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Android dual-booted on Pre hardware 46

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 20 Apr 2011 7:11 pm EDT

While attempts to get webOS to run on Android hardware has thus far come up short, k3dar in our forums has performed a related and crazy feat: getting Android to run on webOS hardware. Specifically, we're looking at the standard, no-frills AOSP "Android Open-Source Project" version of Android loaded up in a dual-boot scenario on the Palm Pre. There's some funky keyboard mapping necessary to make the whole thing work (volume for menu, E for Home) and chances are most of you out there with Palm Pre hardware won't be looking at an Android-based homebrew future anytime soon, but it's nevertheless quite the accomplishment.

Hit up the source link for instructions and a downloadable shell script to load onto a Pre so you can download and install Android on your very own. While it doesn't replace webOS or appear to be desctructive in any way, backups are still recommended all around. Do please let us know if you give this a shot. For the mortals amongst us, there's a sideways video after the break proving that this has actually happened.

Update: some reports of near-bricking if you try this on unsupported hardware - here's how to restore a webOS phone that's fallen on hard times.

Source: PreCentral Forums 1 and Forums 2;

Props to k3dar for figuring it out and thanks to XGC75 for the tip!



Man! Who would use android on pre minus hardware. It is supposed to be other way around, somebody boot webOS on iPhone-4 or a EVO or Galaxy 4g. People get your priority right.

Agree!! Dude!! Is the other way around!! :-D

Came here to say that. The current Pre hardware is just so far behind current Android gear it would be amazing to see the OS ported to something fast, with a big honking screen. Problem is you'd also have to get the code from the touchpad keyboard if you where putting it on a slate and I don't know if anyone has that yet.

Ah well, maybe in 2014 HP will start producing some slates. Its not that I hate a keyboard, its just that I'm tired of squinting when everyone around me has such an easy time of surfing away on their androids/iphones.


There's been a homebrew VK available via Preware for ages.
Takes a second or so to load - but otherwise works fine..

That's as twisted as a rabid dog that climbs trees like a cat. So will Google get Froyo working on the Pre before HP releases WebOS 1.5? My money is on droid.

1.5? Dude... You for sure are not an webOS-Users. Get away troll!

I'm also waiting for webOS 1.5, as I'd sure love getting the new webOS 2.1 features, or at least those that can migrate safely to my original Pre (Exhibition! Just Type! Anything!).

Either that, or make 2.1++ available to legacy devices.

"You for sure are not an webOS-Users."

Vito, try again in English, Google Translate has it's limits.

LOL, silly little Vito. I was slinging 200 channels of digital cable to my Treo when you thought you were hot stuff for downloading ringtones. I've been a Palm backer since before you found your first poob.

You go out and buy a Pre+, sign on here less than two months ago, and think you know what's going on with WebOS? You don't even have your feet wet, and if you want to call every Palm critic a troll, you're going to label every member here with that name inside of three months.

Yes, 1.5. Please show me that the Pre was not maxed out over a year ago LIKE THE REAL TROLLS SAID IT WAS. 2.0 was Palm's promise. 1.5 was the bare minimum effort that they still failed to reach. Create the microphone API and at least one native app that uses it, and let the homebrew crowd pick up the rest of the juggling balls that Jon-nie dropped.

So, what do you think of Hogan's departure. Do you think Zadek will further alienate Palm and HP's customer base? Or do you suck hind teat and get all your info here and think you're up to date and in the know for WebOS reality? Well? DUDE!

WebOS on the Evo or Iphone 4 hardware would be awesome! I agree, why the **** would anyone want to put any OS on the pre?

Because, that's why.

Just for fun.

Android on a Pre? HP! Look at what is happening in desperation from lack of new devices!

Huh? This type of activity is exactly the opposite of the point you are trying to make. Someone is taking existing HP devices and putting another OS on it. Just shows that the Pre is still a viable option for smartphone users, even if other people say different.

People are doing this just for fun, not to seriously run Android.

You know what the scariest part about this is? The Pre booted Adnroid twice as fast than most Android devices. Sad I know.

