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Angry Birds for Pre and Pixi not likely to get updates anytime soon 119

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 23 Jun 2011 2:19 pm EDT

You may or may not have noticed this, but over the last two months, webOS device users have been unable to get the monthly updates for the various titles of the Angry Birds franchise. While the rest of the world pushes forward on their endeavor to destroy the kingdoms of pigs and monkeys, webOS users are left with the same levels of the game that we got back in April. We have missed two full months of new Angry Birds goodness. It's amazing that we haven't started a riot by now.

Luckily for us, Rovio Mobile (the company behind Angry Birds) has addressed the issue publicly on Twitter and in support emails finally returned to several impatient users. Apparently, because of the lack of firmware updates for the Pixi and Pre (as HP has stopped supporting them with OTA updates), the newer levels of Angry Birds games work less than optimally on these devices. While Rovio is working to find a way to support these devices without the firmware fixes, it's looking less and less likely that they will be continuing to update their games for older webOS devices. At least, that's what they've said in the support email they sent out (after the break).

For newer device owners Rovio says that everything is intact and will continue to be updated in the future. One problem they'll have, though, is that if they just update the app in the catalog for all users, then those older devices will get the update as well, breaking their games in the process. That's something Rovio definitely does not want and is probably looking to solve. They have already submitted an app update to the catalog on June 13th, but we have yet to see it pushed to our devices. "Soon," we are told.

Rovio Support, Jun-23 16:22 (EEST):

Hello, and thank you for your patience in waiting for an answer from us.

We have been investigating performance issues on Palm devices for a long time now. Palm Pre and Pre Plus have some severe firmware issues which prevent latest versions of Angry Birds running properly. Unfortunately Palm has decided not to support them with firmware updates anymore.

We are working very hard to solve those issues but unfortunately can not guarantee Angry Birds games to work perfectly on those devices.

Same goes to Palm Pixi and unfortunately there will be no more updates for Pixi.

The good thing is that when Palm is starting to roll out new devices, we will be able to support them all.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Angry Birds Team

Source: Rovio Mobile (Twitter); Via: webOSroundup; Thanks for all the tips!


What else is new, we are used to it by now.

This isn't a big shocker or anything. The big source of the problem remains that HP has done nothing to provide its Sprint customers an upgrade path.

The problem is not limited to Sprint customers. The Pre and Pixi are on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

If you have a Pre, the only upgrade path that is known is to go to Verizon on Pre 2 which is available now. The other option that has been rumored is that AT&T will have a Pre 3.

If you have a Pixi, there is no upgrade path.

Screwed again, thanks H/Palm.

Who voted you down? You've got a point.

There are people here who thumbs down anything bad about their HP/Palm true or not. I love WebOS, still using my Pre- on sprint and its holding up like a champ. Couple dings on the screen and some times the slider gets locked up a bit (Happens so rarely that it is almost a non issue).

Yet I agree with him, my mind is not clouded like so many others.
So many broken promises both by HP and Palm.

I myself am still waiting for flash. (I will get thumbs down for this comment)

I guess all you people still have 486 machines expecting to run Windows 7 on them.

Because that describes this situation perfectly right?

You missed a post on Rubi's boots.

I'm still waiting for my 2-year contract on sprint to end. So, I'm stuck with my Pre until then. Sure, I could pay my way out of the contract, but I'm not so geek as to waste money doing it.

So, yes. I actually do expect the company that made my Pre to support it. The industry seems based on 2-year contracts, but HP/Palm decided to leave us out and give us reasons to consider Droid and iOS.

Windows 7 - NO. Linux - YES, and it does so quite nicely.

@nyallj Hows the kool-aid taste?

If Centro or Treo 755 users demanded a WebOS update then your ignorant comment would be relevent.

Apple iPhone 3GS, which came out at the same time as the Pre-, is getting the new iOS 5 update. No one is demanding that HP give Pre- users every power hungry feature but just those that would keep the Pre- a part of the WebOS ecosystem until our contracts are up. If HP would have done this my Pre- would have remained useful and I would have remained faithful to HP and eager to buy the latest WebOS device. But company with terrible customer service don't deserve customers.

