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Adjust Gesture Detection Method (LunaCE) 12

by Adam Marks Wed, 23 Jan 2013 6:40 pm EST

This tip is only for HP TouchPads running webOS 3.0.5 and LunaCE 4.9.5 or higher

Tweaks - LunaCE Gesture DetectionWhen HP released their Open Source "webOS Community Edition" for the HP TouchPad (not to be confused with Open webOS), the group at WebOS Ports was able to package up those changes along with a bunch of enhancements and released it as LunaCE (pronounced lunacy") in Preware. LunaCE is currently in beta so you will need to go through the process to set-up the beta feeds in Preware, which can be found at In addition, you will need to have Tweaks installed on your TouchPad to toggle any of the new enhancements.

One enhancement that is available in LunaCE is the ability to adjust the Gesture Detection method when swiping in from the bottom of the screen (as long as you have Swipe up enabled on your device) to minimize your app. You have three options that you can choose from by opening up Tweaks and navigating to the Luna section

  • Swipe - You need to perform a fast swipe up from the bottom of the device and the gesture will be detected when you pull your finger up from the screen. If you perform a slow swipe up, nothing will happen.  This is the closest option to the stock webOS 3.0.5 experience
  • Slide - No matter how quickly or slowly you swipe up, you just need to swipe up 15 pixels from the bezel of the device. You do not need to even lift your finger from the screen, just swipe past that 15 pixel line and the gesture will activate
  • Fluid - This option provides the most natural option where the device actually tracks your finger and will show the transitional state of the app from active to being minimized. If you pick up your finger before the app is fully minimized, it will snap back to full screen

Regardless of your choice, LunaCE does provide one additional major improvement to the webOS experience. On a stock TouchPad, a swipe up from the bottom may minimize your app to card mode, but it will also interact with the app. So if you are reading a webpage it will scroll that page, if you have a drawing app up it may draw a line on your swipe, or if you are playing a game that swipe may cause an unanticipated action. In LunaCE, all swipes from the bezel of the device no longer affect the current app, which is a great thing!

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