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Add website to launcher [webOS 3.X] 4

by Adam Marks Sun, 09 Oct 2011 10:31 am EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

Adding bookmarks in the web browser is an easy way go quickly return to your favorite websites, but you can also add an icon for that site to your App Launcher to get there even faster. All you need to do is load up a webpage, press the  icon to the right of the URL bar and select "Add to Launcher". A pop-up will appear that will let you adjust the name or web address, if necessary. Unfortunately, unlike adding a website to your launcher on phones, you are unable to adjust the picture of the icon that will be added to the launcher. This makes it difficult to utilize the trick to make the icons look really nice


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The inability to adjust the icon is a surprising omission and a step backwards from earlier versions. This and the inability to reorder browser bookmarks (as well as create bookmark folders) spoils the browser experience.

The webOS browser spoils the browser experience.


You can get a reasonable image and I learned how to do it here for bookmarks. It's the same process when you have a site you want to add to launcher.

First, open the site you want to "add to launcher" in the browser. Minimize that card.

Second, open a second browser card and go to Google images ( Search for the image you want. Once you find one, tap on it and then tap on "See full size image"... You now have a web page with the image only.

Tap on the Add Bookmark/Share Link/Add to Launcher icon and select Add to Launcher. You now have the image you want as an icon but not the right web address or title.

Tap on image_title--you can edit this to read whatever you want. So, hit delete and then type the name you want.

Do not close the "add to launcher" dialog--just minimize that card and go to your first browser card.

Copy the desired website address from the first card. Go back to the image card and tap on the website address in the "add to launcher" dialog--you can edit this, too. Paste the desired website address right there.

If you know the website by heart, you can skip the copy and paste and just type in the website address.

Now tap on Add to Launcher. You have the image you want with the web address and title you want.

In general, I find that images around 128 x 128 or less work best. Something that's 256 x 266, for example, is just too large to fit.

You'll know as soon as you tap the Add Bookmark/Share Link/Add to Launcher icon whether the image will work or not. If it doesn't look good, hit cancel and go back to Google images. Chances are there is another image there that will work well.