I've been complaining to their twitter account but just assumed there's only a handful of us left anyway.

At least the android versions are free.... just have to replay...

I don't see how firmware has anything to do with a level update. Rovio already has the game engine created and just needs to drop in levels.

I have seen they have been adding game features like an eagle or something for regular angry birds, but I do not see why they cannot simply add a few levels to Rio.

I assume their updates are more than just new levels.

Never assume.

Im pretty sure it has everything to do with the enyo push. Why are they going to waste time in updating a game for a outdated os when enyo is whats going to be supported right now and they are going to have to rewrite their apps to run on it. Thats really what its all about. Plus with the dwindling webos user base on legacy devices (as much as i hate to say it) its probably a smart move. This really sucks for me cuz i have 3 pre- and a pre plus and ive bought angry birds on all of those devices and they are no longer going to be supported............

some correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure this is a PDK app, with that said enyo (being sdk) should have nothing to do with this unless it was a hybrid app, which is highly doubtful as well.


you seem to make a good point.

This entire problem is solely HP/Palm's fault. While it's normal for manufacturers to stop supporting legacy devices, but the way HP has done it is wreckless and irresponsible.

It's definitely a time of transition for WebOS, with new devices coming out, multiple version (2.1 - 3.0), shift from Mojo to Enyo.

Kudos to Rovio for standing by and supporting WebOS, even while other developers have fled.

feeling sad cause this will be also a signal to other developers to abandon the webos 1.x plattform. If the strong supporter rovio jumps the ship, why should others continue.
I just can say it loud enough to HP: iOS 5 will have support for 3GS which was released parallel to the Pre 1.

I pick up my Evo 3D tomorrow morning.
Guess what game I download first?


What an ignorant thing to say. Task killer are absolutely not necessary on android. Common misconception.

Exactly! Android only actually runs one app at a time. The others are put to sleep and sit idle until you switch back to them, you are not really multi-tasking anyway.

With WebOS there aren't any useful apps to multitask with!! And even when you only have one app open you can't even open another app cause you get a message saying you have too many apps open!!! I mean c'mon, admit it, WebOS is a failure. Millions of people around the world can't be wrong, Android and iOS rule.

not true - that was only with pre- and pixie, but took more than a couple most times.

I have never gotten the TMC error on my plus and that was with 50+ open...

Please do your research before you lambaste a product.

50+ really?? There are that many apps for webos????? You still have faith in your Pre cause you haven't owned it for two years...

You owned a - I presume? not the same as a plus... 50+ apps? ya... good joke. only not, because it's lamer speak.

Using a kernel with compcache resolved the TMC problem with my Pre-. Although, I do not try to run 50 apps at the same time, I do run a common set (E-mail, Calendar, Browser, Twitter, Facebook) quite easily.

Stop it. Android does NOT only run one app at a time. Can't you love webOS without spreading FUD about other platforms?

Android will only kill an app if resources are needed for what you happen to be focusing on. Even then, there is a documented process that it follows in determining how resources will be reclaimed.

Exactly, Android is basically meant to manage it's resources automatically. Yet it is depending on the App.

If an app isn't written well you can get into trouble, and you have a lot of "non-good-apps". I know a lot of friends who use some Android-devices (Desire, Defy, Milestone) who keep telling me that without such a Task-Killer their Phones would just start to hang after a while.

Guess which apps are on the Top at the Android Market?

Not taking sides on the task killer debate, I believe the automatic resource handling has improved with recent Android releases. What may have been needed in the past, is not longer required.

The apps are not killed, but they sleep and are NOT active.

And yet I use multiple apps all the time that continue ACTIVE in the background. Your information is simply incorrect.

Here's a small example. When I bike, I turn on my tracking software, music or a podcast, set my SMS and email to be read to me , pop on my bluetooth headset and toss the EVO into my backpack.

