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AIOSettings homebrews together a unified System Preferences app for TouchPad 8

by Derek Kessler Fri, 01 Jun 2012 6:29 pm EDT

AIOSettings homebrews together a unified System Preferences app for TouchPad

We wrote about it in a webOS Wish List entry a few months back, and today it's reality. Thanks to homebrew developer Garrett92C, the unified System Preferences app finally exists for TouchPad users. Dubbed AIOSettings (All-In-One-Settings), the Enyo-based app simply takes the seventeen separate Preferences apps and loads them up in a two-column layout.

On the left you'll find a scrolling alphabetical list of the formerly separate Preferences apps. On the right, your selected Preferences screen. It's as simple as that. AIOSettings works in both landscape and portrait orientations, though if you find yourself wanting additional horizontal real estate you can collapse the list column down to just the icons to view the full-width of your selected Preferences screen. It helps that when laying out the Preferences apps for webOS 3.0, HP purposefully made them narrower than was necessary for the 1024x768 screen of the TouchPad, perhaps with this express purpose in mind. Also, it's worth noting that right now a few of the preference screens (Bluetooth, Print Manager, Software Manager, Text Assist, and VPN) don't open in AIOSettings and instead open in a separate card, but they do at least stack with the origin card. It's a known issue, and one we're sure will be addressed in due time. Before you get worried, AIOSettings does not replace or alter your existing Preferences apps, they're all still there and they all still work.

Like practically all homebrew development for webOS, Garrett92C has done this out of his love for the operating system and is providing AIOSettings free-of-charge. You can grab it now from the webOS Nation Homebrew Gallery or via our feeds in Preware and WebOS Quick Install. If you're finding yourself approving of Garrett92C's work (and you should be finding yourself approving), then we might recommend you show your appreciation with a quick donation as a "thank you" for the work.


Aside from AIOSettings, Garrett has graced us with awesome Theme Manager-compatible themes for Pre3 and TP as well as a weather widget and a battery widget for enyo devices.

So buy the man a brewski or two!

Agreed Garrett's tremendous contribution to webOS community 100%. (he also made many patches)

I wonder, will there be something similar for the Pre3?

Unfortunately, I haven't been having much luck with that. I don't think CrossAppUI works in webOS 2.2.4 and below...

All I can say about this guy and his work is...DONATE! His stuff is awesome!

Sweetness! Downloaded and Donated.. Thanks!

WOW!This is what i love about WebOS and the amazing people around it:once we find a lack of features someone steps up and fill the void.Awesome work Garrett.

Excellent app. I have a question, though not about the app, but it seems relevant if using it.

I now want to hide all the settings apps this consolidates in its menu: Accounts, Backup, Bluetooth, Date & Time, Device Info, Exhibition, Just Type, Location Services, Print Manager, Regional Settings, Screen & Lock, Sounds & Ringtones, Software Manager, System Updates, Text Assist, VPN, and Wi-Fi.

I'm using the " 'visible": false, ' method described in:
I found the folders for there apps in /usr/palm/applications

Only four of them will hide though. Bluetooth, Device Info, Location Services, and Text Assist. The rest remain visible after Luna restart.

Any reason why? Are they somehow considered "Mission Critical" and therefor have somehow been forced to stay visible?

I would really like to replace those 17 icons with one uber-setting-app icon.

Thanks for any help.