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Adobe to show off Flash 10.1 on webOS at MWC 47

by Derek Kessler Sat, 13 Feb 2010 4:35 pm EST

Flash on webOS Mobile World Congress will be getting underway tomorrow in Barcelona and Adobe’s going to be on hand to show off the latest version of Flash 10.1. Not only will the new Flash be shown running on Android and webOS devices, but if we’re reading Adobe’s words correctly, attendees to MWC will actually be able to try it out for themselves. Our own Dieter Bohn is headed to Barcelona to partake in the craziness that is the Mobile World Congress, hopefully he'll be able to get a hands-on with this newness. If not, we'll should be able to all get our hands on webOS Flash soon enough anyway.

Thanks to akitayo in our forums for the tip!


I find it amusing that every screen shot I see of Flash Mobile has a depleted battery indicator. I believe 56% is a new record.

That's not a screenshot of Flash. That's a screenshot of Adobe's website - my battery just so happened to have been drained a bit that day when I took the shot. ;)

Yeah, people want to believe something is wrong, so they assume it is flash and they assume that flash dropped the battery 44% in 10 seconds.

Regardless, this is good news.

Yeah, it was twelven seconds. Sheesh, people.


See, I knew it was more than 10 :P

I hear you can generate electricity by rubbing a balloon on your head also.;-)Might be new wave of the future?

are you implying we will be able to charge our phone by rubbing it on our head??? hmmmm???

Look, iPhones are being powered by oranges:

We have to one-up them and create mango-powered Pres!

Cool commercial. I did notice that the orange slices were in series in groups of 6 to get around 6V, yet the number of slices is 2380 which is not divisible by 6. Someone must have ate a couple. There's no point in "curling" the wire, just for looks.

And if you're going to get voltage, you have to use two different metals. The picture shows copper and zinc. All we saw was copper wire. I guess they want us to think the electricity comes from the oranges and not the wire.

The number of oranges is right to get a current of about one amp. Sounds right for an iPhone. I don't think they actually did it though since we only saw a tenth of the alleged orange slices and they didn't show any zinc wire

The harder you rub it the faster the internet.LOL

giggity. lol

I like ice cream

I know, Derek, I know. But also know that I recently saw a screen shot of Flash on some Android device where the battery icon showed a sliver. Only amusing is all! These are the pre-release images, after all (as clearly homebrewed as yours are!).

Who cares. Flash is not for "unoficial" countries. Pffft !

I'm probably dyslexic because at first I read WMC and thought "Wow, Adobe is really bold to show off webOS Flash to crowds of DJs, drunk partiers and beachgoers in Miami!"

so your saying we need to get pics of pres in the hands of paul okenfold and above & beyond?

Good thing too. Hopefully Dieter will be able to get a video of himself using it on a Pre so we can all see it in advance of our ability to use it (maybe on Monday?!)

It is good we have someone at MWC for all of us PC viewers.

On a side note, I have an advertising campaign for Palm:

0 to 10.1 quicker than Apple* and Android
*who's still at 0!

@Derek Kessler its Mobile World Congress. Not Mobile World Conference ;)


Is it really called Congress? As if Conference isn't dorky sounding enough already? :)

And it's not tomorrow, it's Monday, the 15th.

It's tomorrow in Barcelona!

If Flash on WebOS is going to be at MWC, that must mean WebOS 1.4 will be at MWC, too. Maybe those rumors about a Monday release are true!

I want Dieter's job.

it would be nice, wouldn't it? Although I just got promoted to head of IT at my company, so I'm pretty excited just the same.

Congratulations! Don't forget to be a role model - always put your Palm Pre smartphone on the desk during meetings :)

I don't know that you do. He and Phil (of WMExpers and Android Central) just spent the night in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport because of snow.

So I was looking at Adobes website and it seems that Palm will be talking about adobe on Mon. at 12pm (which is about 6am est). So could we be getting the update to 1.4 the morning of the 15th and have flash in the catalog sometime after Palms presentation that day? I'm thinking something similar to Palms announcement of its partnership with EA and release of several of their games right after the presentation.

yeah...of which i havent seen anymore since that release...I wish EA would get on it and release more games!!! Gameloft is doing an amazing job and so if laminar, so GET ON IT EA

Sorry EA, once we get flash on our phones, we won't see a need to pay $10 to get a game on the phone. You missed out after palm gave you the SDK and everything.

I don't agree. EA makes awesome games - and 3D games at that! If you can afford to pay $900 or more per year for your cell phone service, then $10 is nothing for a quality game. We all need to support companies like EA that enrich the webOS experience.

Yes,I also agree with same day updates.As soon as they announce it,Flash 10.1 will be here.SHAZAM!

Hack those IPKs so we can try it early.

lol yea

I don't even have my Pre yet and I am excited for this news.

Just saw this on the PreCentral Twitter page:

webOS 1.4 is looking less likely for Monday - tipped it was pushed back a week.

about 8 hours ago from Seesmic

I wouldn't be surprised if it was pushed back a week, I mean, if you have been a Pre/Pixi owner for as long as I have (since August) you would know that you can add 7 days or so to any announcement made about updates...

I'm not upset by this if this is the case, at least I know its coming SOON!

No date has been announced. Leaked from Sprint? Yes. Announced? Not until it actually hits. ;)

I just wish they would release it already! Geesh!!! I been waiting for 9 months! LOL

Ugh, I'm getting tired of these conferences. Release it already.

I know, I know, they need something to show at the conference, which is why they haven't released it. But a lot of the owners have been patiently waiting, and its like...give it to us, its finished already.

We ever gonna get a beta?

I think we're in for a special announcement in Barcelona...

C'mon WebOS 1.4 & Flash... I can wait for a delay... it's my bro who has Pre on Sprint... =(

Dieter must be rich. :)

I don't know if he is or isn't, but this is his job. He is traveling there on work. He works for SPE (the company that runs PreCentral, among other sites).

Please Adobe, don't break our hearts right after Valentine's Day! LOL