardware option to toggle USB mode. Once you connect your TouchPad to a computer, just press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time and you should immediately see the USB mode icon on your TouchPad's screen.

Thanks to Rene Hennig (@renehennig on twitter) for this tip


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I wonder what other little shortcuts there are?


Can you plug your Veer or Pre3 directly to the TouchPad to share files?

Is there an opposite shortcut. I tried a few combinations but couldnt find one.

The reason i ask is that even when i safely eject my touchpad i ALWAYS get the "ouch that hurts" message and it always thinks its been unsafely ejected.

Its quite annoying.

To correctly disconnect your tPad from the computer, go to -> Computer -> Touchpad drive: right click -> Eject

OMG Thanks maxbg. I was using the "Safely remove hardware and eject media" button down near the system clock in the bottom right hand corner of the computer.

I thought it would be exactly the same as what you described but apparently its not.

I just tested both and your method works and mine does not.

In reality they both should work. This is very bizare, Thanks heaps for the tip :)

I had the same problem in that I used the safely remove hardware icon and not the computer >touchpad eject method....ty for the tip now no "OUCH THAT HURTS" :P

I accidently entered USB mode (must of pushed both buttons) and now it's stuck on usb mode, I can't even turn it off. Any ideas?