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Android's CyanogenMod adds webOS-style swipe-away notifications 61

by Derek Kessler Thu, 28 Jul 2011 8:06 pm EDT

Quick: how do you dismiss individual notifications on stock Android?

Time's up. You can’t. Android’s notifications system is an all-or-nothing affair. Some manufacturers, like Motorola, have added in the ability to delete individual notifications, but stock Android and most manufacturer-derived variants lack that feature. You can have all of your notifications sit there until you act on them, or you can dismiss them all at once. There’s no webOS-style middle ground where you can dismiss a few and keep the rest.

Until now, at least if you’re willing to go the unofficial aftermarket firmware route (if you were on webOS, you’d call it homebrew, iOS: jailbreaking) with CyanogenMod 7.1. Included in this release are a slew of modifications to Android, including a DSP equalizer, theming, lock screen gestures, and a slew of small changes as well. One of those small changes is something that the typical webOS user is quite familiar with: swipeable notifications.

It’s good to see Android improving, even if unofficially, against the notifications implemented by webOS and iOS. webOS still stands heads and shoulders above the rest with its sheer simplicity and quasi-widget support, and the triage capability of webOS 3.0 notifications puts webOS yet another step ahead of the competition. We’re hoping that Google follows Apple’s lead and takes some of their *ahem* homebrew community’s contributions and incorporates them into future versions of Android. Just to prove that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.


Hopefully there are enough "unofficial" programs to make it less painful to make the change pretty soon here.

Wave Launcher is very nice. It mimics the look and feel of the webOS wave bar quite nicely and also holds folders and recent apps.

Perfect Task Switcher isn't quite as nice. While it runs smoothly on phones that don't have the horsepower to run Wave Launcher well, the look and feel of PTS is unpolished and manipulating the cards can be clumsy at times.

Another potentially nice app for webOS orphans on Android is InvisiBright which sits in your notification drawer and allows you to change your phone's brightness settings without leaving your app.

good news for my nook color :)

This and download the wavy bar launcher, step by step, the rough edges come off.

I think it's very thoughtful of Derek to publish articles to make the transition from WebOS to something better less painful.

Seriously what the **** are you doing here?

Watching the trainwreck..

Can't look away. No OTA for the TP yet? Three price drops in three weeks! The users are making things right.

could care less

"could care less" means that you do care enough that you have room to spare to care less. Did you mean "Can't care any less?"

Makes my thoughts of switching to Android even less hesitant.

Switch. Please.

I'm overwhelmed. There are so many hardware options! :)

Seems like you have a hardware deficiency somewhere to want to make up for it elsewhere? LOL.
+1 for switch please, add: please stay away too!

yeah my hardware deficiency is in my pre minus.
I'm growing sick of this lag.
It's like spacemanspork's post says down below. Everyone on here that is "hating" and/or switching to android are the ones that really love webos, but are frustrated with HP.
HP is doing a poor job of bringing products people are ASKING FOR to the market.

Yeah they brought us the touchpad, but at $500!? the high price is causing low sales, which is causing lack of developers. I don't know of one non-webos enthusiast who bought the touchpad.

spacemanspork is right. The veer was a waste of time. If the pre 3 was out instead of the veer HP could have stopped many of us webos users from switching to Android, they could have introduced new users to webos, which could drive up the sales of the touchpad.

Derek sees the numbers that are leaving for android due to lack of hardware and he's helping them out. We all know when the pre 3 comes out it's going to be at a ridiculous price of $200 so some have decided what's the point of even waiting.

I haven't switched yet, but my pre minus is dying and I don't want another 3" screen phone. So my choice at this time is to jump to Android, just like the rest of the webos users that are sick of a 3" screen and physical keyboard.

I've made the switch to Android and folks the sheer power of the software along with the superior quality of the hardware kinda makes webos look like a joke really! It's no wonder people aren't buying into webos and hp. Not to mention, that they really did us legacy device owners crappy. they took too long to innovate and even longer to get products into our hands. After using the Evo3d, you begin to realize that even the pre 3d won't cut won't have a big enough engine under the hood! After using a phone that truly is fast, I could not even get used to webos again. Speed is everything in the mobile market and everyone except hp has figured that out.

The truth is webos is truly doing a lot of work in it's software and it needs to have dual core processors.the pre3d won't be able to cut it unless they add more speed.