During my ride, my music or podcast plays, I get periodic readouts of distance and time from the tracking software, any messages are read to me (I don't get many of these and I do pull off to the side if it requires an immediate response), if I get a call, I tap on my earpiece and the music is muted. After the call the music's volume goes back to normal and I don't lose any geo data from the tracking software. All this happens live, fully active, at the same time and on Android.

It's OK however, you're not the only one that has been Jedi mind tricked by Palm on the "true multitasking" bit.

Does WebOS run YouTube videos and anything else at the same time without patching?

"Anything else", yes if the programmer of the game didn't include some routine to pause it when you are not inside.

On other platforms (iOS for example) he on the contrary has to add code to KEEP it running. This is the important part on this.

The reason that webOS as it is now is pausing Youtube-videos when you go into another program is because it was implemented in the Youtube-App and not because of some restriction of the OS.

I personally would still like that HP makes it optional whether you want it to pause or not (in the settings for example).

So what you're saying is that there is an option to allow an app to multitask in iOS and an option to turn it off in webOS. This means they BOTH multitask. By the way, you don't "add code" to keep it running in iOS in the sense that you've got to write additional code. You simply select an option in Xcode and you're done.

None of this matters except to us developers and techies. All the end user sees is that they can multitask most of the major platforms (despite Palm's, and now HP's, assertions to the contrary).

I multitask just fine on my iPad 2, iPod Touch, Palm Pre (when I had one), EVO and Nexus S. Some have prettier task switchers than others but they all multitask. Each of those devices have features that make them better than the others in certain situations.

Palm has done a pretty good job at convincing its fans that if you don't have cards, you can't multitask. This is akin to saying you can't multitask in command line Linux because you don't have a GUI like Windows or OSX; ie, it's a flat out lie.

FYI - no FUD needed.

"Android: applications that are no longer visible to the user are suspended -- remaining in memory but without event handling or processing.

If this background app needs processing, it requires a "service" -- which Quintana likens to a kind of separate small application that runs without a user interface, doing stuff like completing a file upload on behalf of the suspended app.

iPhone 4.0 handles app suspension in a very similar manner. The difference lies in how iPhone handles background processing. This is much more bound or limited than in Android, according to Quintana. The iPhone OS doesn't have the same idea of "services." So "If an app merely needs to finish what it is doing before it is suspended, it asks for a limited amount of time to continue processing in the background. An example would be a file upload that needs to finish," he writes. As soon as that task is done, the OS suspends the app as usual."

Maybe you should get things directly from the horse's mouth. There are tons of "official" information on this directly from Android engineers. Apps really do run in the background.

Here's something to look at, from the horse's mouth:

[If a device never runs out of memory, then Android will keep all of these processes around, truly leaving all applications "running" all of the time.]

The truth of the matter is that some devices have less resources than others. This, however, does not mean the OS cannot multitask. Like I said earlier, I multitask just fine on my EVO, Nexus S, iPod Touch, iPad 2 and my wife's Pre (the few times I need to help her with something on it).

"So far, we have a way for applications to implicitly do work in the background, as long as the process doesn't get killed by Android as part of its regular memory management. This is fine for things like loading web pages in the background, but what about features with harder requirements? Background music playback, data synchronization, location tracking, alarm clocks, etc

For these tasks, the application needs a way to tell Android "I would explicitly like to run at this point." There are two main facilities available to applications for this, represented by two kinds of components they can publish in their manifest: broadcast receivers and services."

Your post basically says "if apps want to stay active, they can" but you are still trying to convince the world that it is not possible.

The bottom line is this. There are limited resources on mobile devices (on any device really, but more so on mobile devices). There are two, and only two ways to mange resources. Leave everything running until the system grinds to a halt or reclaim resources. Even the development documentation for webOS strongly suggest that developers reduce an app's workload when it has been deactivated.

You, like many here, keep confusing "resource management" with "multitasking". All of these OSes multitask. They, however, have different ways of managing those multiple tasks (resource management).

With Android, the idea is to not have the user worry about closing app. With webOS the idea is to leave the resource management up to the user. In both cases the user can multitask just fine.

