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Advanced Browser for the TouchPad now in the App Catalog 31

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 27 Jul 2011 12:22 pm EDT

A little more than a week ago we gave you our exclusive preview of the Advanced Browser app for the HP TouchPad by MakleSoft (the same guys who built SecuStore 2, which we're a fan of), and today it has gone live in the app catalog for you to purchase. This latest app by the MakleSoft dev team brings inline searching, auto-fill login details, a bookmarks start page, integration with other applications (like Spaz HD and Paper Mache), and eventually tabbed browsing (with webOS 3.0.2 OTA update) to the default web browsing experience on the TouchPad.

The app itself is $1.99 in the TouchPad catalog at a 33% discount, but MakleSoft wants to give you a bundle deal and give away this app to interested customers. Any user who purchases their other app, SecuStore 2 (which also integrates with Advanced Browser in automatically filling login details) will receive a promo code for the Advanced Browser to get the app at no cost (just need to leave a review of the app in the catalog to be eligible). From now until Sunday, SecuStore is also on sale at 33% off, making the extra security features even more interesting to consider for TouchPad owners. Finally, MakleSoft is also giving away 100 copies of PlanCastic this week for webOS smartphone owners, so check that out, too!

Get them while the gettin' is hot!

Source: Twitter (MakleSoft);


Downloaded, patiently awaiting WebOS 3.0.2

So who at Pre Central already has 3.0.2 on their TouchPad? Notice the tabs in the browser?

Tim wrote both this and the advanced preview article.

Why is the webOS update required anyway? And does webOS require setting the default browser so this app will open when clicking urls in other apps?

Due to a little bug in the current OS version tabs do not work the way they are supposed to. 3.0.2 will fix that bug. Tabs will the be activated automatically.

*require = support

Looks promising. Will dl when I get home today.

Any way it can sync my chrome bookmarks? That would put it over the edge for me.

I wish opera mini also comes to webOS

i wish webos would just come to some non overpriced, non-tiny devices.

Where native software leaves off, apps pick up the slack.

App production and consumption is the last bastion of vigor in the USA's economy.

Learning to code apps is fast becoming the best way to go into biz for yourself.

Got a javascript book sitting at my house, the wife is working on an app idea I helped her come up with, and I've got a few ideas written down...

Hyperbole. Look it up.

Critical thinking. Try it for once.

Just bought SecuStore 2 waiting for promo code!

I bought about 2 hours ago. Anyone know when/how we will receive the code?

Same here. Guess it is a manual process and we won't be getting the codes until end of day.

I have to say, I really appreciate PreCentral, but they desperately need a proofreader. There are way too many typos and misspellings published.

Love the new browser. Seems snappy and feature rich. Creating a Bookmark is easy and simple. Haven't figured out how to get the autofill to work yet but I do like it!! Recommend it if you're the type that likes to visit many sites. I love to have an alternate browser because some of my company web pages don't render properly unless you're using IE... (sux!).

A job well done!!!

Do we pages still jump around right to left?

Have the javascript issues been resolved?

E.g. can you go to and enter a location and then move the map around with your finger or does the entire page move around like on the stock version?

This seems to be a unique app. Thanks for the promotion.

I am interested, but don't see the 33% discount on secustore 2 in the catalog - it shows up as $9.99

That's the app at 33% off.

I have experienced a major issue with the default webOS browser, which is that I'm unable to log in to some web sites. The issue seems to be how the default browser handles some authentication cookies.

I know others are having the same issues with the TP, but can anyone tell me if this product (Advanced Browser) solved the issue?


Has anyone received a promo code for the Advanced Browser yet? I purchased SecuStore back when the original PC article on it said that they were going to do the code deal and posted my review a few days ago but have never heard from them about the code for the Advanced Browser.

I purchased SecuStore yesterday morning. I haven't received a promo code yet either.

Did you send an email to them notifying that you have done the above?

They then asked me to send a screen shot of my review.

Who is "they" of which you write? I too need a code from this secret process. Would guess it is HP who sells the APP or is it Maklesoft???

Ok. I have the browser installed after getting it through the promo code.
There are some improvements and the tabbed browsing will be nice, BUT

It does NOT address the #1 problem with the stock browser (#1 in my opinion).

The browser still moves side to side and because of this and the way it handles javascript, any dynamic content within a web site is useless.

Example: Got to and then try and move the map around with your finger or even zoom in on the map by double tapping it.

This is just one web site example (the list is endless) and it is very frustrating.

Yes, the browser renders sites well, has flash and all that...but for the love of God, someone please fix this issue.

Tabbed browsing works for me. Just open a webpage and open a link in a new card from the context menu. Now tap and keep pressed near the back button area and tabs will show up. Hope this helps.

I bought the wrong version of secustore and I emailed using the in app support button but no response as of yet. what is the best way to try to get into contact with the developer? thanks for any advice

tried it, not impressed.

new tab opens quickly without the card animation.

don't like
the UI makes no sense at all--things are not as easy to get to, except creating a new tab. . . Two places to do that.

no bookmark organization
doesn't use stock browser bookmarks Mr import them
two taps to get to bookmarks instead of one as in the default browser.

. . .