I do miss the simplicity of webos but the power and speed of htc can't be rivaled. It's just too damn good! I'm sure you could hack your evo but it is just not necessary. Coming from webos, it has all the power you need out of the box!

yeah, meant couldn't care less. But it doesn't matter, forums are kinda informal but people generally understand. Notice I started in lower case.

The author should comment and let us know what was the purpose of this article

How about "I thought some of you might find this interesting" for a purpose?

You do realize most of the people here that are "hating" are doing so because they love webOS but hate Palm/HP right? Why do some of us hate Palm/HP? Because a lot of us feel like HP/Palm are TRYING to fail.

What HP should do is inherently obvious. Release their version of the "super phone" as quickly as possible. Get their hardware team to design one in the top of the line range. Dual core, lots of RAM (768mb or 1gb), front facing camera, a great rear camera, and 4G. Screen size should probably be safe and go for 3.5-4". 3.8" seems like a safe bet. Then release as soon as there's a stable build of webOS 2.x and release on ALL carriers. Take a loss on the product but undercut the iPhone and the top end Android phones.

Imagine if they actually did this. There would be no Veer in April but instead you'd have an ultra powerful Pre3 on ALL 4 carriers in April. And those specs aren't absurd. Those are Atrix level specs and that phone came out BEFORE April. I think HP's chances aren't great but aren't too bad if they did this. Theoretically it can really help out the Touchpad too if people like their Pre3. I bet way more people would've bought this theoretical ultra Pre3 over the Veer.

What did HP do instead? They released the Veer to which all the reviews said "It's cute but who wants this? It's way too small." They'll release the Pre3 4-5 months later to only a few carriers and be a single core phone in the land of dual cores. Sigh.

So you see, it's not webOS people are fed up with. It's HP/Palm. People are here saying stuff like that guy because they're still secretly hoping that something will be done right but after seeing it done wrong over and over you have to accept that they probably won't. Meh.

People do not generally insult others with comments like "you suck" in the secret hope it will improve them. And some of us are generally happy with what HP is doing.

I have a few complaints, I've voiced them and moved on. If I am unhappy enough I'll just buy another product and not waste the bandwidth of other more patient people on this site.

The constant childish whining is annoying. It's only appropriate for pre-schoolers.

And whining about said whining is appropriate for...toddlers?

Haters gone hate.

It's really not hating it's just facts. hp and webos are really just middle of the road compared to whats out there in ios and android!

We're just waiting for HP to hand WebOS to another comapany. They're slogan may be HP-Invent, but there is not inventive about their culture or resources. They're a commodity wholesaler, selling the same-old, same-old on razor thin margins with lots of advertising. To be inventive, you have to embrace your beta users, your developers, and take your lumps to build a following. Something HP is clearly running counter-strategy to.

It's a trainwreck, and Leo is asleep in the locomotive. How long will his hand-picked BOD put up with it?

seems like this belongs in the android forums, it would be useful to people to who switched and miss some of the webos features.

But it seems more like they are saying android getting features like webos they hope they get more so that ....... I don't know, i'm confused.

Worst article ever in my opinion.

What's there to be confused about? People are throwing the towel in on WebOS and many of them are moving to Android (especially on Sprint). Derek is showing them how to duplicate some WebOS functionality on their new phones.

> Worst article ever in my opinion.

I still think the "time to party" article is far worse:

Worst article? Have the courage to face reality. HP has failed to sell a fantastic product, now the imitators will take the ball and run with it. You are watching the endgame, dont hold your breath waiting for happy stories.

I'm not sure who you're directing your response to, but yes, "time to party" is definitely the worst article I've seen here. Why? Because back in May -- back before having any indication that the TP or even Veer were going to be successful, and before any word about anything to do with the Pre3 -- we were being told that its party time by Tim Stiffler-Dean.

Did you mean to say that Tim doesn't have the courage to face reality?

It's still funny to read his articles. His spin on the cost cutting at Costco was pretty good. As much as HP is heading near the end of the webOS line, Precentral isn't doing much better. The forums are a joke. The mods are clueless. The frontpage is pathetic with "writers" like Tim & Derek and contributions of Estaban and his idiot musings about a Touchpad being his only device.

Can't quit now with the ending in sight.

Where can I install this in Preware? Oh, wait.

Get your act together PreCentral, this is PATHETIC.



The atmosphere in the forums have already been ruined beyond repair, and now we get Android on the frontpage?

Where's my suitcase?

