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All I want for Christmas (for webOS) 76

by Derek Kessler Fri, 24 Dec 2010 9:58 am EST

Dear Santa,

I know, I know, late again this year. I know you’re busy, but I’ve been kind of busy too. Okay, I’ve been procrastinating, waiting for any hints as to what I might get for Christmas, but things have been awfully quiet around here. It seems like we’re in need of another “Christmas miracle” here in webOS land, and I’m pretty sure that’s your area of expertise.

I’ve tried to be a good blogger this year, but I can’t say that everything’s gone exactly as we planned. Things are looking up right now, kind of... but it seems nothing’s going to happen for a while here. Anyway, I’m sending this to you, hoping that you get it before taking off for the night (literally). I know it seems like a long list, but I’m not trying to be greedy - there’s just a lot of stuff that would make my day.

webOS 2.0, or 2.1, totally up to you. Grandpa Packard promised us webOS 2.0 by the end of the year, but somehow he only managed to get it to our cousins in France. They’re cool and all, but I’d kinda like to get my hands on it too. I’m not jealous, honest. Okay, you’re Santa Claus; you see me when I’m sleeping. I’ll be honest: I’m really jealous. Jealousy isn’t a good feeling to have this time of year, so maybe you’ll do something to make that feeling go away?

PalmPad. Everybody keeps on talking about how awesome this things going to be, but that we’re not going to see it before the end of the year. Or at CES. Or... whenever. I know it’s kind of a tall order, and all the kids want one this year, but I’m pretty sure my stocking could stretch to fit one.

Touchstone Accessories. I know I asked for this last year, but Uncle Jon promised a whole ecosystem of accessories for Palm devices, and we didn’t get anything accessory-wise the entire year. There’s so much more that the Touchstone tech could do... I’m kind of digging a Touchstone car charger with bluetooth for speakerphone/music (and a line out to my car, if you can swing it).

Palm Pre 3. I know the Pre 2 just came out, but to be honest it feels more like what the Pre Plus should have been. Or maybe it should have come out at the beginning of the year instead of the Plus. I’m not going to pretend to know. Okay, I do that all the time. Anyway, it doesn’t actually have to be the Pre 3 - I just want a new flagship webOS phone I can use on my Sprint, or any network, really. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

A Rocket Ship. Like Flash Gordon! That’d be so cool!



Oh, and don't forget to ask Santa for new APIs for the new Pre too! (hey, my first time being first)

Yes! the ones that should have been here in early fall. 2010 is turning out to be the year of unfulfilled promises, at least in WebOS land.

And I want my damn Jetpack! 'They' promised us all by the year 2000, we'd all have jetpacks. Palm is timely compared to these Jetpacks.

And did you know that you can't have paragraphs in these comments?

same here. And a webos toaster would be great too.

and a webos car radio

a webos netbook would be nice too

I think my new Toaster runs WebOS. LOL!!!

Oh yea and can you add... umm nevermind you covered it all! If you get that list Derek I am spending Christmas over your house!

1) I want a return of epocrates support with an explanation/apology (brain infarct, sorry we meant to keep webOS and cancel palm os)
2)brandname webOS developer support so people considering webOS will say, "hey my favorite app from iphone or android is here also."
3)new devices!!! (15 minute modern consumers' attention needs to be reminded webOS exists)
4) A great tablet(s) (you can see what happens when you rush a tablet - toshiba and viewsonic are temporarily pulling their products because they don't work well)
5) yes api's so new class of apps can be developed (see 2)
6) Lots of advertising and marketing
7) no screwups in execution!

I want the same thing he wants :)!

Ummm, I'm thinking HP is on the naughty list at this point, so they're gonna have to conjure up their own presents! But they rescued Palm, so they can't be all bad, right? So, how 'bout it Santa, how about just an announcement of what's coming before the year is out!? That would be heavenly...

Yep, jealousy is the problem here. A new phone won't solve that, six months from now you'll be jealous of another phone. Just stop being jealous. It's just a stinking phone for crying out loud.

LOL. It is indeed just a "stinking phone"; which is why people are upset.

what about all the flying cars we wer promised back in the 80's that "everyone would have in 2000o!!?

Doc Brown had a flyin Delorean in 85... How about my tahoe?

I still want that damn toaster!

