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Almost every single webOS app is half-price! Update: through July 9th 93

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:27 pm EDT

  50% off app sale

As we heard yesterday, Palm is running a new promotion:  (nearly) all webOS apps are now half-off - a quick perusal of the App Catalog shows all sorts of $0.50 apps and even 3D PDK Games are half-off. By our rough accounting, developers get double benefits from this promotion: increased sales and their share of the revenue will be treated as though their apps were full price.

In other words, if you've been waiting to purchase an app, now is the time. Get some great apps on the cheap and send some love to your favorite webOS developers.

What apps are you going to pick up?

Thanks to coolguyslim for the heads up!

Update: Palm lets us know that the "Half Time" promo ends on July 9th and that there are "a handful of exceptions" - so we'll add an "Almost" proviso to the title. Proviso #2: US only, folks, sorry citizens of the world. Lastly, developers should be pleased to hear that for the purposes of the Hot Apps program, these sales will be counted at full price, per Palm's dev forum - developers see the full FAQ here.



Great news!

I might get youview visula voicemail, and probably a fitness app. Love it!!

oops wrong button .. doh!

Just got Ancient Frog, woohoo!

me too and guitar hero and that mini golf game :P altho i just bought a bunch of apps the other day, wish i would have known about the promo..

No idea how this comment got here...:-)

Come on Palm! why U.S. only?!? Here in Europe all Apps for the full price! It's a joke! Are U.S. customers better than europeans?


uhhhhh... Yes? ... Just sayin ...

US only? It's a nice gesture, but come on Palm!



Perfect time to grab Radio Hibiki!

So just to recap for those of us outside of the great United States...

(1) We get less apps overall and often delayed apps
(2) We have developers who refuse to release apps worldwide (*)
(3) We miss out on practically every single promotion
(4) We pay full price for the privilege


For the record I am not particularly bothered by the situation as the bulk of my anger is reserved for Laminar Research (*).

my understanding is that the reasons are legal and tax related as to why you guys dont get to participate in the promotions.

Too many countries with too many different laws and taxes or some such thing.

And this is why Brighthouse Labs spent the day positioning all their apps at the top of the "Whats New" section. Way to screw over actual developers.

Yep, you said! They're ruining the catalog for actual developers. As a user, when I see 5 brighthouse labs apps, all I wanna to is SCROLL. As a developer, you don't want your app 'sandwiched' between 2 brighthouse apps, because it'll just go un-noticed, because 99.9% of users just SCROLL past brighthouse

When I see Brighthouse labs stuff in THIS volume I don't want to scroll past, I just flick the app catalog away and find something else to do. Most of them are re-hashed too. Sorry devs.

See, that sucks, because if you scrolled down just a little bit, you'd see awesome apps like Notes, Ancient Frog, Tweed... etc

US only!!! Thank you very much from the UK



The best part is that palm is reimbursing us developers for the loss. So say you have a 5.00$ app they are giving it away for 2.50$ Palm is coming out of pocket 2.50$ to make up for the difference. I haven't seen such an unselfish thing like this in a while.

Sort of correct. Palm is foregoing their 30%. So Palm is putting up 20% of the original price. So for a $5 app, palm is paying $1 to make up the difference and just forgoing $1.50 in profit. It is a net loss of $2.50 for Palm, but only cost them $1 in real money paid out.

True they are only coming out of pocket 20% bu it's an overall 50% hit for them. It's still a really unselfish move. Not too many large companies would take a hit just to keep customers happy.

Thanks Palm! Thanks great app devs!
Just bought:
Ancient Frog
notes (free crushed too)
wifi sync
pitch pipe
flicker cam

Thanks for buying Notes!! (and Crushed for free :) )

Just went on a mini spending spree now...hoping that we'll see an influx of pdk apps before the 9th so that I can go on another!

I think that the people outside the US are overreacting a little. The international catalog is much younger than the US catalog. You will probably see a sale sometime in the future.

I been on a spending spree also. Great time to have an article of suggested apps during this time.

Thinking of picking up Dropboxify but holding my breath for Jason's app before the sale ends.

this blows.

My wife and I had 6 apps each that we were about to buy.

sorry Devs. Guess you'll have to wait for my money

P.S. More reasons why no one bought Pre's in Canada

Ancient Frog & Outline Tracker.

just bought just about every gameloft game and bought wobble words too. are there any other apps worth buying besides games. my games quota is pretty filled

Do you have Notes? Now is a good time to get it!!

