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Amazon drops Veer pricing to one cent (for all colors) 81

by Riz Parvez Tue, 14 Jun 2011 11:00 am EDT

When the HP Veer launched last month, many of us here at PreCentral had concerns about the lack of advertising and the price point. Sure, it’s an incredibly capable device, but for yet untapped market of “smartphone intenders,” we weren’t sure an essentially unheard of handset and OS on AT&T could compete at $99 with an (albeit outdated) iPhone selling for half the price. Well, times continue to change. Sure, the Veer’s price remains unchanged at AT&T, but days later Best Buy came out of the gate offering the attention-grabbing white version for free on contract. Amazon then followed suit, dropping their price for the white Veer to $0.01 at the beginning of June.

But what about The Suits? The Angry Kids? The Wallflowers? What about people who’d like their incredibly small smartphone to be a bit more understated? Worry not, friends. Amazon has gone ahead and reduced pricing on the dark version of HP’s Lilliputian wonder to match it’s fairer sibling: One cent on contract (through Amazon) will get you any color you like, as long as it’s white or black.

Now, one might be inclined to consider this precipitous drop in Veer pricing as a reason to doomcast, and perhaps it is evidence of less-than-hoped-for sales numbers since it’s soft launch thirty days ago. Nonetheless, with the combination of significant viral and traditional advertising efforts now being made, and the introduction of a much more desirable price-point for newer smartphone users (and their parents), the Veer is now in a much better place to effectively court the low-end market. That’s true irrespective of it’s sales figures over the last four weeks.


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treo/centro/pixi form factor please.

Maybe they should make few more mistakes in selling it off contract for a low price of 50 dollars, may help jump start webOS. Makes me wonder how H/P recovers back money they spend advertising like thousands of dollars for the Veer twitter promotion

I'd say do it.. much better than giving them away in the subway then having those people flipping them on eBay and Craigs for money.

Waiting for Pre 3 errors. :)

Lesson learned.
I'm not going to buy the pre 3 right when it comes out. I'll wait a month or two for it to drop in price!

wait, sales figures? Did they actually sell any to people other than P|C readers, and how, if "soft launch" included features like phone not even being on a display in shops?

I put a few people down. 2 of my friends are non pc readers and not really nerds at all. They just bought it because of the form factor alone.

I think Veer needs more shelf space, as no advertisement can do the justice to its size. I think when the TP comes out, every location TP is displaced, Veer should be along its side.

If you owned a store, had limited shelf space and had a product there that no one wanted, would you take away space for products that actually sold and made you money to try and push a product that did not sell?

Shelf space is not the problem, a tiny phone at a time when phones are getting larger is the problem. The veer is a kin, it was DOA from the start.

Hate to say it, but the last sentence says it all.

Except that, unlike the Kin, the Veer is a full-featured smartphone. I'm not claiming to possess knowledge on the preferences of key demographics, but I personally see a smaller phone like the Veer being a hit with the tween/teen crowd. I don't think that market is clamoring for 4", AMOLED, dual-core processor Android phones.

As to the shelf space issue, I do think that has something to do with it and you're personal feelings on the Veer are quite evident with regard to your first statement, which I think is clouding your reasoning. There was an article from a day or two ago (either here on P|C or on webOSroundup) that had a picture of a nice, bright HP display at Best Buy with two Veers sitting on it, in the computer department no less (with advertising for the upcoming TouchPad). On top of that, there were two more Veers in the Best Buy Mobile area.

I agree that a retailer is not going to want to put a dud phone in prime space. So that either says that 1) They don't think the phone is a dud, and/or 2) HP is using it's muscle/money to get great product placement.

Either way that's a win.

Roy, I like you, so I will not be mean, you are always positive on here...

I will say that my point has been that the veer is a tween phone. It's not for most professionals. Most parents will be hesitant to buy this phone for their child knowing that they will have to pay 25 dollars extra for a data plan that their tween doesn't need.

And yes, HP paid a lot of money for the stand alone displays. No serious company is clamoring for WebOS. They are doing just fine with iOS and Android.

Wait til Apple throws out those iMessage commercials. Those tweens won't know what hit em. While the unfortunate sad kid sits back with his Veer, excluded from his peers, wondering why his parents hate him so much.