I really dont think u can say HP rescue Palm just yet! All I know is that I dont know anything.
All I have is an OLD Pre (i say old because TMC with 3 cards is absurd) and the Touchstone (but the batery makes it look like usefull).
I have no idea when I can replace it with a new hardware (i know i can get Android rigth know) or get a tablet that can go with the pre and let me use it
I have No APPS at all, i'm a physician and I reeeally want to use the ones my coworkers have
I dont even know if i can get new Software (and hopefully make my phone experience les sad.

I AM a Palm user sinde the start (have 6 Palm hardware on the closet) but Im really starting to think about Android.
Please HP rescue me! I really need something to hapend.

Love this community! Congrats
(really sorry for my english)

Well, HP *did* rescue Palm. They haven't gone belly up; in fact, they're now part of a multi-billion dollar company. Whether what Palm spawned will remain viable is another matter. webOS + Enyo + Touchstone + Synergy + system integration = matter + antimatter. Can you say warp speed? I just hope HP can pull this off. I just read the latest novel in the Miles Vorkosigan saga, and I can't take another disappointment... :(

you should check out the overclocking kernels to remedy your TMC woes.

and you wouldn't even be able to get a TMC error on android, so consider yourself lucky.

Oh dont worry. I use kernels, I´m sticking with Uber but my batterie is horrible.
If I have to buy and extra batterie is Palms fault. And sadly when I HAVE to change it it takes 2:30!!!!! min!!! to reload the phone. (probably didnt have that time because a patient is waiting for me to look for some info!!!)

All Im saying is I love WebOS but right now doesnt helpme like it should, and nobody is telling me when is that going to change. All that as I work with 10 other Iphones full of apps!

Pleae let me add about PDF!!
I have like 20 medicine books that I really want to read time to time! But no.... because PDF Reader keeps giving me problems...

It was far too lackluster this year. I got a newsletter from Palm last week and it just reminded my how unexciting it has been to be Palm user this year.

And ponies!

Ponies? That's so last year. Unicorns are where it's at!

For those who say 'its just a phone', please. Be real. You can say 'its just a car', or, 'its just electricity', or maybe, 'its just a computer'.

It is 'just a phone'. It's also they way I am able to function away from home or my business. Wireless internet, shopping, email, address books (advanced), calendar, and document editing. (no so much in Palm's case) From every angle, smartphones have become an important role for consumers, business owners, especially as media, access, and powerful apps tend to grow. The demand is 'greater' than ever. There was an article (see link) that shows results to a survey in 4/2010, the results then are even amazing. I can't imagine what they would be like today..

So, I guess if you call Mom for x-max/holidays, hang out here in the comments, and play Angry Birds as your everyday usage, then, sure. It's just a phone.

To me, it's just slighty more than that.

Note: I own a business and mobile devices play an important role in executing invoices, estimates, and constant contact between myself and employee's during business transactions/issues. I use Palm PRE as my primary device, iPod/Android for business/productivity apps.

well said. Lets hope the fat man comrs through this year...or next...well, lets say soon...and I don't mean "In the comin months". Lets face it, Hpalm isn't apple, they need to make hype, not keep secrets and hope for hype.

Mobile site shows my link cut off, and not clickable. No edit either..?

Word procesor???
I dont have one!
I cant open any PDF (All my medicine books!!)
I cant watch java based medicine tools

All im saying is that I need a change soon or I will switch!

I agree 100% Derek,The pre 3 please!!! Or new flagship phone.What the hell is going on with HPalm???!!!!

best time of the year and no webos 2.0 that sucks

I'll take any new WebOS phone on Sprint. My July 2009 Sprint Pre is literally falling apart (crappy hardware). The battery hardly lasts 2 hours now, and the phone continuously freezes for minutes on end while seemingly doing nothing at all...and I get made fun of by all my friends that have iPhones! :(

Buy a new battery! Batteries don't last forever. Your battery sounds like it's on death's door. Actually, buy two batteries - unlike the iPhone, you can exchange batteries yourself... :)

I paid $99 for my Pre. Why would I want to go out and spend $30 or more (30% of the total cost of my phone) for a new battery for a phone that is about to fall to pieces (USB door fell off, oreo twist, etc) on a platform that is still so uncertain?
Don't get me wrong, I love WebOS and I defend it whenever I'm made fun of by the iPhone fanboys. I just don't want to invest any more money into an old phone and I'm waiting until CES. If nothing is announced at CES I'll be FORCED to get an Android phone on Sprint (I'll never leave Sprint for any phone, just doesn't make $$-sense). My old Pre hardware just won't make it another 6 months. Also, there comes a point when we all have to realize that WebOS is so so far behind and will never get the support iPhone/Android gets. We're not there yet, but we are ever so close to that point.

