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Adjust Email retention times 5

by Adam Marks Tue, 11 Oct 2011 11:13 pm EDT

If you have ever noticed that some of your older emails just seem to disappear from the Email app on your TouchPad or on webOS phones, it may be due to the sync preferences that you have set for that email account. By default, emails are only kept for 7 days, but you can adjust that to keep emails for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, or All.

To adjust this setting:

  1. Open the Email app
  2. Swipe down from the top-left to bring down the Email application drop-down
  3. Select "Preferences & Accounts"
  4. Scroll down to the "ACCOUNTS" section and tap on the account you want to update
  5. In the "SYNC CRITERIA" section, there is an option for "SHOW EMAIL" that you can adjust the email retention time frame.
  6. Swipe back (on phones) or tap "Done" (on the TouchPad) to return to Email Preferences, where you can select any other accounts to update

Note that there are some patches available to provide additional time frames if the provided ones do not meet your needs.

Thanks Wade Dickinson & thumb23 for asking about this in the comments of a previous tip


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I've noticed that it works well in Exchange, but Gmail and other IMAP based clients do not remove older emails. (At least not in webOS 1.4.x) In Gmail and other IMAP based clients, it keeps downloading the new messages each day and the folder keeps getting larger. The only way to remove the old messages is to go into the preferences (as shown above) and select another time. Go back into the mail app and sync, then it will remove the older messages.

I find myself doing this from time to time and it can be quite irritating.

This has been driving me nuts. I looked for a way to change it but missed one of the steps along the way. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

All my email accounts are kept at 7 days, however my microsoft exchange accounts have kept every email starting from 7 days before I first synced the account.

My gmail, & yahoo accounts on the other hand delete from my device after 7 days.

This is the case on both my Pre 2 & TouchPad.

i don't see any patches in preware like the ones you mentioned- perhaps there aren't any for the Pre 3 yet?

I found this way back when, but I wish a developer would make a way for me to set All Mail as default folder. I can sort of do it, but it does not delete those older emails. Since I am on the 'big machine' several hours of every day, I set the Pre to only 1 day. It seems to do that for the Inbox, sorta' sometimes. I have quite a few folders in gMail for sorting. I would prefer to have the Pre only see All Mail and that only for a day. Devs?