Hey, to balance it out they could double the price of Brighthouse and AppBooks apps and halve the payout!

actually I'd like to see Palm ban those apps.


US only??????

(N) :-q (N):-q (N) :-q

just checked the uk app catalog, there is a long list of quote apps wtf...

Wow, talk about marketing stupidity. Hey Palm, you're trying to market a product worldwide and you just told everyone outside of the U.S. how much you really value them. Well F.U. too.

I'm seeing an iPhone 4 in my future..... at least their catalogue is fully available, as are promotions.

HP will drive this product into obscurity.......have fun!!!

Have fun dumping all that extra dough into an iPhone (and the service contract) that you won't actually own (Apple retains ownership, when you 'buy' an iPhone it's technically a lease). Then good luck jailbreaking it, never getting Flash, having shitty multitasking, getting popup ads and NEVER getting a 50% off sale in your app catalog no matter where you live.

But yeah, your logic is sound.

Oh good grief, another uninformed idiot!! Let me break your statement down.

1) The service contract won't cost me any more than what I pay now. (which is still too much for what you get....but this is Canada)

2) I can either outright buy a legally unlocked iPhone direct from Apple (which means that I can choose the carrier and not be locked in for 3 years), or get it subsidized from the carrier.

3) Yes I do OWN it when I buy me the documentation that says it's a can't, it doesn't exist.

4) As for jailbreaking.....why???? It can be done if necessary, which it's not. It's not difficult to do.

5) Flash??? I've never missed it on the Palm, why should I all of a sudden miss it on an iPhone? 10.1 which is ONLY available on Android, is not stable, and does not run hardware accelerated, which means that it is going to be an absolute pig on battery life..... On top of that Flash is designed to work with mouse pointer and button clicks, not gesture systems. Did I point out that the Palm Pre doesn't have Flash either...... whoop-dee-do.

6) I have NEVER received any kind of an app sale where I live now......where is there any evidence that I'm going to see it EVER......there isn't any......There has never been any free PDK apps in Canada, no discounts, and tons of apps that I can see but not download because the developers have not flipped the switch for Canadian sales, either through deliberation or ignorance. (THAT doesn't happen with the APPLE APP STORE)

7) And, logic is sound, is yours??

[edit/] I just noticed that you have posted a number of very nasty attacks on anyone who has a grievance towards Palm for the 2nd class treatment......doesn't say much about your personality. [/edit]

Already grabbed Assassin's Creed... I see a little spree in my future. Bought Bad Kitty recently, and since it's 50% off, I might also nab TweetMe... Paying for 2 Twitter apps seems like madness, but these prices are madness too!

Gonna be spending a night soon just researching what apps are awesome.

Do we (europeans) overreact? Perhaps, yes. But what would you guys in the U.S.say, when Palm starts such a Promo only for non-US customers.

no matter what palm does, someone's gonna get their panties in a bunch and start talking about EVO/iphone, etc.

i'm sure some evil guy at palm hq was sitting in his giant chair, petting his hairless cat and plotting on how to piss off "them furriners".

or maybe they just couldn't figure out how make the promotion go worldwide.


To be fair, we just got the right of downloading three EA apps for free once - they aren't recorded into the profile. If you flash your device, you lose them, which is likely if you install preware, kernels and stuff.

What's more, Palm presented that promotion as an apology of sorts for the delay of the paid AppCatalog for European users (we had to wait until March this year). We haven't heard of any other sales since (nor before, for that matter).

LOL Looking at the "App Gallery" on the side of this page (at the time of this post), it shows only Brighthouse Labs "Quote" apps. Too funny (as in I must laugh because the alternative would get me in trouble).

does anyone know if this sale include the Chapura Pocketmirror for half price after the 7 day free trial?

And as for peeps that don't like the US getting perks, didn't the non-U.S.A. markets gets perks like free touchstone chargers and junk like like when you got the Pre, we didn't so suck it up, I am sure you will get something totally cool here soon.

Actually we didn't get any free TS in the uk. Only free thing was 3 EA where is our discount?