You are bent on proving Android cannot multitask but millions of people are multitasking with it everyday. I give you concrete examples of me multitasking and you reply by saying, "no you're not".

So..I'll leave you to your quest. Good luck proving that people aren't doing what they are actually doing. Take care.

He won't need it. EVO works great! No multi-tasking - but at least you don't have to do finger acrobatics to copy & paste.

This is expected with the legacy devices. Not really surprised at all. It's terrible news for Sprint Pre owners as Sprint continues with their Android devices and ignores HP.

Yes, bad news for Sprint Pre owners but I don't think Sprint is ignoring HP. It's just that Sprint is not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. I applaud them for that. I love Sprint and I am getting the EVO 3D.

Really? Because that Kyocera dual screen joke of a phone is not a mistake? I see how they are flying off the shelves? Lol

Lets not mention many many Evo's that have screen and camera issues (faulty screens, camera mount is bad design as the plastic housing is easily scratched rendering pics blurry, etc).

I'd hold off on the Evo 3D, it leaves much to be desired and so far is not much more than a gimmick phone. If you're doing Android, you'd be better off with one of the Galaxy S phones.

Dual core and 1 gig of RAM is a gimmick?

I'm talking about the 3D portion of it. You're talking about the hw. The camera quality is worse on the 3D than it is on the Evo. It also drops down to 5mp with a regular pic which obviously only uses one lens. It still has the same housing as the Evo which again will lead to the blurry pics due to the plastic cover easily getting scratched. I'd either stay with the Evo, wait for a better HTC model or go with the Galaxy line.

Forget about the 3D portion and you have one of the most powerful android phones on the market right now. Most people think the EVO 3D is a gimmick because the 3D images are not that impressive but 3D is part of the devices name so it is hard to not critize the 3D part of the phone.

But if you had to choose between a phone with a dual core and 1 gig of ram and another phone with a dual core and 1 gig of ram AND the ability to watch 3D movies and games.....

I think it would be a no brainer, just simply turn off the 3D and you still have an amazing phone.

If within 30 days you don't like it you can always take it back to Sprint. There is absolutely nothing to lose.

Couln't agree with you more on the Kyocera, but the issues on the EVO are minor compared to the Pre -, things like that happen to any phone even to the iphones under normal use.

Thanks for the advice though...

Making the same mistake twice with the same line of phones is not the same as simply making the same mistake twice.

Sprint dealt with major issues with the original Pre/Pixie from Palm (more the Pre than the Pixie). The sales were lower than expected, the returns were higher than expected and the complaints were through the rough.

Any company that experiences that is well within reason if they decided to back off on that specific product line.

I agree with you that the Kyocera is a joke. I don't think they are selling well at all, but it was a new product that they tried, just like they tried the Pre. If it fails, I also don't expect them to continue with that product line in the future, just as they've done so far with the Pre.

The EVO's are fine. You're trying to exaggerate some issues with it. The fact is they flew off the shelf and did the opposite of the Pre (higher than expected sales, lower than expected returns and no where near the complaints of the Pre). To this day, it remains one of the most popular phones on Sprint.

I have an EVO and it's rock solid. I've only had the one. Compare that with my family plan having gone through 12 Pres on 4 lines so far (I went through 6 before I switched to the EVO).

Absolutely the Pre quality was flat out terrible. Evo is probably the best selling phone Sprint has had. No doubts there. All I'm stating is that Evo's have the same type of issues just not in the same quantity. I have friends that have gone through at least 4 Evos due to quality issues (still doesn't compare to Pre quality issues though).

And you are correct for the most part that the Evo is fine. And your Evo is probably rock solid, which is not what early reports are stating on the Evo 3D (the quality isn't as sturdy as the Evo but time will tell). However, I don't feel that way about the Evo 3D. It leaves lots to be desired. So far, the 3D is just a gimmick. Hw specs are impressive but no one wins that hw spec war, especially not HP so specs are not that impressive to me and I'm an electrical engineer. :)

I don't think it matters at this point anymore. Sprint is full on Android. Most carriers are either Android or iOS. That's it. Even WM7 isn't getting much support on the retail aspect.

