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Adjust messaging vibrate length/pattern with SMS Vibrate patch 11

by Adam Marks Wed, 16 Jan 2013 4:33 pm EST

Tweaks - MessagingWhen your webOS device is set to vibrate-only and a notification comes in, be it a text message, email, or app alert, there is usually no way to distinguish what that alert is for unless you physically look at your phone. There have been patches in the past that changed the length of the messaging vibration alert to a longer preset length, but now you can install a Tweaks-enabled patch that not only allows you to not only set the length of the vibration, but you can also set a vibration pattern.

Once you install the "SMS Vibrate" patch by webOS forum member nickpl, just load up Tweaks and go to the Messaging section. There should be a new VIBRATE section with two options.

  • PERIOD: This sets the vibration pattern. The length of time you enter here will be the repeating period between vibrations. If this is set to 1, you get one long vibration
  • DURATION: The total duration time of the vibration pattern.

These options use milliseconds to set the length of time. So a value of 1000 is the same a 1 second, 2000 equals 2 seconds, etc. Regardless of your selections, you will still get your standard vibration alert, but it will then be followed by the pattern you assigned above. So if you want a short vibration every second for 5 seconds, you would set Period = 1000 and Duration = 5000. If you want 10 short bursts over the course of 1 second, you would set Period = 100 and Duration = 1000.  If you want a single long vibration that lasts a second and a half, you would set Period = 1 and Duration = 1500.  Got it?  Also, note that unlike many other Tweaks, this does not require a Luna Restart to take affect. Just make your changes, wait until your next text message/IM to come in, and then adjust the settings until you find something you like

Note that this patch has only been tested on webOS 2.2.4 and may not be available on earlier versions.

Source: webOS Nation forum

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Can't find this patch in preware. Is available for webOS 2.1?

hmmm..may only be 2.2.4.  let me update the post

Thanks. Maybe fix coming for other versions, I hope.

I updated the first post in the thread in the forum with the patch so you can try installing it if you feel daring. No promises it will work or won't break something on your phone. But if enough 2.1 people report success I'll update the patch in Preware so it installs on 2.1


nice patch. to bad this functionality wasn't offered by palm with the initial release of the phone.

Is there a link to download this patch anywhere so I can test to see if it works on 2.1

i just added the patch to the first post of the forum thread... Good Luck!


How do u get the Single Enter Sends patch displayed in the screenshot above? I tried searching for it in Preware but I couldn't find it!

I believe that comes from one of sconix's Advanced System Prefs Patches... the Messaging Prefs one I would guess.


Excellent Information!!!


Good post - nice tweak! Thanks.