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Adjust Just Type preferences [webOS 3.0] 7

by Adam Marks Wed, 27 Jul 2011 3:32 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

Modifying the search and action options that are available to you when performance a Just Type search in webOS 3.0 is very similar to the how you adjust those options in 2.0, which just a few slight tweaks. You still need go access Just Type preferences, but that can now be found by opening the "Just Type" app on the SETTINGS tab in the app launcher, or by tapping the Just Type bar at the top of the screen while in card mode, swiping down from the top-left to bring down the Application drop-down menu, and selecting "Preferences".


Unlike in webOS 2.0, the preferences screen is now one really long list of options, with ON/OFF toggles or checkboxes for each item. From here, you can toggle entire areas of Just Type (e.g. Applications, Contacts, Quick Actions, etc) on or off to totally hide them, or you can tap on the checkboxes just for those items within those sections to determine if they should be available during a Just Type search. You will notice that this list will get rather lengthy, as every Just-type compatible App will be included here, along with every website that you have ever visited that participates with the Open Search web protocol. And unfortunately, there is no way to reorder or remove any of these list items in webOS 3.0 just yet, so the list will just keep growing over time.

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The inability to remove websites from the Just Type search list seems like a glaring privacy issue.

Yes, would really like to be able to delete a search engine that was added by mistake or any of the four CNN engines that have installed with the same name.
Additionally be able to permanently ignore future notifications about a open search engine that you ignored already.

Still, Just Type is a really great feature of webOS.

I posted about this in another forum and got a good tip back. Apparently, when you clear the browser history and cache, many of the unselcted options will disappear from the Just Type preferences. Worked for me.

Hey that worked, thanks!

It didn't delete all the unchecked ones but did delete those I was looking to get rid of so I'm happy.
Might be just deleting only those installed via a notification from visiting the related website. Those unchecked and installed with an app are not affected.

Ok you can delete website entries from just type by just swiping them over.

more importantly, did they fix the bug on this one. there is a bug where you check the checkbox, then it doesn't show up as checked until you scroll and move the page.

it really annoyed me that i was pressing on a checkbox over and over again, but didn't know it was being checked until i scrolled the screen.

hope that one was fixed.

Oh and any word when we can delete apps?

"Calendar Events" — Yezz, finally!