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AgendaZ kicks calendar agenda view up a step 11

by Derek Kessler Wed, 14 Dec 2011 7:12 pm EST

Personally, I've long been enamored with the possibilities offered by Exhibition Mode on webOS, but it wasn't really until the TouchPad was released that Exhibition Mode was fully realized with apps like Flixi and Glimpse. So while the TouchPad was charging forward with passive information display, I couldn't help but look at my lowly Pre. I'd tried multiple apps but kept falling back on the standard clock (on black). And I really wanted to use Agenda, but the combination of the blurry aqua background and lack of customization (particularly calendars) really made it a hard sell.

Hard sell no more! Homebrew developer MetaView released into the webOS Nation Homebrew Gallery a new app: AgendaZ. The spiritual successor to the homebrew app simply titled Agenda, AgendaZ makes some simple but much needed modifications to the Agenda view from Exhibition. For one, it's now available as a standalone app with the option to set your background (current choices include the default - titled 'Flowers' - black, or your system wallpaper) and pick the calendars you do/don't want displayed. If you're like me and have a number of subscribed Google calendars you need to be able to reference but don't need at-a-glance, this is a must-have feature.

AgendaZ also includes a scrolling multi-day list (up to 14 days), all-day event exclusion settings, and handy at-a-glance color-code bars. It works on both TouchPad and smartphones (though the TouchPad version is a bit rough), and the smartphone version even supports Just Type search within the app. Finally, something to replace the clock on my Pre.


Looks nice -- glad to see the writeup. MetaView really is one of the main PIM-gurus for WebOS.

Anyone know if this is safe to install on WebOS 1.4.5? It shows-up in PreWare, but, it also states "...for WebOS 2.x or better..."

Technically a Pre3, but that doesn't really matter for the purposes of this article.

Glimpse - most overhyped app of 2011.

Yep. It lives up to the hype though, right?

Not to plug my own App, but Agendaz is 'Glimpseable' (i.e. it can be ran as a widget in Glimpse, for those with the Developer's Cut )

Something to note that's not in the article is that this is a 2.X application. The app's description *does* say that, but I would have expected Preware to not let me install it & say that I didn't have the right version of webOS installed.

I've never understood why there is no agenda view *in* the calender itself?

(or is there I and just can't find it?)

Won't start on my Pre minus.

Seems to require webOS 2.X
You are probably still on 1.4.5 unless you manually applied upgrade.

Replacing Agenda with AgendaX on SchedMyPhone app. Thanks for the awesome improvements.