No slider hardware keyboard certainly helped the EVO avoid some of the Pre issues.

There are plenty of slider phones that don't have the volume of issues the Pre has. The Pre was simply poorly made. No amount of guessing what would cause other devices to have issues is ever going to change that. By the way, the Pre suffered from more than just slider-related issues.

Are you forgetting BlackBerry on purpose? I know that I personally don't like the BB, but I also have not been impressed with android OS. Although the latest one is better than the earlier ones.

what about feature phones? Many people still just want a cell phone and don't care about web/email/etc.

What sprint needs to realize is that the pre- was the first version. What they should have done is carry the +. Then there would be fewer issues and they could replace -s that are broken with the +. Yes the + is not perfect, but the attrition rate is much lower. And then they could have carried the 2. I only know from my owning a 2, but it is much more stable than either of it's predecessors.

Also, comparing the - to the EVO is not a fair comparison. The EVO is newer equipment.

Just looked as of the 9th of next month our ETF is down to $60... thinking about actually paying the ETF and going to ATT for a couple Veer's for free.

Never thought I would consider throwing away money on an ETF.

Don't do it! Negotiate with ATT and get them to pay the ETF. They will do it to get a new subscriber.

Thanks, figured I would go in there and talk to them first.

Evan as cynical as I am, I believe the majority of the delay for the TouchPad and Pre 3 is driven by the commercial availability in volume quantities of the new Qualcomm processors both devices use. These are bleeding edge and are only now reaching availability.

In all fairness to HP and Sprint, they cannot sell what they cannot get.

In all fairness to HP and Sprint, they cannot sell what they cannot get.

But Sprint can announce, just like the other carriers have...


I certainly agree, and that is what is especially troubling for the Sprint faithful. I would not be surprised if Sprint was holding off until after their new hero phone, EVO 3D, hit the market. But, I'm not holding my breath, either.

Yes! thank you for understanding that Sprint is at least partially at fault. I am sure it's related to the bad hardware giving Sprint a bad feeling about Palm/HP product reliability...

I don't know what my next spartphone will be, but I KNOW it won't be on Sprint. Anytime I can't get a good signal, AT&T and Verizon friends get a nice clear signal. It may just be NC, but Sprint is practically begging me to leave.

You think Sprint is ignoring the Pre 3? Wait until you see the Pre 3 get the same treatment from retail reps that Windows Phone 7 devices do. Every carrier is pushing JUST iOS and Android right now, except for Sprint, which is just Android.

You do have a point.

What about Pre and Pre Pluses running 2.1? Are they just saying that because the older devices are "officially" only up to 1.4.5?

More than likely. As you said, officially, Pre and Pre+ devices are considered legacy devices.

So are you saying that 2.1 devices will more than likely get the updates? Im hoping thats the case. But last I heard also is that HP made a change to the catalog to where Pre and Pre pluses running 2.1 wont see 2.1 updates because HP labeled the Veer and Pre 2 as the only 2.x devices. I also heard that impostah can be used as a work around. But Hopefully this update that has been submitted will get released soon.

No what I'm saying is that the legacy devices (Pre, Pre+) will not get the updates. These devices are officially supposed to be running 1.4.5 which is not going to be supported much longer. The fact that users have unofficially upgraded to 2.x.x WebOS on legacy hardware doesn't count.

I have it officially on my German Pre Plus (the normal Pres didn't get it).

No, the problem (as stated in the article) seems to be, that they say that they can't (easily) push an update for all 2.x-devices while not updating the 1.4.5 ones too, which would make all Angry Birds Versions on those devices unplayable.

Why cant they just make the update 2.x specific? Or is it not that easy? I know it wouldnt be fair to 1.4.5 users but they have already said they can't support legacy devices (1.4.5).

When they make it 2.x +, it will remove it from the 1.x app catalog.

If they make a separate app id, everyone that has gone 2.x will have to rebuy the app.

Didnt think of the different app ID thing. Well **** Well the article says the update has already been submitted. Hopefully it all works out.

