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Analyst downgrades HP over mobile concerns 39

by Derek Kessler Sun, 03 Jun 2012 3:06 pm EDT

Analyst downgrades HP over mobile concerns

Shares of HP were down more than 6% on Friday on a day where the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 2.2%. With no real news to speak of out of Palo Alto, what drove the drop? It was a downgrade of HP's stock by Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co. Misek's been noted a few times in these pages, most notably in March 2010 when he valued Palm's stock at $0.00, and in September of 2011 when he said HP should sell or license webOS to Facebook. Friday brought a note from Jefferies saying that tablets are due to put a major hurting on HP's PC business, and that tablets and smartphones combined are lowering printing demand - something HP's well aware of.

If only HP had a mobile operating system all their own that they could use for a line of smartphones and tablets…



" If only HP had a mobile operating system all their own that they could use for a line of smartphones and tablets…"

If only... *nods head in shame*

maybe they could set aside a part of their company to make their own mobile os from scratch!

i'm so brilliant, i could be like a CEO or something

LOL, certainly for one US tech company I know.

Turns out, Jefferies valuation of Palm of $0.00, at least within the hands of HP, was still overly generous and optimistic. If HP had paid Palm 2.00 per share to NOT buy them, they would have come out ahead of where they wound up.

Yeah. The death of webOS was quite depressing. But the fire sale was heaven. I loved getting a 32 GB Touchpad for $150. I just wish they had Sprint or T-Mobile compatible Pre 3's... My company will be switching to Verizon from T-Mobile so maybe I'll pick up a Pre 2 to test out for a little while. If only Open webOS would be ported to the Galaxy S3, One X or Epic 4G Touch hardware! That would be great.

The Pre3 is compatible with T-Mobile. I use one with T-Mobile pay as you go.

as do I. However, unless you're ok with painfully slow data, you can't really say the Pre3 is T-Mobile compatible. T-Mobile is changing it's radio frequencies to match AT&T, so eventually Pre3's will operate at 3G/fauxG on T-Mobile, probably just about the same time most Pre3 users finally give up.

I had my Pre3 on Straight Talk GSM. $45 all you can eat and that pretty little "H+" on the bar. I was on T-Mobile before but those speeds are simply dreadful. Release your Pre! Let it run wild as it was designed to do.

Man, the comments on the Palm stock post are absolutely hilarious.

For HP to re-enter the phone market with WebOS, it would need to offer something people can't get in another OS. It would need to rise way above swiping and multiple cards.

If they hit the prepaid carriers at the right price point, they could make a dent in the budget market. The Pre3 would be the best phone on Virgin Mobile for example (sorry Motorola Triumph, you are terrible).

Too bad they haven't committed to getting back into phones again, but while they can use Open webOS for tablets, they've already started using Windows 8.

Why would they go back to WebOS? It has never been successful.

Yeah, and no need to try the second foul shot right? apple should have given up when times were rough right?

You mean "third" foul shot. They missed with Palm and with HP. Maybe third times a charm or is it, "crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome."?

No he meant "second" foul shot as the HP attempt didn't count!!! Sorry but what did HP do except buy Palm and do a little advertising....what did they actually do for WebOS?...What?

Why would they go with a Windows Mobile device. It has never been successful.

LOL...good one

You are joking, right?

To be honest I hate HP almost as much as I hate AT&T. They are a dysfunctional company too big for their britches. My first HP laptop lasted 2 years before the screen went bad. My first Compaq lasted 23 months before the screen went bad. My last Compaq lasted 3 months before the motherboard went bad. Sent it back for repairs and it came back unbootable. After spending 94 minutes with them on the phone they decided to send me a new HP notebook that I just received yesterday.

While its an upgrade from my Compaq, the keyboard feels cheap, they cut about 4 ft. from the power cord and you can just tell they cut corners to save money. It takes 5 DVDs and 3 hours of your time to make recovery disks. And you need to make them asap because heaven forbid you partition your drive before making them, you won't be able to make them anymore. I learned that from my last Compaq. If you do a recovery count on at least 3 hours. Compare that to Samsung's notebooks that will do a recovery in 25 minutes. Oh yeah, and I had to send my touchpad back for crack repairs. HP sucks big time. I'll never buy another HP product in my lifetime. Well what do you expect from a dysfunctional company that is laying off 27,000 employees. You can tell from talking on the phone with their reps that there is a negative atmosphere from those working there.

Oh and i havent booted into webOS in I don't know how long.

Aside from a TouchPad and Pre3, the only HP product I own is a HPw2048 monitor, almost at 4 years and it still is working as good as when I got it. Knock on wood, :)

Oh and i havent booted into Android in I don't know how long.

You, me and a very small comparative number of people are using WebOS. All of these people using discontinued hardware.

Should of, would of, could of.
It's too late now. The best of webOS has been copied by other platforms and enyo is now open source.
Shame, because I have both ICS and webOS on the Touchpad, and very rarely use ICS. Doesn't compare.

Literally everything . Even the boot screen ( company logo that glows ). The ONLY thing no one has stolen is the " Ripple " effect where ever you touch .

Reality is, or may ...... be just what HP needs. To some degree, I think Meg does. But like the US Congress, its' not easy moving forward amongst a dysfunctional group.