Off the initial issue (I understand your points) but you can find a OEM palm battery for $2.94 from Amazon 3rd party seller. Might keep you running for another few months. (I did this a month ago and rechecked the prices now!)

Hopefully HP Palm will have our girl put out in 2011, lol. I'm in love with webOS, but she is turning out to be the hot chick that promises to give you some and doesnt . I tried the Robot but she was inflexible and smelled like crude oil. And the forbidden fruit, well every body has had her. And her uncle Steve has done God knows what with, and to her, yuck. So come on HP Palm, dress up our girl, make her a perfect 10, and send her our way. Like really soon and drop this coming months BS.

And she's singing "Santa Baby" too. Nice analogy... :)

Well, if things don't work out with HP in coming months, you can always go back to your Palm.

I just want a new webOS device on Sprint. Santa can you please pull the Android blanket off Sprint's face to see other OS like webOS once again??

My launch day pre is on its last leg.... Thanks!

webOS is dying. Santa could you please put it back to life!?!

Sorry to say, guys, but I am outta here. I've been eligible for an upgrade since Sept and have been holding out to see what's up. And now that it's not much til alot later on...Evo here I come. I love webOS more than Android, but I need a phone that can perform. I'll be watching, tho. Hopefully by my next upgrade, next year, I'll be switching back.

You don't even wanna wait for C.E.S. Jan 6-9? Don't get me wrong, if they announce then (IF they announce) but say it won't release for another 6 months then I'm leaving too.

There's also Mobile World Congress Feb 14-17 and C.T.I.A. Apr 13-15 - haha, this carrot-dangling could go on ad infinitum!

I'm basically giving HP/Palm until my current Sprint contract runs out in June. At that point, I'm a free agent and if HP/Palm/Sprint have nothing to show me, then CYA.

See ya next year.

My $0.01 worth on this. I can understand the 'need to go / no more waiting' thing, but, why wouldn't you jump to something *brand-new* vs. another aging phone????

I know the EVO is 'younger' than the Pre-, but, it's still getting old from a technology perspective.

Here's hoping Derek (and the rest of us) in WebOS land get some of wishes in 2011.

I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory recently so, in my best Veruca Salt channeling "I want it all"! :-)

Dear Santa,

please can i have a WebOS hip flask.

I just want one thing and the phone will do all I want: an Audible App. Please Oh please Oh please!

I want a webOS clothes dryer running 2.8.9 out of the box. Oh & a new car powered by a webOS engine, that can run 2.8.0 I don't really mind.

You want a space ship? Did you ever even get that webOS-related Lightsaber?

At this point: HP/Palm, *don't* do anything until you are really ready. One-two new phones with lackluster support won't even be a blip on the tech radar, and you might as well not have bothered.

Wait until you have a couple of tablets, a few phones, some new accessories, maybe a printer or two, and a full support plan in place and *running* for the next six months. A 'Here's the new product, you can't buy it yet, but it'll be here soon' will be worse than just waiting until it's ready to ship.

It's a crowded market, and you have a good product. But you'll need to re-enter it with a bang, and make sure you can follow that bang up to be heard over the din of the market.

So what does HPalm want from Santa?
New Customers?...nooooo
Keep old customers? ...nooooo
new Phones to sell?... Nooooo
New Tablets to sell?.. Noooo
Toasters... ? ....Nooooo
Printers with WebOS?... Yesssss

but not for Xmas 2010... But in a few coming months so maybe fromthe Easter Bunny!!!!

I want a new google maps app, youtube app, mail app, video's app so you can organize you video collection, and a new photo's app so you can delete multiple photos at once.

I dont get you guys.

It is just a phone. You are not married to HP/Palm or your Pre. If you take another phone it is not the same as taking another woman when you are married.

It your Pre is broken and you want something different, just buy a different phone. And when HP releases their new webOS device, buy it or leave it.

