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Amid record earnings, Qualcomm teases Snapdragon tablets 27

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 27 Jan 2011 11:42 am EST

Assuming the leaked Topaz tablet specs hold true, we can expect it to be running the dual-core Snapdragon MSM8660. Whether it's about the HP Palm tablets or no, Qualcomm is certainly excited to see their speedy processors in tablets this year, telling investors "we currently have more than 150 Snapdragon devices in development, including more than 20 tablets."

To clear things up a bit, that MSM8660 can support both HSPA+ and EVDO Rev B, but LTE devices will probably require the MSM8960. Those 20 tablets are part of a set of 60 devices slated to use the MSM8660 chip, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that we'll see the same chip powering future webOS phones. Either way, here's to hoping that webOS fans can be as pumped as Qualcomm is about 2011.

Source: Engadget



C'mon Feb. 9, 2011. The day can't come soon enough.

I know. I need to hear about some phones. I'm tableted out at this point...

Imagine 60 tablets using dual core 1.2GHz processor by the year end. Palm/HP needs to step up, release this tablet ASAP which is sounding like its not going to break any hardware records.

I read some of the marketing material for these processors and they sound competitive to the Tegra 2.

Foxnews is reporting that the "leaked specs" are not the final version.

Article here

Fox News is reporting the "leaked specs" aren't the latest version.


Is 512MB a little "lean". I would have thought there would be at least 1GB system RAM + an expansion slot for data. Dual Core is nice though!

I'm taking Feb 9th off work... Can't wait to see what happens!


These are great processors in their own right BUT I truly hope these are mere rumors and that they prove false. Why? I was really anticipating HP to bring somethig more top-notched and uniquely new: OMAP 4. I know Palm had a partnership with Texas Instruments so hopefully we'll see these processors in some type of webOS form factor - preferrebly smartphones and tablets!

February 9th we'll find out if webOS will have the POWWW to carry it to the top!

can't wait

Am I the only one tired of all this tablet talk and want to hear more about new phones?
My fear is that with all the focus on tables HP will say, "meh... we don't need webos phones."

I would be very happy to hear that the MSM8660 would be powering my next phone! Especially if its the Palm phone I will be purchasing in March!

12 more days........

I fully expect to be able to play with all of this greatly anticipated hardware after I win the tweet contest: I'll email videos from SF to all! I'm generous like that!


12d : 23hr : 2m : 47s go! :)

atleast HP got on a decent bandwagon.

EVDO ftw! WTB pst ;)

Are We There Yet?, Are We There Yet?, Are We There Yet?, Are We There Yet?, ARE WE THERE YET?

I am certainly pumped. Anyone else?

new sprint phones please asap hpalm.

Maybe we will see them in the new phones too. That would be sweet.

Why does the article show 22 comments at the bottom but I can only see 1?

Yeah, I have noticed the commenting display on Precentral has been all messed up lately.

To see all of the comments post something and they will all magically reappear.

I'd like to see a simple survey or prēdiction done before the Feb. 9th event. Will it be A) A Boon or B) A Bust?


Too bad they're a year behind schedule. In the tech world, thats like a decade.