You don't have kids, do you?

Not spoiled kids.

I don't agree that this phone isn't for professionals. The Veer is like a money clip vs. the slab phone's Costanza wallet.

The Veer is small and to the point, and if you don't plan on spending a lot of time websurfing or watching videos, it is nicer to carry around than a big phone.

A full-featured smartphone that requires lots of scrolling on web pages and even email, is severely-deficient in apps, and either cumbersome proprietary cables or additional purchases of a Touchstone and/or Bluetooth headset and car stereo.

I don't think it's as full-featured as you make it out to be. That's not a win.

I'd rather see a Sprint Pre 3 instead of the Veer.

Ditto, but I'm beginning to lose hope. I practically keep my pre minus in a hermetically sealed bag :) It has to last a few more months...but then what?

"Then what?" for me is get the cheapest hot-spot-enabled phone/plan I can find and tether a TouchPad to it. I'd like to see if I can wait until the smaller TouchPad comes out. (I'm still dithering on the 10" vs. 7" screen.)

Same here. I'm seriously considering the EVO 3D

Look at the sales statistics of Veer on Amazon. It isn't that bad. Black Veer is currently at #35 and White Veer is at #36.

Actually... that's pretty bad. It's behind the Kyocera Echo... which is a complete joke of a phone.

I hope today's price drop will push its sales and make it in top 10 :)

Actually, that's not pretty bad. The Nexus S 4G is only #32, The Epic 4G is #28, and several WP7 devices and quite a few others come in lower than the Veer.

#36 isn't the best, by any means, but it's not "pretty bad" as you say. I'm sure they weren't expecting #1 cell phone everywhere with the Veer, but #36 is a nice respectable position for them.

I can't even name 20 cellphones. 36 is the 35th loser!

You think so? This isn't just another android variant. It's the sole webOS representative.

Perhaps the concept of the Veer was just a poor one?

No, no,'s in a much better position to court the low-end market, you see. Kind of like when HP paid people with $50 gift cards to take all of those dust-gathering 1st-gen WebOS devices off their hands. All part of the plan.

They got the competition right where they want 'em.

I wonder why he didn't select the year-old HTC Evo that is #17 (in a world where Android phones become old news very quickly) or the Infuse as #6 (which came out the same day as the Veer on the same carrier). No, let's pick some phones that are in positions closer to the Veer so that it may be suggested that 36 isn't so bad. This reminds me so much of the "Lowered Expectations" skits from MadTV.

This is currently webOS' only leg to stand on an it is not doing so well under all that weight.

Bring out that Pre 3 because webOS needs the help.

It's more than bad enough. The Nexus S is a 6-month old barely advertised phone on the third place national carrier. The Epic and those Windows Phone 7 devices are also old news.

Keep in mind, the period after launch is likely its peak position. So if you can't crack the top 20 in Amazon phones on the largest carrier in America with big time celebrity commercials and a Twitter campaign, something's very wrong.

I think you're forgetting that the phone was launched well before both of those ads (with the Miranda Cosgrove one less than a week old I believe). Same for the Twitter campaign. The original launch was called a "soft launch" for a reason.

I get it, I get that all of you are pissed off that the Pre 3 is nowhere in sight. I hate that HP hasn't been handling the phone the way I would prefer or think it should be handled either. I agree that webOS can't stand on its own with just the Veer. The TouchPad is just around the corner though, and the indications so far have been that the TouchPad is where HP is really placing its energy. I think we'll see things differently once the TouchPad launches (I hope so, anyway).

A soft launch including Lady Gaga tie-ins, the Manny pacquaio commercial running during some of the most-watched sporting events of the year, and custom displays at retailers? If that's a soft launch, then the Nexus S 4G, Kyocera Echo, and HTC Trophy on Verizon must have had non-existent ones.

Yet, they're all outselling the Veer, and they're on smaller carriers. Hmm.....

Samsung Focus is 16 and HTC Trophy is 21. Yes the HD7 and 7 S are just lower than the Veer at 38 and 39 but the others are ranked much higher. Keep your stats accurate if you're going to trash WP7. At the rate things are going with HP not honoring their commitment to "make things right" 3 WP7 devices (all focus) will be replacing our 2 Pre - rockin 1.4.5

It is a possibility that they are ranked 35 and 36 because everyone jumped on the pricing mistakes and Amazon doesn't figure cancelations into this ranking.