Some guys here are crying for a new device as if there is not tomorrow. You can buy a cheap or expensive new phone, a android, symbian or even iPhone. When there are (in 6 months or so) new webOS devices and you still love webOS sell your "new" phone and buy the webOS one.

I just boughed a Pixi+ (it is just 180€) and its great, but it is just a phone.
I hope that santa give HP/Palm wisedome. The should take their time and build up a nice quality phone with webOS. I would love a new PIXI with aluminiumback and no headphone_jack problems or other hardware issues. The hardware should be fast, but not too fast (batteryconsumption).

Rushing out a few new phone with bad quality or many bugs will neither help webOS nor the future of Palm. Good things take time.

Yes, but we get equally frustrated when people dismiss our "zeal." Remember "fan" is short for "fanatic" - of course, being so dedicated to certain brands and getting so worked up over them doesn't make sense. And, of course, there are better things to worry about in the grand scheme of things. But everyone does it, it's part of the human condition. We become fans of sports teams, computer makers, cell networks, phones, clothing brands, rock bands, artists, etc. because as bad as we are at making commitments, we all want to be dedicated to something/someone - this is an expression of that. So, as long as I have my priorities in line in the real world, don't tell me I can't wine and moan about the Pre and webOS and check this blog 10 times a day!

what the H. E. double hockey sticks.

not one person mentioned flash unless it was flash gordon.

where is our flash that we have been asking for?
on this very site on Tue, 23 Jun 2009 is the article "Palm Pre Flash Still on Track"
quote "Palm has previously said that we could expect Flash on the Palm Pre and webOS by year's end and to tell the truth, "End of the Year" is still the date we're keeping in mind."

i repeat Tue, 23 Jun 2009.

i know somebody is going to say it has been supported since 1.4 & adobe needs to make the plug in.
how can you support something that doesn't exist?
the problem is that we stopped pressuring like we use to. our pre(1)s are @ EOL. just like when i had a 700p.
repeated promises that never got fixed.

I gave up on Flash a long time ago. Wasn't it originally due in 2009 or early 2010? I like Flash free sites!

nothing wrong with us guys....
Lots wrong with HPalm. But who cares about a few hundred thousand dedicated users? Certinaly not HPalm.
This is why they are investing $100 mil in a research facility off shore, goodbye US jobs. Hello more great technology.. In coming months...

So do what you need, buy another brand of phone, live with it, why should we get what we want when we need/want it?
So Yes I will get next webOS Phone
& maybe a webOS tablet, BUT NO !
& Hell no! To any other HP products
for treating us this way!
Hello DELL.....

I already bailed to Sprint and since the only Web OS phone they had was the original Pre, which was lower than my AT&T Pre plus... actually they don't have any Pres anymore... So I did the next best thing. HTC EVO 4G. Bye Bye HPalm. Flash Plus Apps, plus Gigantic screen= HELL YEA!!!

well , all all I want is the kin two hardware and form factor with web os and the palm pre 2 specs, is that too much to be asking for?

I want a droid for christmas.

I love webos, and I have had faith through the merger w/ HP, lackluster advertising(here's looking @ you creepy girl) and everyone from the original pre development team jumping ship, and I agree that if after the next month of expo's and conventions i'm not wowed again like I was for c.e.s. 2009 I will go to another platform, I was the only person in northwest AL to have a palm pre on launch day and since then i've only met three ppl with one in the area. This platform has so much potential, but it is being phased out by consumer ignorance and poor marketing, if h.p. will allow me to walk them through a strategy(hint, hint) of how to make web os even more popular than ios, android, or even blackberry os we would have a huge hit on our hands(or in them since i'm typing this out on my pre) we need to do a spec overhaul, invest in and reward developers for choosing us and borrow(steal) elements from other platforms that make them so popular, i.e. : larger screens, our own music catalog and integrated app, more cloud access and an entire palm life app suite in which our social networks, and social lives are integrated to make the calendar app more prevelant in our lives so that it's not that we just want this phone and the os, we need it to make our lives richer, easier to navigate, and virtually effortless to manage, so there try that on for size palm

Which phone(s) will handle flash, edit and create Word & Excel files, manage photos, media better than the Pre plus?
Very frankly, I still like my Treo 700P better than my Palm Pre plus. I can manage and edit my Word and Excel and use the voice option. Not as "HighTech", but a whole lot more productive.
Where can I go?

sorry I meant tums up, but my hand just slip, I love my 700p more too,if I were to have my 700p with wifi and better bluetooth integration for a2dp I could be happy, well those 16gb well be good to, ps palm 700p best keyboard ever!