Uh, are we reading the same forum? The same one where mods treat the community like children? The same one where WebOS boosters are given free reign to belligerently attack people while anyone who politely posts anything that doesn't distort reality finds their posts edited or deleted? The same forum where at least 1 mod openly taunts people that disagree with HP's direction before locking the post to ensure they have the last word? The forum where people who are unhappy with their ~$600 purchase are called whiners before having their post jettisoned to the "General Complaints" thread?

That forum?

Nice summary.


Derek, ignore this nonsense. Thank you for continually providing content on the frontpage reflecting DIFFERENT perspectives in the midst of a black hole of tangible phone news from HP.

I guess there is so little news for webos precentral has to report news for the competition? I guess this coincides well with the root access that was done for the evo 3d.

Times are a changin'

Yeah, nice hint for people switching from webOS to Android and missing this feature...
Errm - what was the purpose of this page again?

I don't get the complaints on this one. It is simply showing one way that webOS has affected the competition. Every time webOS has an effect on the competition it *could* mean that webOS matters a bit more. How is that a bad thing?

Lighten up on Derek you passive aggressive nerds :) Seriously, I took it as a competitor borrowing great ideas from WebOS. Remember the playbook articles?


What I would REALLY love is to just port webOS to any of those Android superphones!

As the others have said, we all love webOS here, but we're getting tired of all this inactivity by HP.

Absolutely! Oh how I would LOVE to have webOS running on HTC Desire S or Galaxy S2!

The imitation going on is heartening in that it confirms some of the great elements of webos we know and love. But it also stirs the anger at what seem like major missteps by HP. The veer case in point. Was in an ATT store today and asked sales guy how veer sales were going. he said his manager swore by it and seemed to be great little phone BUT at that size it primarily drew the interest of teens looking for an easy to use smart phone. The problem? For that market it's priced too high. Sales guy said it needed to be 50 bucks. At 99, too much for kid crowd. He said nobody buys on OS. iPhone is status symbol, droid moves because it's marketed hard. RIM has lost cachet. I don't understand why his basic understanding of consumer behavior appears to not be understood by HP. He did say he thought the TP would be a good seller IF it was priced right.

So an article like this makes me mostly shake my head as webos strengths are incorporated by others and HP fails to fully deploy it's financial strength to get leading apps on the platform or it's engineering prowess to give us top level hardware or it's business savvy to correctly meet the demands of the smartphone market.

Bingo. This is why I hate the "it's a marathon, not a sprint" line. To win a marathon, you still have to run faster than the competition. If HP keeps moving too slow it gives the competition time to improve their strengths (and that includes incorporating some of HP's strengths).

HP needs to remember that *everyone else* sees it as a marathon as well and the competition has been steadily increasing their pace.

Maybe HP is just aiming to "complete" the marathon rather than "win" it. Then again, Apotheker did say something about being better than number one.

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This is actually nothing new. I don't know when it was introduced, but my HTC Hero, which is running CM 6.something, has it - it may have been improved, though, in 7.x.

hmmm, gotta agree, I dont think this post should be on the front page of precentral..

just seems like a post to stir things up

Why? It should be a validation of the UI you're using and nothing more. HP has two absolutely cracking (snicker) phones available now - one each - on the two biggest US carriers.

If they aren't tempting WebOS fans to switch to them moreso than Derek's article about a mod that's applicable to SOME Android devices, then that's pretty much a HP/Palm problem, not Derek's.

Great article, Derek. Keep them coming! Life as a Sprint user may not be so bad after all.

Thank you!


Man, hate on a brother for letting us know what the competition is doing? Wow...

Pretty funny you mentioned webOS 3.0 when there is no phone in existence or even announced that can run it!

I didn't realize that was a new feature they'd just added. I've only ever used CM7.1 RC1 when I got a Nook Color.

he is not just letting us know what the competition is doing. There was a lot of love there, sounded like a kid who just got to first base and can't wait to score. Worst article ever.

Wouldn't you be happy if one of your favorite features from WebOS found its way to a platform with a future?


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"Quick: how do you dismiss individual notifications on stock Android?

Time's up. You can’t. "

Yes I can - I press that notification, and then I press "Back" button. Simple as that. Nowhere near as slick as webOS, but works OK. Kinda like the whole Android system.

...and do not forget about "Itching thumbs" task manager, which works exactly like cards flicking on webOS, PLUS it has gestures area that allows you to start pre-configured apps by drawing gestures on it, for example you draw "G" to start gMail from your "card view", even if gMail is not currently running. Quite slick & productive feature, if you ask me.

...seems like less & less unique webOS features left to clutch on. Like they say, "if you are not moving ahead, you are moving backwards"...