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Accessing the USB Drive 15

by Adam Marks Mon, 16 Aug 2010 1:58 pm EDT

Attaching your phone to a computer and turning it into a USB drive can be a powerful tool to manage the files on your device. There are actually three ways to access USB Drive mode:

  1. When you initially plug in your device, you get a dashboard option for "USB Drive" or "Just Charge". Just press the "USB Drive" option.
  2. If you chose to "Just Charge" when you first plugged it in, you will get a dashboard option that you can access at any time. Just tap on that notification to access the USB Drive.
  3. If your touchscreen is not working, if you swiped away the dashboard notification, or you just like keyboard shortcuts, you can also press Option (orange or silver key) + Sym + U after you attach your phone the computer.


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This was a life saver when my old pre cracked from having a patio chair set on it and it not registering any touches on it at all. Was able to save all my pics, files and music off of it using the keyboard option.

should also state the more common issue (without knowing this prior) but when you HIDE the tray icon (swiping it away) .. this is convenient to make it reappear without un-plugging/re-plugging.

Great tip

Good call...updated the tip

Wouldn't it be nice if you could press that same combination of letters while in USB drive mode to switch back to "just charge?" Is a slight annoyance when you have your phone charging and functioning as a USB drive, and then having to unplug it and then plug it back in to get it back to "just charge" mode.

On a Mac, eject the Pre volume from the Desktop or in Finder. In Windows, right-click the "safe to remove devices" icon in the task tray and select the Pre volume.

After doing either of these, the Pre should return to "Just Charge" mode without having to unplug/replug the cable.

You're stealing my thunder! ... this will be another Tip coming soon :-)

Ah! Never thought of that! I always use the "safely remove hardware" function and it still showed the USB drive icon. I'm at work here now and I just tried it. Worked like a charm! Thanks!

And of course in Linux it is similar. I hit the eject button in Ubuntu, right click and unmount in CentOS (RedHat clone), or just sudo umount /media/PALMPRE from a terminal. :)

you can also right click on the PRE icon in MY COMPUTER and select eject from the pop up menu.

wish I knew that back when I replaced my original pre. Screen stopped responding just after I stopped charging it, pre number 2 works well though

Another option:



what if when you plug it no dialogue appear AT ALL (even with Option + Sym + U)....
just for those who ll ask no special preware or homebrew installed at all

can WebOS Doctor help with that?

basically the computer behave as if he would not see the Palm (unless when it is off and then it does see the OMAP etc...)

and the palm seems stuck in "just charge"

I m sure I m not the only one whom it happened to

thanks for any help

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