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Adjust Stack overlap spread (LunaCE) 13

by Adam Marks Fri, 08 Feb 2013 5:05 pm EST

TouchPad stack spread out

This tip is only for HP TouchPads running webOS 3.0.5 and LunaCE 4.9.5 or higher

While the card and stack method of multitasking in webOS will allow you to see many of your open applications at once, you are only able to get a small glimpse of what is on the screen for any app beside the top one. While this made sense for phones that have limited screen real estate, the TouchPad offers a much larger area for you to work with so it would be great if you could see more of the open apps in a stack. Unfortunately, you have no say in how much each app overlaps each other.

However, once HP released their Open Source "webOS Community Edition" for the HP TouchPad (not to be confused with Open webOS), the group at WebOS Ports was able to give you the ability to adjust the overlap settings with a simple gesture as part of LunaCE (pronounced "lunacy"), available in Preware. Note that LunaCE is currently in beta so you will need to go through the process to set-up the beta feeds in Preware, which can be found at In addition, you will need to have Tweaks installed on your TouchPad to toggle this new feature.

Once you go into the "Luna" section of Tweaks and toggle "Stack Spread Gestures" to YES in the "GESTURES" section, you can then perform a two-fingered zoom-in or -out gesture when in Card View and you have a stack with more than one app. For stacks with only two cards, you spread the cards enough to be able to see almost 75% of the app in the back. As you can see in the screenshot, for 3-card stacks, you can spread the stack where you can still see more than half of each app. Of course, as you add more apps to a stack, the visible area of each app will go down as well. And If you want to go back to only seeing a sliver of each app, just pinch your fingers together and they will collapse back together.

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On the phone palm got it just right, touchpad not so much. Thanks to the ports team for fixing this.

To those that are waiting for a Preware release as I was, don't keep waiting... Installation is remarkably simple and safe. (copy and paste) The benefits are worth installing, and my experience has been very stable.
It's a welcome improvement that, IMHO, all us TP users should take advantage of to relish the beauty of the webOS experience on TP.

I loaded CM9 on mine to be able to access some of the Android apps that aren't available on TP, but in reality, there's almost no occasion that I don't prefer webOS, and frankly, for me anyway, Android apps ain't all they're cracked up to be. YMMV of course depending on what apps you may need/want, but for me, the app experience on webOS trumps the 200 kajillon BS apps on Android. The stuff I really need is there, and works so much better on webOS. My TP is a secondary tool to my PC/laptop, but anything I can't do directly on my TP, can be done simply via SplashTop on another connected machine if necessary. I almost never have to break out my laptop at home any more ;-)

So join in the fun and load LunaCE. And donate to webOS ports. They are doing great things for us, and deserve our appreciation.
(disclaimer... I am not affiliated with webOS ports. I just thank my lucky stars that my TP is still a "supported device" even if the Mfr. abandoned us.)

Great comment. Thanks for the boost in confidence. I think I'll go ahead, stop waiting, and install it.

I've sold my TP 6 months ago and this thing is still in beta. How long are you still holding onto this old tablet? Nothing to see, move along

Well some people still like their touchpad, and if it still works why not enhance it

+100 :-)

If you're not using it, try offering it for sale here. Someone will probably want to buy it.

Is it possible to install webos on a nexus 7 tablet?

People are working on it. When they get it working might encourage me to buy an Android phone.

excellent tip, just installed lunace yesterday, love the new gestures.

I just wanted to give you a thumbs up. Your last post finally pushed me to installing LunaCE. I am very happy about the change. This had made the OS everything it could possibly be. I can't wait for more tips.

I am always a little lost so pardon my ignorance..... But how do I install LunaCE on my touchpad?! I've been looking for a tutorial on how to do this. I am completely confused on how to get all these custom features installed.

I love my touchpad and I think what the community is doing with it is AMAZING!

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