It's cool that you have this benefit right now. Enjoy the Promo and have fun with the apps. I just think it would have been a better marketing move to extend the Promo.
Btw, I didn't get a free touchstone ;-)

I wonder if PDK apps will be included in this sale when they get released July 1?

got cronk its super awsome justas zuma is

wow ikts so cool

Excellent news! I must be one of the only Canadians able to enjoy this sale (unlocked AT&T Pre+ with USA Palm profile)

Canada here. To have a promotion like this available only in the US is certianly a legitimate concern for those of us not located there. To make mindless comments such as "its a tax issue" only adds insult to injury. Does GM not sell cars in California 'cause the smog laws there are a little bit different? I think not. Yet another in a long list of bad PR moves by Palm. I love my Pre, but will probably not buy another Palm product again.

Get this guy some cheese for his whine... Comparing Palm to GM just shows how tremendously stupid you are. It amazes me how many stupid and mentally lazy people there are in the world. What next, are you gonna bitch about Palm delaying Flash?


It is very easy to act like a dick, as you have been doing in these comments, when YOU are the one enjoying getting everything first, most things cheaper, having a full app catalogue and getting numerous promotions. You need to consider the position of those outside of the United States who have been treated like second class citizens from the start. These are the people who have went out of their way to support Palm and are getting precious little back in return. They have every right to feel aggrieved. If Palm and webOS are to be a success then they need to start treating customers fairly across the board. I can only hope things change under HP or Palm, as a brand, will be almost non-existent outside of the United States and a minority in it.

Aggrieved? Some bozo further down claimed to have bought 120 phones for his company and is gonna take them back because he's not getting the app discount. Would you feel aggrieved if you bought a car and then a few months later folks in another country for a 50% discount on accessories for their car? Does that sound like the rationale of...
A. a sane, smart person
B. A complete idiot who shouldn't be deciding what phones everyone at a company gets.
C.a lying troll
A is wrong, B is possible, C is most likely.

Yeah, as a Sprint customer I got the Pre first. That means I don't have a Plus and it means I also paid more than you probably did. All these folks are pitching a fit because they aren't getting the same sale that people in another country are getting. Another Country. How lame and melodramatic is that? No sale to buy apps that you probably wouldn't have bought otherwise. truly tragic.

Palm is doing this sale for one simple reason, to raise app purchases for the PDK release to encourage developers to convert their apps over. Since Palm is based in the US and the overwhelming majority of their customers are in the US and since they undoubtedly have buttloads of accounting paperwork to deal with for each country with tiny user bases then it's unlikely that doing such a promotion with other countries is worthwhile for Palm, which is still a small company with limited staff and resources right now.

That said, how does anyone here know that Palm doesn't have a separate sale scheduled for international customers? Oh, right, you don't. You all just want to complain about how unfair life is. Well who the hell ever said life was fair? You've been loyal customers? Loyal to a corporation... that's sad. Congrats, you've been a sheep. The Pre was the right phone for me at the time that I needed a new phone, if you choose a new phone for any other reason, to look hip, fit in, out of some obsession with having the latest thing or out of some stupid sense of loyalty to a corporate entity, then you're a tool.

Nice to see you continue to be a dick. Try posting a mature comment next time. For the record I will ignore the various personal attacks and stick to discussing the core issues.

Yes, I would feel pretty aggrieved if I opted to go with Palm when ordering 120 handsets for my company only to find out that users in the United States are to get 50% off apps while I get nothing. Why should I fork out double the money x120 in order to equip the phones for my business? The problem is this is not a one off but endemic of the approach Palm have taken to the user base. Frankly if you are not in the United States then you appear to be nothing more than an added bonus as far as Palm are concerned.

Consider the follow time line:

US: Pre in June, paid apps in October & Pre Plus in January.
UK: Pre in October, paid apps in March & Pre Plus in May.

I got my Pre on launch day and endured a meagre app catalogue for five months until paid apps slowly started to trickle through. Without homebrew I would have been left with a phone lacking in features and lacking in apps. Even now there are developers who refuse to release their apps worldwide. I do not intend this to be a 'woe is me' whine but you would think at some stage Palm might consider acknowledging their users outside of the United States with something? We are the ones we have been getting a raw deal from the start after all.

I do not accept your third paragraph. The Pre is only available in seven countries (I believe). Are you honestly trying to claim that it is too difficult for Palm to do anything outside of the United States? It is a systemic problem. Palm does little outside of the United States so users do not embrace the product which in turn puts developers and carriers off. Palm is fine in the United States but elsewhere it needs to put in a lot more effort. Take the UK as an example. I strolled down to the O2 shop on launch day and I was the only one there. The staff knew little of the device and there was no advertising. I travel around the country for work and I have only seen a single Palm Pre and it was a colleague's who bought it after playing around with mine. It has simply not been pushed over here and those that did jump aboard initially have long since departed. Palm cannot afford to do nothing and I can only hope HP sorts things out.