I forgot about that. Even with Amazon virtually giving them away contract-free, they still don't rank highly.

i'd like to know which place it was if you sum up the numbers for each color

Probably like 34.

Interesting.... perusing that list etc... Pretty wild #4 is The EVO 3d preorder. wow.

what choice do you have on sprint? its either eat that crappy evo or starve to death.

You're kidding, right? Since when is the EVO crappy? It's still one of the best Android phones on the market, and it's been out for a year.

Honestly....Does this surprise anyone?

I just hope retailers have this same flexibility to fix HPs not WOW! marketing decisions on the Touchpad too. $100 off would be a welcome deal. After the pricing announcements for it and the accessories I went from Buying! to Waiting....

Pre3 should be $99 and not be exclusive at launch!

Still too expensive for me, I'll wait till it's free.

Here's my 2¢ - buy two!

I just hope HP let's this sink in unlike Palm.

So... if one wanted a Pre3 or Touchpad, they should wait one month after its launch to get it for a penny?

I had a good feeling the Veer price would go down fast, and I'm expecting the same to happen to the Pre3 and Touchpad.

The price on the Veer is coming down at the same time that HP spends millions of dollars on marketing for the device. They haven't even waited to see what kind of response is given to the ads, but they're lowering the price to a penny.

Don't you think that a multi-billion dollar corporation knows how to manage their money? If they're dropping the price this quickly, while pushing for more marketing, it's because they want to get the Veer in as many hands as possible before the TouchPad release. More Veers = more knowledge of webOS = more TouchPad sales.

I'm sure HP knows how to manage their money. Consumer device launches, on the other hand.....not so much.

I like your enthusiasm. But the Veer's impact on the Touchpad will be insignificant. Even if they manage to bump Veer sales a bit, this isn't the target market that will be buying 599.00 Touchpads.

From everything we've heard the TP will have the best chance (and given the most support) of being any type of catalyst. Not the smartphones.

HP knows how to manage their money. The trick is that (like all retailers) they're trying to manage *your* money - manage it right into their pockets.

"Don't you think that a multi-billion dollar corporation knows how to manage their money?"

Of course they know how to manage their money. Does that mean they don't make huge errors that results in the failure of a product? What was the net-worth of that company that produced the Kin again?

Anyone who is exclusively in the market to buy a 1 cent smartphone is probably not really in the market for a tablet.

Well, considering that Best Buy launched it for Free. I don't see how it could go any lower...

If you want a small $95/mo 4G WiFi hotspot that also makes phone calls when you need to, this is the perfect phone for you. Otherwise, not so much.

Just think how much less it would be on Sprint!

It's also great for those who doesn't need a huge phone to double as a penile extension.

Or those who want to zoom and scroll all day...even in email.

Veer will only sell with a 12-month contract. HP should do this asap.

PS. The app watch list is still on for:
Skype, PlantsVsZombies, BarCodeScanner, QRCodes (integrated), IMDB, WordsWithFriends, Shazam, NetFlix, CutTheRope, DoodleJump

The Veer has been out for a month now with not a mention of these apps coming....

Be patient. HP has only had complete control of WebOS for just shy of TWELVE MONTHS. Stay tuned, willya?

You have to ask Richard Kerris about that. I would love for him to make ANY announcement about high profile apps.

The longer he is silent the more I worry...

Anyone who is exclusively in the market to buy a 1 cent smartphone probably isn't going to be loading it up with a bunch of paid apps.

Shhh...don't tell the developers providing the "tens of thousands" of apps that HP's Steven McArthur promised would be ready by July 1.,2817,2380090,00.asp

The next 16 days should see the App Catalog triple, according to HP, so hang on tight!

This is annoying for all customers who bought the veer for the introductory price. HP should settle for a lower price right from the start. Doesn't feel to good if you lose money within weeks of your purchase.

Surely by now true HPalm fans have mastered the art of patience and know that prices are bound to drop fairly quickly. ;)

It sucks, but this is not unique to the Veer. This is the tax you pay when you buy most (not all, but most) tech products at or near launch.