That's where someone like Peter Misek, and the gaggle of stock analysts, can affect change. For HP to counter - what they've done well against Apple with PCs (prior to recent history) - is to fight them on the turf that Apple is dominating. If the changes on HP's Board can get their brains on one wavelength, the possibility of advancement - instead of decelerating - would be more likely.

HP is a big boy. Being a member of the Windows fan club (via their PC hardware), has been great for HP - despite ink getting a large share of the credit. However, in the mobile market, HP has to start making an impact, instead of acting like a peon during the next wave of "humanity's future".

In this past race to the top for HP, Windows has had a dominance in operating systems, to which HP had collaborated successfully. The synergy has been good for both.

But for tablets (and phones), that's not the case. MS - in the mobile world - is experiencing the infant stages .... so to speak. That means HP is dependent upon not only doing the right thing, but that hoping it has tagged its mobile future on someone else "learning the ropes" effectively. Microsoft mobile may get to the big leagues successfully - or it may only become a bit player. In some respects, Windows mobile is like a frat boy with a rich parent. Money can - when executed right - create success. But just having it doesn't make success a given.

And that's the lesson HP has to learn. Or figure out.

There are a number of markets out there for HP to thrive in. They include - but not limited to - Cloud services, Server systems, PC hardware, mobile hardware, and yes ... ink - despite the concern for the latter. When it comes to the theme "technology will erode printing, paper & inks", I have to question this forecasting ... as I believe documents have become more abundant in this day of privacy & business/government stalking. Information may be bountiful amongst any number of systems out there, but it is not lacking in the printed document capacity. When HP suggested a connection for webOS to printers, and other options, it just seemed like a logical extension and collaboration to their current strengths.

Why webOS - even if Windows is not the route? While I believe Windows should be one mobile option to HP (to hedge one's bets - and keep MS happy), webOS gives HP the ability to have what Google currently has - control over its foray into the mobile market. As does Apple.

If HP wants to remain the big boy in the world of technology, it has to play like the big boys. HP has the ability to tie in hardware, cloudware, mobileware, printware - hell, dayware .... everything one does (day-to-day) in their life - including opening the garage door as you roll down your street.

I guess I should just join the naysayers too. After all, I only own a Pre, Pre2, Pre3, 2 TOUCHPAD's, and 2 HP desktops and HP Laptop. ... And they all work great. Maybe.... Not.

The reason people use an OS is the intangibles... ICS does everything webOS does, and more, but I still use webOS. IOS is really not feature rich, but it is very easy to use and stable.

No, webOS is not dead, it just needs new hardware and apps and a few tweaks.

Not holding my breath though... Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... Well, you ain't gonna fool us again.

I only have my wife's iPod Touch to check out iOS but I really don't understand what you mean when you say that iOS is not feature rich. To me, WebOS is like a Flintstone car by comparison.

A car apple is still stealing ideas from.

What ideas are the stealing? Here's something to consider. Look at all mobile phones before iPhone and after.

Who is copying who?

rnid, you need to stop. If one looks a what a smartphone is, in general it means a pda and phone in one that has a keyboard, mostly screen, something that's clickable that takes you to an app or a link that's clickable, can do email and messaging, a camera and can play videos and a browser with multi-touch.

All these things my treo and Centro had except for mostly screen and multi-touch. So I give apple credit for web browsing and multi-touch and bigger screen and that's it.

I don't know who invented the smartphone but is sure wasn't apple. All they have been doing lately is copying other people's ideas and buying other companies to use their technology

I had a Treo 600 and a Treo 755P. WebOS didn't stay in the Treo format, it ventured into the iPhone format.

Please be respectful and don't take the tone with me that you took in your opening line.

Thank you.

Really. What format is that? I am still enjoying my physical keyboard typing this message. I read some where that in the treo days palm wanted any task to take no more than 2 steps. And I would say webOS comes closer to that than the iphone

The Treo line was built for true, one handed operation based around the center navigator.

The 755p was released in May 2007. The Centro in October 2007.

The iPhone came out in June 2007.

Other than a physical keyboard, what did Palm keep in the Pre that was part of the Treo?

The Treo had an amazing set of organizational tools that also included a desktop version for your PC. The best contacts and calendar that would 100% sync to your PC.

The Pre was a huge step backwards in that regard.

How many times have we heard that the reason the palm/webos failed is they didnt make a slab just like the IPHONE

By the way I tried email attachments on girl friend's iphone and it sucked more than I thought it would. Wouldn't want one if it was free

I've never heard that and still prefer a physical keyboard.

Ringer Switch, that's what. You supposed to know the answer before you ask the question.

I must have missed something somewhere while reading your posts and replies but, tell me how exactly do you sync your calendars, contacts and tasks to a PC or Mac with the iPhone? Android? Windows Phone 7? Pre? None of the current crop of mobile OS's have that function. WP7 and iOS can sync music and pictures but that's it. It's all done OTA so saying that the Pre was a huge step backward without including the others is disingenuous. You also stated that the Pre moved to an iPhone factor yet chide Palm for only keeping the physical keyboard as an homage to the previous lines. Either Palm made an all-touch Pre or Apple made a portrait slider sometime.

We are well aware if the state of webOS, but we still like it. You think we don't know about the other things out there. Geez nothing to do over at android, iphone, windows phone?

Well said, I removed android from my TP after realizing "all the apps" were just crappy usless time wasters. WebOS will always be my fave.