Palm has a history of bringing things to customers outside of the United States very late or not at all. It is obviously an assumption that we will not get anything but it is based on prior experience. It would have been very easy for Palm to state that this was for the United States only but something else would be rolled out aboard. Their silence says it all. I returned to Palm because I was in the market for a new phone and I loved what I saw at CES 2009. Unfortunately Palm made lots of mistakes between unveiling, launch and now. They has been discussed here countless times before. I do not have any loyalty to a company which is precisely why Palm should be doing more to keep their customer base engaged and happy. Palm needs to retain as many customers as it can and HP needs to build on it in the future. At the moment I am undecided. Even now the Pre is still not fully featured and has not lived up to the initial promise. The question is do I wait and continue beta testing webOS or do I leave for a more mature operating system with superior hardware? It all depends on HP. At the moment and considering the approach Palm has taken to customers outside of the United States I am leaning towards leaving for now until webOS and HP catch up.

If you were capable of considering the position of those outside of the United States in a mature and objective manner then you would understand where the legitimate frustration and complaints come from.

How do you know what apps are discounted? I looked at PocketMirror and they seem to use a unique purchase mechanism. anyone known if PocketMirror is included in the 50% promo?


If its purchased through the app catalog, then the price you see should be half of the original price (unless if the developer increased his app price to double!). Also, developers have the option to exclude their apps from the promo. Speaking of apps, have you tried my awesome app: Notes?

Based on how I purchased PocketMirror -- no, the sale doesn't apply to it.

Just got an email from Chapura and because they do not use the standard Palm store for payment, the PocketMirror app is not part of the sale. Too bad, I would have purchased it.

First thing I bought was WiFi Media Sync. Don't trust sprint when they tell you a hard reset won't erase your photos. I should of known better. Next time I will be prepared. Too bad I had to lose a bunch of photos to learn :(

it's frustrating to see those people outside of the US complaining about the promotion. Companies hold separate promotions for different regions all the time, and for a variety of reasons. If i'm not mistaken, there was a time when everyone except people in the US were getting PDK apps for free. My guess is, palm will do something outside of the US at a later date...

From my point of view it's much more frustrating to be a non-US-american customer of Palm. We have repeatedly been handled as 2nd class customers - products of Palm are released later and often they are more expensive, there are less apps in the app catalogue, paid apps arrived later to the app store, updates are coming later, ... Well, the three free games from EA have been a kind of compensation to the customers of a few European countries, but other than that we've been a kind of neglected by Palm.

Those freebie PDK apps were only available in the UK, they did not appear in Canada..... and at that there were only three made available for free.

Palm needs to be seen as treating EVERYONE as equals.

Fundamentally their marketing strategy really sucks. All that they manage to do is piss people off.

Palm does not accept any of my payment cards, neither my brother' s credit card here in the Czech Republic. I have not bee apable of buying any app ever since I bought my Pre in Germany. Reading thi s promotion' s info makes me cry more. Regard from Citizen 3rd category:( 31 yrs old, well established...

Sorry, man. Why don't you send me an email:, and I'll give you a private link to download the free version of my game: Crushed

This is great for all of us in the U.S. and glad to see this promo come out. Maybe sometime soon Palm will do the same worldwide since our apps are available worldwide also.

DigiBar Pocket Bartender -

DigiPay PayPal Account Manager -

I am in the UK and have just issued 120 Palm Pre's to my work force. After reading that this 50% promo won't extend to us Brits. I will be withdrawing all 120 Pre's and moving to a fairer manufacturer. I am discusted by the unfair treatment. Bye!

Palm is now scared lol. So who does promotions like that? The fruitphones? lol

You're full of shit.

Well, and again Palm let us know that non-US-customers are 2nd-class-customers only. :-( What a big disappointment and what a blow to the international webOS-community.

Woo Hoo it's a fire sale! Get em while there HOT! :-)

Now all that is needed are some apps that are worth paying for.

Palm is in a struggle to sell handsets outside of the US anyway so it makes sense to offer this where they will get more sales. Cant see this having an impact on the sale of Palm branded phones though.

Was about to go on a spending spree. Thanks Palm, frustrated in Canada :(

Same here. I had a short list of Apps I was going to buy, but this puts a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. As a side note though(and yes, I'm going to be one of those people now) I've just ordered my Nexus One; too many little frustrations with Palm right now. I'm still interested in where they'll be a year or so from now though.