Yeah we shall see.

I guess it IS possible to push an update to every device that doesn't cripple Angrybirds on legacy devices running 1.4.5, it would just be more work to do than they usually do by just porting over the iOS-Version.

No, why can't HP update the older devices? is a BETTER question. It's not as if we have the option to go out and upgrade to a Pre3.

Salty birds. lol

This just in: "Legacy devices gets the bird from Angry Birds."

lmao. You should have wrote the head lines for this. or Rovio releases new app "Angry Nerds"

I think it's more like, "Legacy devices get the bird from HP."



Since the apps are already out for these device, still not yet pulled from catalog, why not cont to add more maps that do nothing different to the hardware than what has already been happening? I can see a completely new app not happening but not updating. This statement is a hard pill to swallow.

Just another slap in the face with the Pre- users. I'm just trying to decide, Samsung Nexus S or EVO 3-D?

neither get the galaxy s2 or htc sensation

WebOS is doomed for failure. For how much longer is HP/Palm going to try to convince people that tossing away apps to close them is better than iOS or Android?

WebOS has been around for two years now and has failed miserably to cautivate consumers. And WebOS 2 is a joke, how is stacking a card on top of another much for helpful?

Furthermore, multitasking on WebOS is useless since there are NO useful apps to multitask with!!!!!

I loved my Pre at first, but now I am so tired of it. I am, however, excited for two things, 1)I am getting the EVO 3D on July 1st, and 2) I will not have to listen to HP/Palm's lies every again!!!

Good bye WebOS, I am never coming back, good luck.

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu,
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.


So long, farewell
Au revoir, Auf Weidersehen
I'd like to stay
And cause the readers pain!


you will be back......."in the coming years"

haha you made me laugh on that one....

I used to get mad at HP for using that phrase... "in the coming months" cause I became so sick of their lies.

To HP I say I will not dump WebOS "in the coming weeks" I will dump WebOS NEXT WEEK!

WebOS is the better OS. But, you are right that HP will probably F it up. Just remember how well they managed their digital phone line. You could probably even do a search for a lot of their old press releases and see the same hype as for WebOS.

Speaking strictly for myself, after using Android (Froyo) since February, I cannot wait to get back to webOS. For me, the integration and flow of how to do things in webOS is much more natural (organic?) than Android. A single aspect like the card metaphor or the gesture area or the notification system would not be enough to sway people. But if they experienced the combination (a.k.a. synergy - pun intended), they would see why some people love webOS.

I hope you find your nirvana.

Oh yeah, multitasking with "cards" are so lame the everyone else is copying it... Would that I could be that lame...

It was not the Blue Bird of Happiness who just Kra.pped on me - it was @Rovio and @HP. We Pre Minus (Day One adopters and continued supporters) just can't catch a break. Are Angry Bird droppings easier to clean off if they are dry or wet?

LOL. Seriously, how many people would get the "Blue Bird of Happiness" reference? That's about as "legacy" as it gets.

Don't usually revist my pervious post, but glad I did tonight as you made me laugh! thanks.

hp has taken a bigger dump on pre- users. I don't think you will notice bird droppings.

Let's say the update happens in the catalog for those of us who have "moved on" by ripping up our old Pre's and are Frankenpre 2ing it on Sprint... HP kicked us out of the update world a couple weeks ago anyway so again it's up to homebrew to save the day with Impostah just to fetch an update. There is just no love for a launch day supporter!

why Frankenpre...what is the driving reason behind it? It is absurd that you want to throw money at new devices and they company unwilling to take it....

I must say, I'm impressed with you turning "Frankenpre 2" into a verb. :-)

I have been into mobile devices for a long time now and I have done alot of ish but never Frankened a device together. Hats of to the person who thought it up and got it to work, also to those who have done it. You all are truly the hardcore.
Can someone help me port my xperia x10 radio into my motorola atrix so I can get tmobile 3g? jk

I only bought AB on my plus because I was told I would get updates regularly... where have I heard this before??? ... But I agree that MDd plus ought to be able to run it.

