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by MetaView Sat, 10 Dec 2011 4:22 pm EST
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My Agenda app replacement for webOS 2.x or better. Features are

  • Agenda as standalone or exhibition app.
  • Show up to 31 days in advance.
  • Export events as iCalendar file (ics)
  • Options how to handle all-day events.
  • Show calendar color next to event.
  • Show ubercalendar icons next to event.
  • Show time until event and time since start of event.
  • Show time of event and duration or start and end time.
  • Select which calendars you want to see.
  • "Just Type" support, you can also just type from inside the app.
  • Tap header to jump to a certain date.
  • Tap dates or entries to open calendar on this day.
  • Swipe left or right to advance or go back in time.
  • Have AgendaZ auto launched to reflect the date on its icon.
  • Show your agenda in "Just Exhibition" on your TouchPad.

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  • catching possible exception during export
  • corrected month in export filename


  • exported ics file is now readable :)


  • fixed export


  • tactile feedback when opening the calendar from event list
  • open the calendar app from the month calendar
  • maybe fixed some layout glitches during search


  • Option to automatically remove orphaned events
  • Option to automatically remove doubled events


  • Layout fixes


  • Layout enhancements
  • Allow touchevents go to first list item


  • Fix the white parts on the bootom of the agenda list
  • Disabling auto launch will already affect next launch occurance
  • Regulary exporting agenda list for use in "Just Exhibition"


  • Use calendar id to store visibility
  • Option to enable/disable auto launch and time


  • Flick left/right shows a 'Please wait'
  • Flick left/right advances 1 year if in search mode
  • fix for broken Mojo.Format.formatDate in some locales


  • Flick left/right to advance date
  • Option to show past events from today
  • Option to keep display on


  • 'Back' button for Help scene
  • skipping AM/PM on time display
  • date displayed on icon
  • automatically relaunch if in dock mode before
  • optional: time until event (< 24h)
  • optional: start time - end time (no duration then)
  • Ubercalendar icons


  • christmas cleaning :)
  • time display
  • differentiate between show date and follow today


  • tap header to change date
  • search only searches event half a year in past and half a year in future (again tap header to change date)
  • after exhibition mode, you might need to launch the app 2 times


  • last update didn't go online
  • option to show 31 days ahead
  • option to show empty days too
  • option to hide calendar colors
  • option to show UberCalendar icons (doesn't work yet)


  • fullscreen on Pre3 and TouchPad
  • condensed display to fit more events on one screen
  • little layout changes


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Finally in 2.x searching in all calendars also via just type

can you add tasks that have due date?

I see in Preferences that I can set up which calendars to display. When I get to the end of my calendars, the display repeats... to infinity, or at least a very long time.

Otherwise, very nice app so far. Thanks!

Thank you MataView!

Looks very promising, thank you! I find the stock agenda app pretty useless, cause it doesn't show entries from the next day. AgendaZ fixes that issue and looks pretty cool too :)

I'm glad Agenda is back. Hope development for the TouchPad is forthcoming. With integration into Ubercalendar (TP & pre)

Thanks for possibility to remove calendar colors. A great agenda app!

Noticed that it often hangs a long time when using just type. Not sure it's because of the app though.

Thanks for your work!

Thank you for bringing back Agenda to my Pre 2!

One request: I'd love to be able (to choose) to see end times for events as well.

December 19

3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Meet with tax attorney

Great app for the Touchpad. A must have. Works well in exhibition mode also.

One suggestion would be to use amy picture as the background not just the system wallpaper.

thank you get much for this...I will buy the image app tonight.....

AgendaZ is my favorite Exhibition mode app. The main thing that would make it better is to display a photo.