A Nexus One? What network are you on that you would choose that over any of the other much better Android phones? There's a reason carriers backed out of carrying it only a couple months after its first release, it's not a very good phone.

I'm on Bell, so I'm getting the unlocked AT&T compatible version (works on the same frequencies). After reading up on it it looks to be fine, I'll still have the 14 days to try it out as well, in case I want to return it. I don't really have any interest in any other Android phone at this point, it's really just a personal preference.

Why is this promotion not available in the UK??

There is no good reason at all, just sheer stupidity at work.

Maybe several reasons.
1. The market demand isn't there (in Palm's thinking, not the customer's).
2. The US promotion is a trial run for potential future international promotions. Based on the negative thoughts I wouldn't be surprised if they decide it isn't worth the effort.
3. The US promotion is backed by entities that are only interested in the US market. For instance, this could be partly funded with US carrier marketing support.

Sheesh. I can't believe the backlash from them doing a good thing just because not every single last customer on earth gets to benefit.

How many of you people complain about Walmart and other stores not offering US sales prices around the world? How about longer car warranties offered in the US but not globally?

Oh, I hope like mad that the UK people are complaining just as loud that the UK iPhone 4 32GB costs

As I stated above:

"The problem is this is not a one off but endemic of the approach Palm have taken to the user base. Frankly if you are not in the United States then you appear to be nothing more than an added bonus as far as Palm are concerned."

Instead of having a dig at people with legitimate complaints you should put yourself in our position.

When you have a legitimate complaint let us know. Until Palm's motives for this supposed US-bias are revealed all you have is speculation.

Palm's history suggests that they are very specifically U.S. centric. Unless YOU have data that shows otherwise than it is yourself that is speculating.

International customers have been treated poorly in the past, and continue to be treated poorly now.

I'm not speculating; I merely offered logical possible reasons for the sale being limited to the US. As I said before, we do not know why the sale is US-only.

Please don't lump me in with the group that's hell bent on anthropomorphizing a corporation.

"1. The market demand isn't there (in Palm's thinking, not the customer's)."

You don't honestly believe people outside the U.S. hate sales? I must be misunderstanding you here.

"2. The US promotion is a trial run for potential future international promotions. Based on the negative thoughts I wouldn't be surprised if they decide it isn't worth the effort."

People aren't pissed off that a sale exists, they're pissed they can't participate. According to your logic with this limited set of reactions, Palm should realize an international sale would be a rousing success.

"3. The US promotion is backed by entities that are only interested in the US market. For instance, this could be partly funded with US carrier marketing support."

This actually makes a modicum of sense. If it were true, and Palm were to be open about it, you'd get a lot less griping from non-Americans. Plus, what would these backers lose out on by revealing their magnanimity?

Your Walmart analogy is fallacious, by the way. It's understandable that prices between Walmart stores in different countries (never mind different U.S. states) are different because of geographical distances and physical logistics. These are not factors in any fashion when Palm offers an app sale. Internet commerce, especially pertaining to electronic data such as applications, can not be compared to decades-old notions of brick-and-mortar commerce, and it's not reasonable to limit it as such.

(Double-post deleted)

Is it just me or does it seem that a lot of developers have doubled their price since this half off sale started?! I am not purchasing ANY apps that appear to be doing this! I'm looking at you "GolfPinFinder"!

It is very possible that alot of devs may have doubled the price or possibly just opted out of letting their app be put on sale since they had that option available.

I know for us, we liked seeing this sale happen so that people that are able to participate in it, will be able to purchase apps that maybe they were not able to before or better yet be able to buy more apps than they would have been able too.

Till the sale ends the price is half off for customers that purchase our apps:

DigiBar Pocket Bartender $1.00
DigiPay PayPal Account Manager $2.50

For the international customers, let's hope this is just a prelude to what Palm has in store for future promotions. I know we don't want to lose anyone overseas since the apps we release are worldwide available.

Thank you for understanding how important it is to internationalize your work. It's foolish to believe geographical borders have any affect on data, or on how people use the Internet.

As a Canadian, I've contacted several developers who only release their apps to the U.S. Most argue their apps only provide U.S. data and would be useless abroad, but: 1. the apps would be very useful to me should I visit the U.S., and 2. I'm offering you money -- I'm surprised you don't want to take it.