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Adobe says Flash for webOS coming in first half of 2010 40

by Derek Kessler Wed, 11 Nov 2009 6:22 pm EST

Adobe Flash on webOS

While we’re almost entirely certain that Flash will not be included in webOS 1.3.1 (despite the groundwork currently being laid), there does seem to be a timetable out there. Adobe delivered Flash 10.1 for mobile to manufacturers last month, and now they want you to know that it should land on webOS devices in the first half of next year. Note: this isn't a delay, we've always known that delivering to manufacturers and delivering to end users are two different beasts entirely.

Users have reported getting the above message when they click on links to Flash videos or got to Adobe’s Flash website. Amusingly, iPhone users are also greeted with a message when they visit the Flash page, though it’s not quite as encouraging.

Thanks to klubhead for the tip!



I'll put money on it that it will be available in April of 2010 along with the CS5 suite. A rep from Adobe even told me so.

Perhaps this is also because they are working with Palm on GPU support.

I'm willing to wait for this feature. I only want to view non-Youtube Flash maybe once a month. It will probably become really useful once it lands, however.

ya right. first half = june 6

didn't you learn from pre launch XD

by the time the pre gets flash i'll have a new phone :p

A rep from Adobe told me that Santa Clause is real.

Santa is real!!!

Right about the time that the pre2 comes out.

The flash beta for WebOS is still coming out before the end of the year like they said right?

The beta is to manufacturers. There's been no talk of a public beta whatsoever - I have no clue where people have been getting that idea.

Thanks for the clarification

Ah, I signed up for a the beta on Adobe's site; where does it say that it's only for manufacturers?

Isn't this whole Pre experience 'public beta', since it's only half-baked?

I signed up for the beta - I don't remember it saying anything about manufacturers only.

Didn't we already go through this with the Pre being released in "the first half of 2009"? I'm really looking forward to the thousands of threads this will generate.

I seem to remember with all of the hype around launch time - December was the time frame.. Kinda pisses me off that they hyped it to sell product only to turn around and change everything all up... Isn't Webos based on linux? Isn't flash already available for linux.. whats the hold up? (I'm not a coder, so I don't know the caveats of going from linux to.. linux)

Flash for Linux is horrible. And this is a mobile device, it doesn't have the same processing power and memory that a desktop or laptop running Linux would have.

Psst, the Nokia N900 has the same CPU as the Pre, and it does Flash. Oh, and it's Linux.

Here is a list of new features in Flash 10.1 which may help you see the big difference between it and the version available on Linux today.

Flash Player 10.1 Features and Enhancements

It's Linux, Jim, but not as we know it.

What you experience on your Pre is a Linux application called Luna, or an even better way to look at it it's an abstraction layer. Under normal circumstances you aren't supposed to see any of the operating system beneath Luna.

Flash on Linux runs as an application, a plugin, within the browser. It has direct access to the graphical subsystem and translates the flash bytecode into something that Linux can handle.

So there's two problems. First is that (according to Wikipedia) support for Flash on Linux/ARM is currently sketchy. There's only one public version that's workable, and that's for a tablet PC. Second problem is that you would likely need direct access to the graphic subsystem from within Luna - something that, as far as I can tell, nobody's done yet.

I'm not going to be so bold as to claim that the webOS concept is broken, but it's pretty obvious that it limiting the device to just software written in HTML5 and Javascript is just not broad enough. Palm will eventually have to execute straight Linux/ARM code. It'll be nice if they give that access to developers who are writing applications that are nice to have and just not ones that are needed to keep the platform alive.

Lame! Earlier reports all pointed to the end of this year. More waiting...
Edit: it was just the public beta that was supposed to be out by the end of the year, so that could still happen, I suppose. For the doubters, here's the link (sign up to be notified!):

webOS 2.0.

I saw the iphone messege due to the spoofed user agent I have on my pre...hope the patch doesn't cause problems.

Actually, their signup page still claims beta this year.

"Thank you for your interest in Adobe

Frequently Asked Questions

When will a public beta release of Flash Player 10.1 be available?
A public developer beta of the browser runtime is expected to be available for Windows Mobile, Palm webOS and desktop operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux later this year. Check back to this site for the latest on availability or sign up to be notified on availability of the beta for Palm Pre.

When is Flash Player 10.1 expected to be generally available?
General availability is expected for the first half of 2010.

(from )

Please help me understand. Is it that Adobe wants more money in order to provide flash to Palm OS & iPhone OS or is it really taking them this much time to have a program integrate with each of these software's?

There will never be Flash for PalmOS. Perhaps you mean webOS?

It's not a money thing. Adobe want's flash on mobile devices and Palm wants flash on webOS. Development time.

Don't forget you have multiple incompatible operating systems executing on multiple hardware platforms (with different CPU and GPU). If Flash needs to low-level access to the hardware, it will need to be handled for each OS/CPU/GPU.

Hopefully, it is not as bad as that, but it could be.

First half of 2010 could mean January. That's less than 2 months away. Why is the glass always have empty with you people?

Because the majority of the people that populate this site are the people that heard about the Pre on January 9, 2009 and didn't touch one until June 6th at the earliest?

Remember the rampant rumors that had the Pre coming out anywhere from February to being delayed until July?

glad i can help ;)

.. i hope this isn't true though, i've been looking forward to flash support for the end of this year

I'm not really surprised by this.The upside is that it will be here.Better late than never.Sure it will be worth the wait

at least we know they'll not be focusing on iphone first.

not excited by this.

rather open source o3d

lets (not) see flash do that with an open source api

flash sucks

Can you use o3d to create games, etc like flash?

watch o3d in action at youtube.

o3d beach demo...

its on a level that flash will never be

I don't care what they use, I would just like to have something besides YouTube to view videos. Right now it is very restricting. And why do we have to pay to be able to sync with Outlook, some times I think I should have got a Hero, come Palm get it together!!!!

this is great but i wish it could be done sooner!


Why do we have to pay to be able to sync with Outlook, some timesa level biology coursework Case Studies gcse statistics coursework psychology coursework a level

My hopes for Flash on my Pre Plus are quickly sinking into a bottomless pit.

So is it already released? HYIP monitor