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Access your Phone call history 13

by Adam Marks Sun, 20 Feb 2011 10:52 pm EST

Have you even had the need to check your phone call history for any calls you made, received or missed? To access your call log, all you need to do is open up the Phone App () and then tap on the  button on the bottom-right of the screen. Once the call log loads up, you will see a listing of all your incoming or outgoing calls, along with the option to filter these by "All calls" or just your "Missed Calls" by pressing the corresponding button on the top of the screen.

Although this call log appears like a relatively simple interface, there are actually a number of actions that you can perform here:

  1. Within the listing of calls, you can tap directly on the Name or Number shown to call that person
  2. Instead of showing multiple consecutive calls for a give contact, a number will appear on the right to indicate the number of calls that were made or received
  3. If you tap on the  icon on the right-side of a listing, additional details will be shown for that contact, including a listing of each call, an icon to indicate if you made, missed or answered that call, and the time and length of that call
  4. Next, all of the numbers that you have for that contact will appear, and you can either click on a number to initiate a call, or click on the SMS icon () to send a text message
  5. Finally, you can click "View Contact" to open up the contact record for that person.
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I tried calling Jon but it didn't work :(

sprint fails with new hardware that I like. I love the price I pay, subsequently I suffer from shitty hardware. And a 2 year old EOL palm phone.
Looks like my contract is due mid summer, right near iPhone 5 release? I'll probly be changing colors then. Dear my 1.4.5 Palm Pre, I've loved your beauty, hell my pre has been doing stuff for years that other phones can't do still today. I just can't stand the fact that my battery only lasts 7 hours. FAIL.
i5 here I come.

Gee - what a surprise. Another "I'm leaving" comment.

FWIW, If you want to move your call log to a new phone, check out my story.

What does this have to do with the topic? Good for you for getting 7 hours of battery life. Mine pre gets about 5!
Good luck on the iphone 5. You sure you don't want to wait 9 more months for iphone 6? The latest itunes won't be able to support iphone5. Kinda sad how you have to tether your phone to itunes for updates/backups. Anyway man, to each their own. I just would never pay AT&T for any phone services. Verizon is good but also overpriced.

Wow, I've had a theme on my phone for so long that i've forgotten what the original theme looks like.

Thanks for the tip, I needed to see if a missed call came before or after another call today and forgot how to get to the itemized details for several calls to/from the same number. This was timely for me!

have you ever tried to find a number from a week ago. If you make a lot of calls like I do, it can take forever. I wanted to make an app to search call history but you can't access call history from outside phone app. I hope webos 2 can do this.

How can i check my call log

gud job

I have tap and tapon the icon to pull up the phone history
And it is not working.

Apenas voy usarlo aberque tal;-)

I'm excited about this .

Its really helpful I loved it