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Add a web bookmark to your launcher 12

by Adam Marks Thu, 13 Jan 2011 3:28 pm EST

While creating a web bookmark is a convenient way to return to a website that you visit often, you still need to first open up the Web app and then go through a few steps to actually access that bookmark (yes, webOS 2.0 will include bookmarks in a Just Type search, but that still requires a few extra taps). For sites that you visit more often, you may want to consider adding an icon to your launcher so you can open up the browser directly to that website, or even use Universal Search to quickly find that launcher icon, just like any other application. To add a website shortcut to your launcher, follow the exact same steps as creating a web bookmark, but instead of choosing "Add Bookmark" from the Web Application dropdown, choose "Page" then "Add to Launcher". You can even replace your Web icon with one of these linked icons to effectively give you a "home page" for the browser.  Deleting these icons work the same as deleting applications on the launcher, just hold down the Option (Orange/Silver) key and tap the icon.

Note that while web bookmarks are saved to your Palm Profile, icons added to your launcher are not. Luckily, WebOS Internal's Save/Restore homebrew app will back up those icons (as well as your bookmarks, just in case)

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And stay tuned for Monday, when we will go over ways to make those icons look even better!!!

I've created a web bookmark on my launcher to Google Voice's mobile site, which looks almost like a regular app.

Taking it another step, customizing the icons:

I remember seeing this tip in the forums way way back, but couldn't find the post :(

EDIT: sorry Adam, didn't see your comment :)

No worries -- the next tip will be very similar to webosroundup's writeup..

I have most of my main used sites as icons so I can search to find them easy.. Cant wait for webOS 2.0 so i can make and title a page as "Sites" for their own page.

You can do that now with the Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch.

Thank You!!!! I have had a twitter bookmark on my launcher since I bought my phone that I never knew how to delete!

You know its funny ! I asked Dieter about posting this up on precentral last year . And he said it was a little difficult and he would think about posting it lol ltm ltm . Ha !

Excellent tip, thank you!!

I've run across a bug with this though. If you create a bookmark in your launcher to an Audio Stream, and the stream happens to be down, the Launcher slows to a crawl.. Not sure if the same is true if the page is down..

It's rare I find one of these I do not already know.
Hell I haven't even signed in to this website in months.
Thanks for a GREAT tip.

I've been doing this for months. Haha, I even have a whole Launcher page set aside for them. Ever since I found my book marks and history to not be working I started doing this. History and bookmarks still don't work for me, but I don't really miss it. (though history would be nice to have so I can go back and look at pages again when i'm around a PC and can't remember what the page address was)