Doesn't matter how inexpensive the device is, it's still on AT&T.

ATT's HSPA+ speeds are way way better than Wimax on sprint. Granted it is pricy, but i love my Veer and honestly once you have a taste of something faster you can't go back.

If sprint picked up the pre4 tomorrow i don't think ill get it.. not on that slow wimax. especially since its not even a wimax phone.

you gotta pay to play. and honestly paying 1 penny, thats right up my alley.

The penny isn't the issue. It's the monthly cost.

looks like a losing product to me. they probably spent more in advertising than it will ever make from hardware alone. i understand carriers subsidize and that there is an app store but overall it's another pixi fail whale.

Wow!!! The boo birds are out in force today. This does not denote the "end of the world" for HP by any means:

1) Amazon is just one metric, one skewed to the known.(Who would buy a totally unknown electronic device from a web site)On-line shopping favors devices that are well know from other contact. Kind of like buying a new car on-line.

2) Android as a brand cross-sells other Android models. I have users in my company who buy a phone just because it's an Android and it may be one of the ones previously referred to as garbage and they don't know the difference.

3) Being on one carrier will naturally limit its sales potential. Some like AT&T, other are sworn to NEVER use them.

4) Amazon is not losing it's shirt, they are just making less of a profit. When the phone is sold OFF CONTRACT for a penny, then call it a failure. I just purchased an Samsung Galaxy class phone for less than $50 and it wasn't that old. The cost of any phone on contract is more than covered by terms of the contract.

OK haters, fire away!~

I am reminded why I never read comments anymore.

The lack of comprehension of what HP can do and is trying to do with WebOS is amazing. They want to get people hooked on the system, not the phones. Take a hit now, give phones away for cheap, package them with tablets and you've got people hooked on the system.

It's not about individual phones, it's about WebOS.

And now I'm going back to not reading the comments.

What system? What "packages with tablets"? I haven't seen a SKU for one of those yet.

Of course it's about WebOS, which is why they're going to add it to their PC bloatware package that no one uses. Still nobody pays for WebOS. They pay for the devices that run it.

Well in this case, they're NOT paying. That is the problem.

I guess I'm one of those who "fails to comprehend". I agree it's about webos but how exactly are they supposed to make the public aware of it's existence/greatness when they attach it to hardware that nobody wants to buy?

I was in retail sales for nearly 11 years and I'm completely aware of the "spread the word" sales approach but if that was HP's honest intentions the Veer wouldn't have started at $99 dollars then drop to free 2 weeks later. It was from lack of sales.

Hiring a child actress from "iCarly" shows me what market they're hoping to capture. (Kinda ironic they hire someone from a show with an Apple-esque name). I don't know how many "tweens" will be in the market for a $500 tablet.

I do love webos and I applaud HP for trying but let's be honest, if there was a market for tiny smartphones Apple and Android devices would have been all over it by now.

Drink that HP Cool-aid!

The problem is always the same since the original Palm Pre: great OS on a crappy hardware.
It's a shame that after 2 years they are still making the same mistakes. Rubenstein has to resign.

As I said when the Veer was first announced, HP does not have time to waste on products that sell for a penny! This is a hobby for a company that has already won the war, not for one that will be lucky just to be a contender. The Veer is a waste of time and resources that should have gone exclusively to the P3.

As for luring a buch of wOS customers, insane! They really want to build a platform on penny shoppers? What else is HP willing to give them, free TouchPads, apps, services? Seldom does any product go from the bargain bin to the premium shelf where HP hopes to play. By making the Veer their opening play, they have established themselves as what they are; a poor-man's alternative to what the people really want.

Abandon Ship?? Go Android, you won't lose.

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This price drop is yet more evidence that nobody can stand up against iOS, not even a completely diluted company like HP. Anybody who thinks that WebOS is attractive to any consumer is crazy.

Hm the price doesn't work:

#42 and #47 thats pretty bad

Wow, I actually saw a working demo unit at Best Buy tuesday. I knew it was small, but WOW!!! It's nice looking and webos 2.x is really nice but... yeah I'm gonna have to wait for the Pre3. Even if my Pre Plus had exploded right then and there... I just don't think I could deal with the smaller screen. (Scroll, scroll, scroll)