I second the Rocket Ship for my list

I just want to PRINT. Not to an email address but to my neworked printer on my own network. Really, HP how hard could that be?

Talking about Xmas - my children just got i-pods (since over here Santa is Saint Nikolaus and comes on the original date of 6th of Dec. presents that arrived yesterday were brought by the Christ child, so it is not Santa that is to be held responsible for this flaw).
- Well what I found interesting was that this Apple devices really focus on speed and smooth interaction, which they really achieve well. Using the Google map application works like from the next century compared to its Palm Pre(1)-, but also its desktop counterpart. (the lower resolution helps here, together with the faster processing speed, probably together with the lack of multitasking) - One can zoom with two figures without delay from a global view to the

Better apps. I'm glad they made it to 5000, but how many of them a worthless. I haven't downloaded anything since Angry birds.

Considering the vast majority of the already-small Pre fanbase is Sprint-based and there is NO new phone in sight, and even the Pre 2 was denied to Sprint customers, I think this list kindof has a glaring omission. (That would be a new phone made in the past year that doesn't suck in build quality that you can actually buy at Sprint.)

Then again I'm pretty sure with the latest snub of Pre 2 not being picked up by Sprint, most of the "faithful" have departed for Androidish pastures by now.

I am holding out as long as I can. HP, break your protocols and start leaking the upcoming devices and what carriers. Sprint folks have been loyal, but the last post is right. Lloyd the Droid and his minions at places like Radio Shack are pressing the Galaxy S Tabs and the Epic pretty hard. Time to take a chance. Open webOS to other phone manufacturers. Get some hardware out. Get the developers on board and get more apps cracked out. Get the popular ones on Android and iPhone on the platform. Get the PalmPad out on the market and get the ad department on TV. Windows phone is making a big splash. Let's get webOS out there in the conversation and put a dent in the Apple and Droid world.

A native hotsync to Palm Desktop

Can't help but be disappointed with Palm/HP. Palm really screwed up by tying the OS to the phone. They should have gone the Android route rather than try to follow in Apple's footsteps. HP is more promises than deliver up to this point. More of the same for the longtime Palm supporters.

My wife has a Pixi. She loves it. I don't need or have smart phone. I received an Ipod Touch for Christmas this year. The OS, it is the same as the Iphone, works fine, but doesn't hold a candle to WebOS. I would have loved a WebOS media player.....

Palm/HP - you can't score if you don't shoot. Seems you are destined to fail.

First time I heard this, maybe 2.0 could be said to have something but 1.4.5 compared to 4.2 OS, is a bit of an overkill. I believe you'll find the Ipod touch a bit more diversified with 100,000 applications and well refined software. Nothing Against WebOS just obviously a much younger software, it barely has Itunes support. The touch has on demand movies, music, games, applications,etc.

I'm not pushing for a Palm Pre 3, not what we'd like to see at all at this point. Its nearly like asking for Playstation 4 a week before PlayStation 3 was released, seems a bit childish. I hope HP/Palm released the Pre into a series as this would allow them to continuous release the phone with updates hardware without creating too much of a stir just as blackberry does with the curve.

People have been angry with Sprint for not carrying the 2nd generation phone. Palm should have released the palm pre plus as a simple upgrade on sprints line, but going to competitors and leaving spring with the lesser updated model, they directly competed against their number one carrier. Though I do like the hard button, they should alternate the design. The touch button for the palm could be seen as overkill. A more refined home button would be a nice addition and surprise to each model. Again, there is a reason why Apple has kept a hard home button on all its phones even on the edge of technology.

Here is hoping that our phone is on the nice list for next year. :-) (Where are you WebO@ 2.0? Why can't I find you?)

Promises, promises, promises
Verizon rep told me to forget Palm, they won't be around much longer because HP is just going to keep screwing around with them.
Where's Hawkins and Dubinsky when you need them most?

PS Has anyone else heard about a possible 5" screen Web 0S phone/ tablet?