AB RIO works GREAT on my MDd plus.

I wonder if I can move it to my other line [pre2]

Wow, I understood all of your abbreviations. Maybe it is time for me to take a break from the Internet - naw!

Goddamnit, microsoft, why aren't you updating your software for Windows Me anymore?

Just so you know, that's what most of the people whining here sound like.

I haven't gotten any updates for my Palm Pixi +
But guess what, in the current smart phone climate, the pixi + is ancient hardware. I don't expect updates, why should I ?

In all fairness, there is a bit of a difference. Updates for the Pre- ended (PREmaturely) before launch day purchasers had completed their two-year contract. If device manufacturers/carriers are going to abandon products before the product's two-year release anniversary, people will stop signing those two-year contracts.

Windows ME was an abomination that was rushed to market to force people to PAY for an upgrade.

Am I the only one who thinks it's a really stupid game and couldn't give a darn?

For those who say that the "legacy devices" are old hardware : The Pre - and + are HP/Palm's iPhone 3GS!
Now did Apple let down the iPhone 3GS? That comparaison would be more realistic and concrete.

Haha... They still sell the 3GS... and I agree with ppl that say, 'We signed a 2 yr contract and expect updates through the contract period, or an early out/upgraded equipment.' Why does that seem so foreign to ppl? Plus users didn't even get 1 yr. My plus was still under warranty as of last month when we got a partial bug fix. but that was not the promised update. Nor have they made good on their promise to "take care of the early adopters."

Windows usually gets bug fixes and updates for several years.

BTW, the Windows ME analogy should be more like Vista... though that's another subject altogether.

I'm a huge webOS fan. We have a pre-, an evo 4g, & an evo shift in our house. While I still feel webOS is truely a better os, all the evo bashing us stupid. webOS may be the superior os, but the evo has, by far, superior hardware. 1 year in & it's still one of the most popular android phones (GalaxyS doesn't even come close). In fact, neither of our htc phones have ever had any hardware problem, but I did go through 4-5 pre-s in the first year. Go to the android central forums & look how much whining Samsung owners do over their lack if support, especially updates!

Also, all you android & iOS fans have got way to much time on your hands, if your bothering to come over here & pick fights with webOS owners!

OMG am I the only person in the world that finds Angry Birds to be soooooo boring?

When there are top games like Sparkle, Mini Squadron, Slice It, Arachnophilia, Ancient Frog, Quell, Radient, Miriel..., Hero of Spata and Azkend why is everyone getting so carried away with Angry Birds? I just don't get it!

No you are not. I find it dull as well. But that's the beauty of choice.

The biggest failure about HP not updating "legacy" webOS devices is that they haven't given us the devices to move onto. If you're gonna stop updating the Pre at least let me buy my damn Pre3 already.

I agree, that is a conundrum. With the limited resources they have, should HPalm work on the new hotness, or the old-and-busted? (see what I did there)

Certainly, HP has the resource to handle both, if they desired. I would be happier if they had continued to support 1.x while working on 2.x and writing 3.x, but I have no idea how much lost revenue we faithful 1.x users represent.

Well it's dissapointing, but understandable. Thanks PreCentral for getting the news out! I have been in the dark until now.

Does anyone know if the purchase made on a Pre Plus will eventually transfer to Pre 3?

When I first read the title of this article, I wanted to post I want to take my vote back for Angry Birds from way back when because as I see my son getting so much Angry Birds attention on his Iphone and see how hot the birds are on the prime prizes on boardwalk games, I think this is what I got for my vote and wondered why webOS is left in the dust.

Now I'm thinking this is what I get for being a loyal webOS user, I'm stuck with an at&t pre + at 1.4.5 which means I don't have access to all the new apps adding to the webOS experience. I have always loved palmOS, I'm a fan of webOS and own several HP pc, printers and laptops but I'm so tired of being left in the dust for my loyalty. When will HP make it right as they promised?

i was about to say that i was surprised nobody commented on "making things right," and boom, the last comment captures it.
That's the big question,if you ask me!