That's because this is pure touchwiz or sense or motoblur. You are probably referring to "skinned" google phones.

I think I would like this because Android is still a great OS and I would like to check on new updates and features that come to it. I would never use it on a daily basis but I still would like to have this instead of another android play phone.

Well... running Android on the Palm Pre is like putting the motor of a Beetle into a ugly Porsche instead of the other way around...

Luckily soon we are going to get new and much better hardware, I almost did buy a Pre 2 out of desperation (it's much more expensive here in Europe, for your American prices I even would have bought two of them already :-P ).

Thank you for showing the possibility anyway k3dar. This is what makes us people, always trying to go beyond of what seems possible.

Love it! It's always cool to see people doing insane things with their devices. Never thought I'd see Android running on a Pre-, but here it is.

Now to see webOS 2.0 running on an older device, yea? [Someone was bound to say it, might as well get it out of the way] ;)

webOS 2.1.0 runs on Pre- and Pre+

Please enlighten me on how I can get webOS 2.1.0 on my pre minus.

Nice! Would totally try this to mess around with Android

Maybe I should load this on my Pre Minus, this is the only way I'll be able to get any updates.

You mean... without "hacking" your phone? ;)

I guess installing webOS 2.1 or Android should be pretty much equal.

Which Version of Android is it? If it's 2.3.3 then the Pre even has a more modern Version of Android than 80% of the Android-Users^^

No, installing webOS 2.1 is MUCH easier than installing Android, and produces a more stable result.

It would be cool something like Wine on linux, to run android apps on the Pre... "Proid" or something like that :-D

proid?? =/ How about... C-3PreO. that's a droid right?

How about Pre3C-O? Or Veeroid?

ah....I remember when we almost got webOS on the cdma htc hero but then rbwhitney complained to XDA and the project got closed we were so close too..we got it to boot the pre then we were going for more but got shut down...

If only webOS booted that fast :/

It would be sweet to have Web OS boot up on my HTC Evo!!!!

we attempted it on the hero because the specs were the same, without the specs being the same it wont work same with the evo it has a 4g board which is un-compatiable with a pre so I doubt itll hit a 4g device unless a sprint cdma 4g webOS phone with same specs as the evo comes out

Currently this is yet another GPL violation from China as the source code does not appear to be available anywhere. I hope that changes soon..

this was discussed before, but i really believe that there must be a way to make an android or iphone app to work on top of WebOS. Probably the android would be more feasible than the iphone, but it should be doable.

Keyboard mapping with using Dual-Boot is not funky :)
In fist post is info about mapping with NFS installation on PC. But with Dual-Boot is used Center as Menu, E is used for normal typing, this is noted in post with install script :)


The entire video is just 2 mins long. Takes me 4 mins just to boot my pre- with meta-doctor 2.1 :(

For hackers who like to do things because they can, this is pretty awesome :-)

Good job!

This is a great way to get used to android for free if you're thinking of switching because you just can't wait for the pre 3 any longer.

As many have mentioned... this is backwards, but I've been saying that WebOS should be on other Manufacturers hardware for months. You wouldn't put a Corvette engine in a Volkswagon. But you could put a Corvette Engine in a Suburban (EVO 4G)

Dual Boot = Nerd Sex Change


I really enjoy webOS but I think palm/hp has missed the mark with their form factor. The pixi is just a bit to small but still easier to type on than the pre. The pre had sloppy feeling mechanism and the lack of a virtual keyboard didn't help things either. While both the pre and the pixi feel comfortable and nice in the hand their use didn't feel as practical as devices already available on the market. Sad to say but I think that a device with a form factor more similar to (dare I say it?) an iPhone would have been better received. Imagine a larger pixi with no keyboard but still the contoured screen of the pre. I know palm/hp are going for something unique but they already nailed it with webOS in my opinion but couldn't back it up with a more desirable form factor. It's hard to get developers to write software for a device that they would not want to use themselves.

where must donations go to get WebOS running on other devices not branded by HP?

I'm no geek, and im trying to get this up and working on my old pre. but i need help.

send me android for palm pre downloading link plz.